Monday, May 4, 2015

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Belloc and the post-modern malaise of cultural weakness and apathy

No spiritual content? No faith, no reason, no civilization.

by Ferdinand III

Belloc wrote 'The Crusades' in 1937. All the self-important, magnificent Western egos, ignorant about Islam, Jihad, and the 1400 year death struggle with an Oriental fascism; devoid of any knowledge whatsoever about the Crusades and why, after 400 years of Moslem rape, slaughter and destruction of Christianity from Arabia to Southern France they were necessary; of course [whilst flicking their hair], pronounce their hatred of the entire enterprise. Ignorance is ignorance not bliss or science. Belloc, during the heyday of totalitarianism which is much in vogue again today, wrote this about the Meccan moon cult:

Belloc in 1937: “....we have fallen back [in religion] and Islam has in the main preserved its soul. Modern Europe and particularly western Europe has progressively lost its religion, and especially that united religious doctrine permeating the whole community, which unity gives spiritual strength to that community.”

What would Belloc write now? Europe has completely lost its mind, not only its soul. Faith leads to reason and reason to faith. Destroy either, and your society will fall. Islam has indeed retained 'its soul', due to the fact that Islamic or more accurately Muhammadan dogma, cannot, has not, and never shall change. The Koran is immutable and irreconcilable with both faith and reason. A cult of cant is not a religion, especially one as blood thirsty and primitive as the Meccan cult.

Belloc on the modern malaise, this written in 1937: “As nations we worship ourselves , we worship the nation; or we worship (some few of us) a particular economic arrangement believed to be the satisfaction of social justice. Those who direct us...have no major spiritual interest. Their major personal interest is private gain...the establishment of a plutocracy.”

No one can deny the above. The US Federal system is a bankrupted mockery of a few dozen, perhaps a few hundred families and plutocratic ruling interests dominating the political-economy. The same is true of every other major industrialized country. Faith, Christianity, an appeal to the immaterial, strength through faith and reason, no longer resonates and no longer plays a role in the West. Various cults – Cultural Marxism, Darwinism, Gay, Relativity, Statism – now dominate.

And what did Belloc think of the longer term ability of a spiritually vacant West in resisting Islam?

“Perhaps that change will be deferred [he refers to a change within the Near East], but change there will be, continuous and great. Nor does it seem probable that at the end of such a change, especially if the process be prolonged, Islam will be the loser.”

Back in 1937 Belloc the percipient politician, writer and a trained soldier, felt that Islam might well re-awake, rise up, shake the West and proceed apace with its Jihadic struggle to extinguish civilization. Given the current Moslem invasion of Europe, the endless Moslem barbarity and atrocity around the world, committed in the name of Muhammad, this is a most perspicacious and relevant forecast.