Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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There are no mis-translations of Mein Koran. Mein Koran is simply Mein Koran.

The only 'mistranslation' is when Moslems lie, deceive and change words and phrases....

by Ferdinand III

Well over a century ago, in a debate over budget items, Churchill famously backtracked by calling the issue at hand, and its rather obvious mistake; a 'terminological inexactitude'. The last word is not even a word, but it denotes the obfuscation of the issue at hand. The premise of so much modern political bafflegab: 'We don't know really know, simply because a word can mean anything'...Lawyers are good with such verbiage, as are politicians desperate to keep their family business and guaranteed fortunes alive.

With Islam the same nonsense applies. 1600 verses of hate speech, violence and intolerance toward non Moslems exists in Mein Koran. Yet the brain dead Moslem and his apologist declare 'translational inexactitudes'. There are no mis-translations. The Koran in all its violent gibberish has been translated into Western tongues since the 10th century or even earlier. Mein Koran is simply Mein Koran. No 'problems' with churning Arabic to whatever language exist. Islam or submission is Jihadic, violent, aggressive, misogynist, racist, supremacist, stupid, incoherent, and ridiculous; no matter how hard you try to make it come out the opposite.

We should also add the poverty of the Moslem – Arabic [Islam is simply Arab imperialism]; translation of the Bible. Given that Mein Koran is 'superior' to the Bible, it is obvious, and stands to reason, that Moslems had little incentive to translate into their vernacular imperial language [Arabic] a true rendering of the Bible. Throughout history this arrogant, ignorant indifference by Moslems toward the Bible has manifested itself. Indeed, the Bible though inanely plagiarized and corrupted with in Mein Koran, was never given a tithe of study or investigation within Islam until modern times. No thorough and accurate copy of the Bible was made by Moslems until the 20th century.

However, the Western mind, alert, curious, practical, reasonable, coherent, did for 1000 years translate Mein Koran and in the modern era. Consider just the translations of Mein Koran to English. We have:

-George Sale's translation in 1734

-Rodwell 1861

-Palmer 1880

-Wherry 1882

-Khan, Moslem translation into English, 1905

-Hairat, Moslem translation into English, 1919

-Pickthal a converted English Moslem, 1930

-Yusuf Ali, Moslem translation into English, 1934

-Arberry 1955

-Mercier, 1956

-Dawood, 1974

Yusuf Ali's 1934 translation is the most famous, used and copied. However, the reader must know that Ali is a Moslem apologist, and he changes some verses to make the Quran look more benign. Ali also numbered the verses, which never appear in any of the ancient Koranic 'originals' [there are many Korans not just one]. I use the Ali Koran to produce the hate speech verses, so even Islam's greatest apologist, cannot cleanse what the book really states.

In some ways Ali serves a purpose. He is so obsessed with justifying his cult that he only proves its fascistic theology. His lies, adumbration, footnotes, additions and exaggerations are a raised flag to any objective seeker of truth about Islam. If Ali needs to amend, erase, or fabricate, what does that really say about his cult? When a cult lies, the answer is obvious. It is not what it purports to be. Islam is Islam. Mein Koran is Mein Koran. Jihad is Jihad. Yes Veronica or Aisha, Nazism was Nazism. Poor Ali, he must have known. But like most Moslems he was too blind and ignorant to care.