Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Where are Muhammad's miracles ?

A Jihadist and sex addled Fuehrer cannot perform the immaterial.

by Ferdinand III

Muhammad is the anti-thesis of Jesus Christ, or in more prosaic terms the anti-Christ. Indeed Muhammad's family idol Baal, the Meccan moon deity, is depicted as a depraved cult of evil in the Old Testament. Mein Koran and Mein Muhammad basically teach the opposite of Christianity. Of that there is no doubt. If you have read Mein Koran, the history of Moslem Jihad, and the core texts of the Hadith and Sira, you know that Islam is in the main, anti-Christian, and offers the view of an anti-Christ, namely Muhammad.

One clear example out of a million one could mention in differentiating the fascistic death cult of Muhammad, which runs riot with anti-semiticism, misogyny, Christian-hate, violence, illiteracy, and Jihad; is that Muhammad did not, could not and would not, perform miracles. The list of miraculous episodes attributed to Christ are only hinted at in the New Testament. A full list is never given. As John stated, it would take too many scribes and too many books. Nevertheless there are about 2 dozen such miracles identified in the Bible, including raising 4 people from the dead, though no doubt many more were raised. The resurrection is the greatest miracle in history, attested to by Romans, Jews and modern Christian haters. No coherent set of facts or arguments exist to contravene the act of the risen Christ.

What of Muhammand and his miracles ?

First, Moslems tried to ascribe to Muhammad the known and accepted miracles of Christ. As usual Mein Islam poaching and plagiarizing from Jewish or Christian sources. Islamic expert Guillaume writes:

Whether the object of the inventors was to elevate their prophet to a position equal to that held by Jesus in the estimation of His servants, or whether it was to furnish themselves and their pupils with a messenger of God who satisfied a natural craving of the human heart for a visible manifestation of divine power it is not our purpose to determine....the works of Christ...and those of his apostles are freely drawn on and put into the mouth of Muhammad.”

Thus we have yet again Moslem deceit and fiction. Muhammad was a lustful, violent, brigand, who had no power to perform the miraculous because he did not possess any real faith. His cult of submission was simply a tool of control. Mein Koran contains no ethics whatsoever that are Catholic or Universal. Be nice to fellow Moslems. Kill or conquer the rest.

Dashti, the Iranian Moslem investigator comments:

Moslems, as well as others, have disregarded the historical facts. They have continually striven to turn this man [Muhammad] into an imaginary superhuman being, a sort of God in human clothes, and have generally ignored the ample evidence of his humanity. They have been present these fantasies as miracles.”

There is no record – NONE – in Mein Koran of Muhammad discussing God and love. Nor is there any record – NONE – of Muhammad discussing God, the spirit, the soul and the Golden Rule. It is all violence, hate, bile and the world riven into 2 – Moslems versus the rest.

Mein Koran has many passages in which the Fuehrer Muhammad is asked to perform a miracle. He always remains dumb and mute. He ignores the pleas. He does nothing. No resurrection of the dead, water was not turned into wine, 5.000 were not fed with a few loaves, the elements were not arrested, people were not cured.

Christ brought hope, faith, love, the golden rule and charity. Muhammad arrived touting sex slavery, misogyny, intolerance, anti-semiticism, a hatred of Christians and Jihad. Why would any educated, intelligent human follow Mein Muhammad ?