Saturday, September 12, 2015

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Baal's sense of irony on 9-11

Not enough Christian blood spilt it appears. The moon master is angry at his cult.

by Ferdinand III

On 9-11 in 2015 well over a hundred of the moon worshiping Baal-cult members were sent to their Jihadist heavenly paradise with virgins, wine, water and gentle blowing winds. A crane fell on the masses on the Moslem Hajj – a more primitive and bronze age ritual, one will not find. Baal it appears has a sense of irony [the date], and is perhaps upset that the moon cult has not murdered enough Christians in the past 14 years since 9-11, or has not raped, sex-slaved, humiliated, or tortured non Moslems in sufficient quantities to appease his blood lust.

My response to the tearful Moslems on Khalid Times, who were wondering if 'God' was angry at his cult, was to ask the obvious question that perhaps Baal was unimpressed with the level of blood-letting of non Moslems in the past 14 years. Perhaps Baal, the Meccan moon deity, or Al Lah of Mecca, was demonstrating that more non Moslems had to soak the earth with their blood to appease his omnivorous appetite for death and violence. Surely Moslems must slaughter, rape, sex-slave and destroy more to make the moon deity happy and quiescent ?

9-11 was one of the greatest slaughters of innocents in history. It surpasses any act of wanton eradication in the modern era. But memories are already dim. There are now three times more mosques in Western states than in 2001. Moslem immigration is at all time highs. Calls for Sharia in many cities are heard daily. Politicians rush to buy the 10% Moslem-bloc vote in urban centers. Moslem populations dominate many Western urban areas. Islam-is-peace and the Shahada is already a part of many school curricula [Christianity is of course left out]. The Syrian-North African Moslem invasion of Europe is now just beginning, termed by the brain dead media and the elite as a question of refugees, starving babies, and compassion. Millions of Moslems are now on the move, a vast majority are young Moslem men, not the cameo shots of wife #3 with the downs child [an AP photo, which picked out in a sea of Moslem men, a crying downs girl and her mom].

14 years on from 9-11 and we have not learnt a damn thing. The catatonic mumble and drool that Islam is a great 'religion', one of inestimable value and importance. We need more of it not less they intone. The end result will be the complete obliteration of civilization, starting first with the removal of the only philosophical and ethical world view in history, which produced the greatness we squat on today – namely, Judeo-Christianity.