Thursday, December 3, 2015

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MSM - always covering up for Moslem atrocity. Propaganda and mendacity.

In alliance with evil.

by Ferdinand III

14 dead in San Bernadino California, shot up by an online wife and her husband, pious Moslem Syed Farook or Farouk. The MSM axis of mendacity has no idea why Syed murdered innocent Infidels. It is a mystery to them. 27.000 Moslem attacks since 9-11 and the brain-dead do not acknowledge the modern Moslem Jihad, nor its 1400 years of history.

In fact the MSM will do the usual:

-Blame others including Christians [one MSM report said a Planned Parenthood murder clinic was nearby and may have been the target.....]

-Turn the debate to 'gun control' and blame those who legally own guns and do not use them, for the murders.

-Have affidavits from the Moslem's family and mosque, that he [and she] was [or were], friendly, engaging, optimistic, law abiding citizens, who were arguably the happiest, funniest people in history, not to mention great inventors.

-Have the local Imam condemn the killings, and ensure that his mosque is never investigated, questioned, or mildly inconvenienced, including eliciting what is taught there.

-Warn anyone who blames Islam, or Moh's cult, that they are racist and worst, and might find themselves being punished.

If the MSM provides your 'news' and information, you are quite likely to be utterly ignorant [pace Thomas Jefferson who descried the imbecility of early 19th century newspapers].