Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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From steel manufacturing to stained glass, the ages of the Middle Ages were full of energy.

Musical notation, cathedrals, parliaments, chartered towns, capitalism, trade, hospitals.....

by Ferdinand III

There was never a period of a 'Dark Age'.  Hard, violent, and full of threats, it certainly was.  Courtly love and chivalry based on Christianity, helped pacify a hard world.  The Moslems, the Huns, the Vikings, all conspiring to wipe out the Christian civilization of Europe.  There was not much scope or time to 'yearn' for the pagan barbarism of Rome, where 95% of the population was either poor or enslaved.  Society was not 'dark' but full of color, pageantry, energy, innovation and yes science, math and even that besotted institution - the University.

 Books, book printing, optics, blast furnaces, chimneys, massive Cathedrals, stained glass, mills, and advanced metallurgy, not to mention heliocentricity and advanced astronomy.  And no, they did not believe the earth was flat. Flat earth societies began in the 19th century - during the time of Darwin and other naturalist theologians.

An excellent explication of the nonsense around the Middle Ages, spread by Atheists, Protestors, and Church haters.