Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Free the Christian Slaves held by Moslems

$500 can free a family of 6

by Ferdinand III


"Pakistan, with approximately 2.1 million slaves, has the third highest number of slaves in the world.  Amongst this number are over 250,000 Christians.  Included in these figures are many cases of rape against wives and daughters of slave families, many of which we have documented.  Slave families usually all work with many very young children exploited. Christians are subject to even more persecution under their slave owners. They are denied Sunday worship, or even time off to celebrate Christmas and Easter.  None of the accommodation for the families at the kiln is there any inside plumbing. The whole family has to relieve themselves in the fields.

Indentured servitude is illegal, even in Pakistan, but because of corruption and political cronyism, slave owners have free reign to take advantage of the extreme poverty-stricken people.

A family sells themselves into slavery, usually because of the illness of a family member for which savings are exhausted for medical care, or for a daughter’s compulsory dowry.  Once they get trapped into slavery it is impossible to get out of slavery because the interest rates are 300-400 per cent or more; the principal not only does not go down no matter how hard they work, but it actually goes up, so that the slave owner owns them for the rest of their lives.  The family is even more vulnerable, as none of them can read or write.

Freeing all the Christian slaves is a very achievable goal.  The cost of freeing one family, which includes providing them with a new job and a new place to live, some food and basic essentials, is only $587.00. The average size family is 7 people, which translates to a cost of only $83.85 per slave saved.   If you wish to sponsor an entire family, we will send you a message from the family you sponsor, and if you sponsor more than one, we will send you a personal message from each of those, too.

Rescue Christians has freed more slaves in the last two years than any other organization in the world.  We have freed over 10,000 people since we started doing the slave program in 2012, most of these in the last two years.  The organization “Free the Slaves” has freed 12,000 people since 2000 – not a bad feat – but this was over a 16-year period.   We believe, with your support, we can free all 250,000 Christian slaves over the next 5-10 years. The cost of doing this is about $20 million, which is about 2 to 4 million dollars to be raised per year.  If you would like to sponsor one or more families, please click here. If you donate $587 or more we will send you a video from the family you sponsor. They will thank you (sub-titled in English) in a personal video, which we will email to you within 6 weeks of your donation being made.

Our programs are not just about freeing people, but reclaiming the lives of families by providing a proper living wage in a new job or micro business, new places to live that have running water, inside plumbing for proper bathrooms and electricity.  We provide these opportunities through the generous donations of our readers and supporters.  In a 24-hour period, a family goes from abject poverty, back-breaking work, with no hope, children who have no schooling, to a miracle transformation, with hope, opportunity and children who now will learn to read and write which will hopefully break the line of poverty for their family forever.   For $20 million dollars we can change the lives of about 38,000 families or 250,000 people who have been enslaved."