Tuesday, January 14, 2020

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Notre Dame's Arson; Moslemophobia; the signposts of Western Civilisational Submission

Speaking the truth will make you a Phobe and 'Alt Right' (whatever that means)

by Ferdinand III



Lots of compulsion and death in Muhammadism inspired by the words and deeds of the Brigand-Fascist Muhammad and the hand-book of hate called Recital (Mein Koran).


In December 2019, 1600 innocents were killed by Moslems world-wide.  For the Fake-News media and hair-flicking Libtards this means of course that Muhammadism is peace.  Imagine if a Catholic Group screaming ‘Christ is Saviour’, murdered 1600 people in one month.  What would the reaction be of the Fake News, the Fake Education, the Fake Experts and other self-proclaimed very-clever people?


In Western states there is the 2 pronged Moslem approach to taking over society.  One is the demographic-immigration path.  Breeding more Ghazi than the native populations will reduce once-Christian-secular states into 2 nations; one Moslem, one Infidel, with the Moslem waging war on the Infidel.  This is called cutting off the head of the snake.  Concomitantly another strategy called cutting out the tongue, seeks to criminalise any assessment, discussion or dissension from the state-propaganda that Muhammadism is hugs, kisses, peace and flowers.  The Western poster-boy for this assualt is France, which is suffering under both strategies and is largely paralyzed and unable to respond to the recent Moslem invasion and associated, crime, destruction, rape, murders, welfare fraud and general violence.


This is one of two strands of the Islamists’ strategy to splinter the country, what the French call the ‘coupeurs de têtes’ [cutting the heads]; the other is the ‘coupeurs de langues’ [cutting the tongues], whereby anyone who speaks negatively of Islam is branded an Islamophobe.

In his 2016 book, ‘The Fracture’, political scientist Gilles Kepel, explained how Islamists, with their help of the gullible on the French left, have used Islamophobia to turn Muslims into perpetual victims. Looking ahead to the 2017 election, Kepel wrote that whatever the outcome, the president would be confronted in the five years that followed with a “very profound social and cultural crisis”, one that would require an extraordinary “political vision” to avoid a catastrophe.


Moslem-ophobia does not exist, at least not as ‘hate speech’.  If Moslem-ophobia is defined as fighting back against the Moslem destruction of civilisation than In fact, we need more of it.  The Moslem invasion and reduction of the West is proceeding at an alarming rate.  Mosque construction – illegally funded per national laws – by countries such as Qatar or Saudi Barbaria, is a clear indication of the scale and size of the onslaught.  In places like the UK there are now 2000 Mosques where in 1970 there were but a few.  Each one is a potential source of Jihad, intolerance, Koranic injunctions and hate against the Infidel and ‘other’.  None preach peace, love, hope, or those Christian values and virtues which built the UK.


How does an ‘electrical short’ cause the inferno at Notre Dame?



To get a sense of just how cowardly the West has become; how rotten its politics; how absurd its society; how deformed its philosophy; how malevolent its elites; consider Notre Dame, one of the great icons of civilisation, culture, intelligence, faith and hope. Consider the facts.  During Easter 2019 Notre Dame Cathedral was fired and burnt almost to the ground.  Two weeks previously the second largest Church in Paris Saint Sulplice, was attacked and burnt, suffering terrible damage.  In 2016 and 2017 Notre Dame was the target of Moslem attacks, one thwarted and stopped with 2 Muslima’s now in jail for attempted arson.  Yet the Fake News, the Fake Elite, the Fake Politicians and the Fake Experts immediately declared that the Notre Dame fire was ‘an accident’.  Consider the following:


-Moslems attack on average 2-3 Churches a day

-The ‘forest’ of Notre Dame was made using oak

-Oak after 800 years, is rock hard and does not burn

-Rock hard oak cannot self-combust through an electrical short

-The only way to create an inferno is by using accelerants ie gas, rags, blowtorch, kindling

-Given the status of Notre Dame, any work, including electrical, would have been subject to thorough safeguards, including the prevention of shorts, with mandated weekly checks

-There were dozens if not hundreds of Moslems working on the site (called immigrants by Macron, who wanted immigrant labour to work on the repairs)


Given the above facts what is the most obvious hypothesis?

Moslems burnt down Notre Dame. Even if you disagree with this, you should at least have the intelligence to look at facts, the context, and the reality of burning 800 year old oak; and come to a rational conclusion that arson is the most likely explanation.  If so, cui bono?  Who would destroy Our Lady ?  Who benefits and who is attacking Churches in France?