Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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Moslem UK Sex Jihad: Police in Glasgow cover up yet another Moslem rape gang

Which targeted White Girls. Isn't that racist?

by Ferdinand III



Sharia UK.

Migrant aka Moslem Rape Gangs in Glasgow – Police ignored them, then acted, did not disclose it to the public, did not deport all the criminal rapists many of whom are still at large.  All to avoid offending the cult of ‘peace and love’, and the protected species known as Moslems.

Glasgow police shut down a child rape gang whose 55 members were all either “asylum seekers or naturalised asylum seekers”, but did not reveal the existence of the group or the operation to shut it down to the public.

While the operation took place in 2016, it is only becoming public knowledge now, reports The Scottish Sun, which note a briefing document from Police Scotland that reveals the members of the gang were from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Kurdistan, Morocco, and Turkey.


report conducted by Detective Inspector Sarah Taylor from the National Child Abuse Investigation Unit found that of the suspects, only 14 had been deported, with 22 remaining in Glasgow. A further eight were believed to be still living in the United Kingdom, with just one in prison and one further individual pending deportation.

The report details the scale at which the grooming gang operated, with one victim believed to have been abused by 28 different members of the group, and another being linked to 23 men within the gang.

No Fake News mention.  One Moslem Sex Jihad gang out of many in Scotland to be sure.

If the Fake News, Fake Politicians and Fake Experts did mention yet another Moslem-rape gang; they would blame Whites, the victims; ‘racism’; and ‘integration issues’.  Psychologists would ruminate that the Moslem men, simply did not understand that raping white-Infidel women – a 1400 year practice based on Muhammad’s conduct – was not acceptable in Scotland.  Ergo, they are not to blame.