Thursday, March 12, 2020

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There is no 'misinterpretation' of Muhammadism. Moslems themselves say this.

Ein volk. Ein Reich. Ein Muhammad (und ein Koran).

by Ferdinand III


Great essay by Michael Copeland in The Gates of Vienna Blog below, about ‘mis-interpretations’, or the painfully ridiculous ‘Islamist’ label; applied to the 100 or so violent Moslem Jihad groups and the millions of Moslem world-wide who support a Caliphate, ISIS, and Global Hegemony of the Al-Lah Muhammadan cult (in Mein Koran, it is hard to tell the difference at times between the Moon idol Hubal or Al-Lah, the ‘God’ or ‘Lord’ of Mecca and mad Mohammed, whose family were the caretakers of the Hub’Al shrine).

But in the low information, stunted IQ of the modern world and within the Western-Secular Religion of relativity, historical rewriting, scientific atavism, factual ignorance and reality-avoidance, the poor little Muhammadans are always the victims, the sufferers, the poor, the blighted, or perversely, the genius, the innovator, the inventor, the creator, the expert.

The cult of Muhammad is rarely viewed for what it is – a supremacist, intolerant, racist, fascistic cult of power and blood.

But saying the Truth today means you are an Alt-right, bigoted, Nazi, KKK, Phobe who denies Science.

Colour is mine.


“It’s Their Interpretation of Islam”

by Michael Copeland


“Ah, but it’s their interpretation of Islam”, we are assured by smooth-talking muslim speakers. Journalists have picked this up, and dutifully write about “an extremist interpretation” that lies behind the latest atrocity. This assurance about interpretation is surprisingly successful. It is designed to make us doubt what Islam’s source texts mean, including — and this is the crafty part — those whose meaning is clear and obvious. We can easily be taken in by this appealing and fair-sounding assertion. It puts us off the scent. That is the idea.


First, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by an “interpretation”. If an instruction says “give away one tenth of your income to charity”, that does not require an interpretation. The meaning is quite clear, and the instruction can be exactly followed. An “interpretation” is different. Say a politician repeatedly evades an interviewer’s question with some bland generalisation. Eventually the interviewer says, “I’ll take that as a ‘No’”. That is an interpretation. It is quite a different matter from the straightforward following of what a text says.


Bearing in mind that the Koran — all of it — forms part of Islam’s law, how does the “interpretation” allegation stand up to the test?

Let us see. We can take commands and instructions from the Koran and Hadith and compare them with what muslim leaders and speakers say.


Koran 60:4 praises the “excellent pattern” shown by Ibrahim when he said (to the Jews):

“Between us and you enmity and hatred forever….”.


How do the spokesmen treat that?

·         Osama bin Laden: “Enmity and hate shall forever reign between us.”

·         Osama bin Laden: “Battle, animosity, and hatred — from the Muslim to the infidel — is the foundation of our religion.”

· “Muslims in the West must have … enmity and hatred of the kaffirs.”

· “You should hate them, disown them and their religion.”

·         Abu Usama, Birmingham: “No one loves the kuffaar. We hate kuffaar.”

·         Anjem Choudary: “As a muslim I must have hatred for everything non-Islam.”

·         Yousuf Makharzah, muslim cleric: “Animosity towards the Jews is an obligatory religious duty, and one of the signs of the believers.”





The Koran commands:

·         “Kill the non-muslims wherever you find them” 9:5

·         “Kill them wherever you overtake them, and expel them from wherever they have expelled you….” 2:191


What do the clerics say?

·         Ayatollah Khomeini: “Islam says: Kill all of the kafirs. Put them to the sword. Cut them in pieces. Islam is a religion of blood for the infidels.”

·         Haj Amin al Husseini: “Slaughter Jews wherever you find them. Murder the Jews! Murder them all!”

·         Mufti M Hussein: “Islam’s goal is to kill Jews.”

·         Al-Aqsa TV: “Allah, strike the Christians… count them and kill them to the last one.”

·         Prayer on Mecca loudspeaker: “O Allah vanquish the unjust Christians and the criminal Jews, … end their lives in humiliation and oppression…”


Forced conversion

The Koran commands muslims to force kafirs to convert on pain of death:

·         “Kill the non-muslims wherever you find them. ….but if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakat, let them [go] on their way.” 9:5

·         “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture — [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.” 9:29

·         Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Egypt: “Muslims must kill kafirs wherever they are unless they convert to Islam.”

·         Abu Askar: “Convert or be killed.”

·         Ibn Khaldun: “…a religious duty to convert everybody by persuasion or by force.”

·         Osama bin Laden: “Does Islam or does it not force people by the power of the sword to submit…? Yes!”

·         Abu Qaqa, of Boko Haram: “…all Christians must convert to Islam. Allah has tasked all Muslims in Quran 9:29 to continue to attack Jews and Christians who refuse to believe in him and his messenger, Prophet Mohammed.”

·         Al Baghdadi: “Conversion to Islam or death.”




Mohammed is recorded as saying: “I have been made victorious with terror.”

The Koran commands muslims:

“Terrorise them!” 8:60

What do muslims say?

·         Ragab Hilal Hamida MP: “The Quran directly commands us to commit terrorism…”

·         Gen. S. K. Malik: “…to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies”.

·         Abu Izzadeen: “Terrorism is part of Islam!”

·         Nassim ben Iman: “Every Muslim is a potential terrorist.”

·         Zakir Naik: “Every Muslim is a terrorist.”

·         Islamic State manual: “The Management of Savagery”.

·         Child with dagger, singing: “Our terrorism is blessed, a divine call”.



Impose Islamic rules on all mankind

The Koran commands muslims to “fight” — that is, slaughter — non-muslims until all the “deen” — the governance — is Islam, namely Sharia law. The Arabic word “deen” is normally and artfully translated “religion”, but that is inadequate. In the West, quite unlike in Islam, religion is understood to be restricted to private conscience: it is not government. In Islam from Mohammed’s time to the present there is no distinction between religion and governance: religion is government. The mosque is an arm of the state:  “Separation of religion and state is not an option for Muslims.” Dr. Ja’far Sheikh Idris, Sudanese Muslim Philosopher

The Koran’s instruction is at 8:39:

Fight the kafirs until the “deen” [governance], all of it, is Islam.


What do Islamic clerics say?

Musa Cerantonio, Australia “The answer is, as the Prophet said, to fight the infidels until the religion belongs to Allah.” Jihad Watch, December 2012

What is the conclusion to draw about the “interpretation” assertion? It is a red herring, and a dishonest one at that.

Lt-Col Allen West sums it up succinctly: “They are doing exactly what this book says.


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