Monday, April 6, 2020

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Lame Brain Fake News Media quotes Mohammed as health advisor for the Corona Hysteria

A 7th century illiterate who knew nothing about hygiene is now a pandemic expert

by Ferdinand III



Lame-Brain Fake News media via New York Times and Newsweek promotes the lie, that Muhammad, an illiterate Bedouin, brigand, rapist and semen covered sex addict, knew about pandemics and is of course, the go-to-man during the Corona crisis.  The level of stupid and ignorance is boundless with the Fake News complex.


(Newsweek needs an editor, what does ‘outbreaks out’ mean?)

David Wood deconstructs the ignorance and stupidity of the Newsweek claim, that mad Muhammad’s advice should be followed at any time, by anyone.  Muhammad denied that pandemics existed.  Allah creates everything including afflictions and mad Mohammed claimed that sick camels cannot transmit diseases to a healthy camel.  Only the Allah can cause this.

Same for humans.  Only Allah is the causal factor for disease.  A person who is sick cannot pass it on to another healthy Moslem.



Mad Moh thought it was okay to visit those who are ill with a contagious disease.

The reality is of course, the opposite of the Newsweek propaganda.

Mad Mohammed thought that contaminated water, including faeces, urine, dog carcasses, and menstrual rages was fine to use, in order to wash and cleanse one’s hands.  Brilliant.


Muhammad was only worried about destroying Jews, Christians and non-Moslems and was not that concerned about pandemics or hygiene.  One of his great pieces of advice was to drink Camel Urine as medicine – a practice adhered to by Moslems who imbibe Camel urine in sports drinks.