Sunday, June 7, 2020

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27 killed, some burned alive in jihadi attacks on predominantly Christian villages in Mali

More Misunderstanding and Mental health issues.

by Ferdinand III


Christians burnt alive by Moslems in Mali.  No riots.  No knee-bending from Moslems to Christians asking for forgiveness.  No Fake News 24-7 hysteria.  No donning of the cross by the New Zealand Prime Minister and a day of mourning.  As the Moslem-Black-Anti-White-Racist and Supremacist thugs and criminals’ riot across Western cities, it is unimportant to even notice that Moslems – Black – are murdering Christians – Black – every single week in Africa.  The important thing is of course to torch, burn, loot and visit destruction on urban centres over a criminal Black American gang-banger.  But when a Black Moslem police officer shot a White woman in that same city – nothing.  When Moslems burn Christians alive in Mali – nothing.  The low IQs which now dominate Western society will lead to its evisceration.


More Moslem mental-health and misunderstanding issues.


Christian Post

Suspected Islamic radicals killed at least 27 people, some of whom were burned alive, in a series of attacks that spanned from last Tuesday to Wednesday evening in three villages that advocates say are predominantly inhabited by Christians in Central Mali, officials said.

Although initial reports suggested that over 100 were killed in Sobame Da, officials later revised the death toll to 35, including 24 children, on grounds that officials had earlier confused missing persons with those killed. 

However, some community leaders argued that the initial death toll was accurate and that investigators did not uncover everybody in homes burned by the perpetrators, according to The Washington Post.

Mali, a predominantly Muslim country in West Africa, ranks as the 29th-worst country in the world when it comes to Christian persecution on Open Doors USA’s 2020 World Watch List.

According to the Joshua Project, the Dogon community has traditionally celebrated animistic religion but are increasingly turning to Islam “for lack of an alternative.” Today, the majority of Dogon communities are Muslim but about 11% believe in Jesus.

“In the few villages where Christianity has been lived out by missionaries, or locals who have become Christians elsewhere, one can indeed see the growth of the Christian faith,” the Joshua Project reports.

According to an Open Doors dossier on Mali, Islamic militants in the country “have been busy attacking the country's security forces and Christians.” The document reports that “Christian villages were targeted and destroyed, with the attacks sometimes having both ethnic and religious elements.”

"With the increasing attacks in the Mopti region and other areas, church schools and churches have been burned down, hundreds of schools (including Christian schools) have been closed down in 2019,” an Open Doors field researcher was quoted as saying.

In recent years, Mali has seen escalations in violent attacks between Dogon farmers and Fulani herders.


In March 2019, Dogon militias were blamed for carrying out an attack that killed as many as 150 Fulani herders in Ogossagou. Another attack against Fulani in Ogossagou in February reportedly killed 31. Both Dogon and Fulani militants have been accused of carrying out reprisal attacks.