Saturday, August 15, 2020

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Belloc and the eternal threat of the Muhammandan death cult

Abetted by the useless idiots of the modern Western state

by Ferdinand III



In 'The Crisis of Civilization', written in 1937, Belloc, the Irish-French writer, soldier, historian and politician rightly proclaims the fact, that it was the Catholic Church, and the Christian faith, which created civilization, assimilating the failed pagan cultures of both Rome and Greece, and imparting a new energy, viewpoint and philosophical world-view, which allowed Europe to accede to world supremacy:


It was the Faith which gradually and indirectly transformed the slave into the serf, and the serf into the free peasant. It was the Faith which took the guild, inherited from the Pagan Empire, and set it up for the foundational thing it was during all the great medieval period: the guarantee of freedom. It was the Faith which by its moral atmosphere checked and curbed usury...which put competition within its bounds...We cannot build up a society synthetically, for it is an organic thing...”


Culture is King. When your secular culture preaches pond scum became human; intolerant Gay theology is now education; the state is the omniscient arbiter of 'rights', money, truth and what can be said; or that vicious atavisms such as Islam are now peace; then the end is not far nigh.


The Roman and Greek empires were slave based, superstitious entities, which after a time, did not promote invention, markets, initiative, art, literature and science. They decayed from within. As their cultures succumbed to inflation, bureaucratic statism, abortion, sexual deviance and confusion, mythologies and legends, so too did their empires become static, decayed, sensual, and their currency and value systems debased, clipped, and indeed worthless.


“That the culture and civilization of Christendom – what was called for centuries in general terms 'Europe', was made by the Catholic Church gathering up the social traditions of the Graeco-Roman Empire, inspiring them and giving the whole of that great body a new life. It was the Catholic Church which made up, gave us our unity and our whole philosophy of life and formed the nature of the white world.”


The Church reformed the notion of family, the right to life, communal obligation and responsibility, economic relations, and importantly changed the philosophy of the world from might-makes-right, child-sacrifice, usurious greed; to one centered around dignity, truth, charity, forgiveness and equality. No other cultural civilization in history has even come remotely close to what the Catholic Church has given to the world.


Belloc also knew that Muhammadanism (Submission or Islam), was the greatest long-term threat to Catholic-European civilisation.  I would not argue against that.  However, Cultural Marxism with its anti-science (evolution, warming, transgenderism) and faux-ologies (psychology, sociology, anthropology); which are designed to subvert and destroy the West from within; is an equal and similarly evil threat.  Both are allied of course to destroy the civilised world.


Belloc notes that Islam soon left its Arabian borders and swept across half of the Mediterranean, taking up arms against the Catholic world. The conflict, according to Belloc, raged for several hundred years, until Catholicism finally managed to gain the ascendency in the late-seventeenth century. Thankfully, at least from the European perspective, this tenacious and persistent upstart from the East then went through a period of arrested development and consequent regression:

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the Mahommedan world fell under a kind of palsy. It could not catch up with our rapidly advancing physical science. Its shipping and armament and all means of communication and administration went backwards while ours advanced. At last, by the end of the nineteenth century, more than nine-tenths of the Mahommedan population of the world, from India and the Pacific to the Atlantic, had fallen under the government of nominally Christian nations, especially of England and France.

For most Europeans, therefore, the decline of the Muslim religion meant that Islam was no longer a threat. Belloc, however, believed that it would be a mistake to underestimate Islam because, unlike other religions and heresies, it remained completely unaffected by external circumstances and its followers managed to retain the core spiritual values that had once threatened to engulf the entire world. Christian missionaries also found it very difficult to evangelise among the Muslims and it became a formidable and impenetrable bastion in which Catholicism was unable to gain a significant foothold. Furthermore, Belloc argues,

what is true of the spiritual side of Islam is true of the geographical. Mahommedan rulers have had to give up Christian provinces formerly under their control: especially in the Balkans. But the area of Mahommedan practice has not shrunk.” (source Islam and Hilaire Belloc)


Today fuelled by petro-dollars, foreign aid, open-borders, cultural-relativism and anti-White racism, the cult of Muhammad is sending millions of its young men to the Anglicized-Europeanised civilisations.  The invasion is recast by the Fake News and ‘experts’ as an exodus from war, famine and the mythical ‘climate change’ (from the trace chemical plant food).  The millions who have and will continue to surge and jostle their way illegally into Western states are in the main, young, fit Moslem and African men.  The colossal cultural disaster, not to mention financial and societal devastation (record crime, rapes, unemployment, ghettoes), is never accounted for by the ‘experts’, government or media. 


In many urban areas of the UK and the EU, a Moslem majority population will be in place by 2040.  It sets the stage for either a civil-war, or a Moslem takeover of state apparatus and associated power and the imposition within 2 generations of Sharia.  In most Western states Moslems have already embedded themselves and foreign Moslem money into the Education, Police, Political and Governance institutions.  Many Moslems are now Ministers, Mayors, Police Chiefs or privileged Academics raving against the West and Whites.  Most desire some form of Sharia and Moslem privilege.


Bellow was right that Islam posed the greatest threat to the Catholic world.  What he could not know nor understand, was that within our society we would produce a cadre of useless idiots to help Muhammadans eviscerate our own civilisation.