Thursday, October 1, 2020

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The Illegal Muslim invasion of the UK accelerates

Moslems are already quite likely; 10 % of the UK population and that will double in 10-15 years

by Ferdinand III


The Muslim invasion of the UK continues unabated.  Most Fake News articles do mention the illegal Muslim boat invasion.  Often the Churches and Fake News refer to these illegals as ‘asylum seekers’ and emphasise (with mendacity) that they are children; or fleeing war and famine (in France apparently).  Under the EU (4th Reich laws), Muslim invaders cannot be deported between member states.  It has been 4 years and 4 months after sanity prevailed and the UK decided to Brexit.  Yet the UK is tied to EU laws until January 1 2021.  Because of this, the globalist-left wing governance of Boris Johnson’s administration will do nothing to stop the illegal invasion. 


Most of the invaders are given 4 star hotel accommodation, halal food, wi-fi and money.  Yet, not a Fake News story about who they really are, what they will do here (do they speak English, will they work, how much welfare will they consume, how much crime emanates from these illegals, what about local labour now potentially priced out of lower paying jobs?).  Many legal immigrants to the UK pay £20.000 on average for Family visas. 

Apparently, a proper visa is a requirement to live and work in this country.  However, an illegal, can hop across the channel, is never deported and can access welfare benefits.  After a few years he will be able to vote in elections, within a country, on institutions and policies, he knows nothing about.  Collective IQs must be very low indeed to not only suffer this illegality, but defend it, and ask for more ‘asylum seekers’ to invade an already over-crowded island.


UK Population Official Estimate based on 2011 data:  67 million

UK Population Unofficial Estimate based on Housing:  75 million

UK Moslem population, based on 2011 census data:  3.4 million

UK Moslem population, based on mosques, and illegals:  7.5 million


The UK is probably 10% Moslem at this point.  This will double within 15 years to 15 million.  Entire cities will be Moslem managed.  Ministries, including immigration, will become Muslim dominated.  The entire invasion will simply accelerate until many northern UK cities and London are majority Muslim by 2040 to 2050.


The boat invasion of Muslim illegals proceeds apace.  The useless administration of Boris Johnson, handcuffed by European diktats, does nothing.


“So far in 2020, nearly 7,000 third world migrants have illegally crossed the English Channel from France into British territory on small boats. September 2nd saw the highest daily arrivals, with 416 illegals landing.


While reports vary as to whether last year saw 1,800 or 1,823 people arrive, The Telegraph reported on Wednesday that for September 2020 alone there had been at least 1,880, with days still to go before the end of the month. According to government figures, 2018 only saw a combined 297 interceptions in British waters and landings on English beaches.”