Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Charlie Hebdo and Muslim Fascism

Importing Bronze Age savages into Western States has led to Civil War.

by Ferdinand III




(Erdogan imitating the Totalitarian and Sex addicted Muhammad)


A French Teacher is slaughtered, beheaded, by a Muslim fanatic in Paris, who took exceptional umbrage with the Teacher showing a Charlie Hebdo cartoon mocking the ‘Prophet’ of Islam – a man who raped a 9 year old, had 20 odd sex slaves (his favourite was the White Coptic Mary), slaughtered, killed, murdered and waged Jihad to establish his power.  A profiteer and brigand not a prophet.  If Muhammad was a saintly prophet so too were Stalin, Mao and Hitler, all of whom created equally savage, atavistic and primitive cults of power and totalitarian control.  Yet most of the Western world will not learn from yet another Muslim Jihad attack, why the Teacher’s head was removed (Sura 47:4), nor why the Muslim fanaticism and will-to-rule finds violent expression every week in Western states in Jihad, rape gangs, crime and gang violence.


The French to their credit did respond, closing down the Mosque which advocated the killing of the Teacher, and rooting out ‘extremist’ ‘Islamists’ and their organisations.  Predictably, post this latest attack and valid French response, many Moslem states want to take action against France, some Imams calling for an armed Jihad invasion of the country, with the more limp-wristed moaning about limiting free speech which criticises the moon cult of Muhammad (the aptly named Egyptian Muslim President Sisi is an example of such effeminate moaning).  This is always the reaction of Muslims.  The problem is that the EUtopia now contains some 50 million of them, (10% of the population), 10 million squat in France, a similar amount to what litters the UK some 7-10 million (legal and illegal, in a population of 70 million), in North America we find all over the vast Continent some 10 million and in Australia and New Zealand a further 2 million.  All of these populations will double in the next 10 years, assuming that the Covid-fascism does not implode Western society first into a dystopian Covid-totalitarianism which may render the welfare cheques that 70% of Muslims live on, parlous and inadequate leading to self-deportation (which should be a key strategy in removing Muslims from Western states ie turn off the welfare to the vast Muslim unemployed). 


Islam has been at war with the Western civilised world for 1400 years.  It seeks the complete eradication of Christianity, Western culture and non-Moslem artifacts and thought.  It demands submission to itself and its profiteer Muhammad, hence the name Islam or Submission.  Al Lah is not God but the Lord of Mecca who was Baal and Muhammad’s family were Baal’s caretakers. 


Within Muslim jurisprudence, formed by Sharia which is not a law but a set of totalitarian principles on how to obey the Muslim state the following are truisms:


1.     There is no free speech in Islam

2.     There is no criticism of anything to do with Islam.

3.  One cannot even mildly demur against Muhammad (remindful of Solzhenitsyn being sent to the gulag for joking about Stalin during WW2).

4.     There is no equality of the female in Islam.  The woman is a chattel of the man.

5.     A man can have up to 4 wives and unlimited sex slaves (Infidels) in Muhammad’s cult.

6.     Rational enquiry is entirely discouraged.

7.     There can be no amendments to Mein Koran.

8.     No other book, or conceptual philosophy or theology, can be offered to replace or amend Mein Koran.

9.  Mein Koran contains all the Truth, laws, and societal obligations necessary for all people.

10. Islam by its Jihadic core, is a supremacist and universalist fascism, never accommodating, only destroying any rival philosophy or social construct.


The problem the West now has, beyond the Covid-totalitarianism, is that the great ‘replacement’ of largely secular, egotistical, and indifferent Western populations by Muslims and Africans has proceeded to such a level, that most Western governments will appease Muslims and Muslim states, in order to forego and pre-empt local and national Muslim intifadas.  By importing the Muslim Bronze-age and its totalitarian creed, our own civilisation has chosen suicide.