Friday, February 10, 2006

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You have to love those flexible, fun loving Muslims: ‘Moderate Islam’ another great media myth

Free speech is good unless of course you criticize those ‘Moderate Muslims’

by Ferdinand III

During some investigative work on Islam, The Evening Standard newspaper in England discovered an obvious truth when talking to English Muslims: "The mosques say one thing to the public, and something else to us. Let's just say that the face you see and the face we see are two different faces." Another Muslim told the Evening Standard, "Believe me ... behind closed doors, there are no moderate Muslims." This would be clear after 1380 years of genocidal violence. But you are not allowed to say it. Free speech is a necessary aspect of civilization. It is therefore incredible that governments, media and universities in the West suppress any and all declamations against the pagan philosophy of Islam.

University newspaper offices are raided and printing machines and material taken to prevent the Danish cartoons which lampoon the pagan prophet Mohammad, from being printed. Only the US government has supported Denmark in the obvious declaration that free speech is necessary in our civilization, yet no US newspaper will reprint the cartoons. Other Western media outlets and governments suppress any editorial or public support for Denmark or brook any criticism of Islam. Politicians sensitively declare with tears in their eyes and moral compunction in every movement their undying support for the great cause of Mohammad. They do not support apparently free speech against a movement that sparks death; violence; immoderation; declarations against all non-believers and incitements to turn Western states into Caliphates by 2025. Free speech is only allowed if it supports the left wing political-media complex and their cherished beliefs. Happily for Muslims Islam is according to the chattering anointed class, to be of great benefit to the world. The fact that 1380 years of war, hate, terror and fascist governance would indicate the opposite is ignored. Not allowing criticism of this paganism is as dire a threat as giving rogue Islamic nation’s access to WMD and nuclear warheads. It is sublimely stupid and a threat to our civilization.

How about this: there is nothing in Islam that is moderate. Period. Yet the lie persists and it is a danger to our very civilization.

Searching for moderate Muslims is like searching for the fountain of youth. It is a quixotic journey. If there are moderates I am not sure how they are defined. By its nature Islam is fascist – it is embedded in the Koran, Sharia Law, intolerance towards others and in what I call the swaggering arrogant paganism of the Turkish and Arab cultures. A moderate Muslim would be one that rejects most of the underlying tenets of the ideology and are secular. So-called moderates in any event would be fragmented, weak and terrorized. For the mainstream Islamist ‘moderation’ is not a virtue nor is it held in high esteem if you are not ‘Islamic’ enough. Two million dead in the Sudan, a great percentage of whom are Muslim is testimony to that fact.

As long as Muslims follow the Koranic law that defines Islam, they could not accept the legitimacy of conversion out of the faith (banned by the Prophet on pain of death and called ‘Apostasy’), nor can they accept, in any permanent sense, the laws of a majority non-Muslim government, since they are commanded by the pagan Mohammad to wage Holy War until the entire world has been subjugated to Islam. Moderate Islam is a contradiction in terms. Religiously indifferent Muslim individuals do exist. Formerly Muslim individuals who have left the faith exist. Formerly Muslim states that have de-Islamicized themselves exist (or at least one such state, Turkey, has existed). But ‘moderate’ Islam does not exist, and cannot exist.

The other great lie about Islam is the concept of a peaceful, wonderful, Islamic ‘Golden Age’. This myth has been destroyed many times. As Serge Trifkovic writes in The Sword of the Prophet, the glories of medieval Islam are largely a myth. It was a parasitic civilization whose achievements were mainly the work of its subject peoples such as Byzantines, Jews, and Indians, and it declined when it eventually killed off its host. All the so-called ‘great’ discoveries of this era were made by Jews, Nestorian Christians and other non-Muslims. No advances in science or medicine were made, and it took the Muslims 200 years to accept the Hindu innovation of algebra. This was during a period of course when the Muslims and Arabs were busy slaughtering literally millions of Hindu’s and Buddhist's in India in vicious wars of extermination. The Hindu Kush moutain range in northwestern India is Arabic for ‘Killing of Hindu's’, named as such by warring Muslims to warn Hindu's of their fate.

Those who cry that their neighbour Achmed is a wonderful man and a ‘moderate’ Muslim are utterly lost. First you have no idea what Achmed really thinks, does or believes or who he supports. Second the fallacy of the individual moderate cannot exonerate the ideology. Liking Achmed does not mean that the ideology is excused. You cannot ignore the 1380 year jihad; the conquests that destroyed the former Christian and Jewish civilizations of the Near East with millions perishing in violent wars and genocide; sharia law; mass deportations; slavery or the suppression and extinction of conquered peoples under the conditions of dhimmitude. It would be akin to saying that Gerhard in 1937 Berlin was a cheery old boy and that the Nazi’s were therefore not all bad. After all Gerhard, and the Nazi’s, supported Christianity, believed in nationalized socialized medicine, was fond of poetry and played soccer on Sundays. Unfortunately Gerhard and the boys had the wrong ideology. And much like Islam, Nazism was at its core an ideology of terror and jihad.

It is a fact that cannot be discussed nor aired that no such thing as moderate Islam exists. In the final passage of his 1878 biography, The Life of Mahomet, William Muir, after noting the good things about the paganism of Islam outlines the; "radical evils [that] flow from the faith in all ages and in every country, and must continue to flow so long as the Koran is the standard of belief." This is an accurate summary of an ideology that Churchill said led its ‘votaries’ into war, destruction and intolerance. Islam itself is the problem and it has been in perpetual war against civilization for 1380 years.

Yet we in the West cannot criticize, castigate or even defend our own civilization against this immoderate fascist paganism. The danger, stupidity and immorality of such censorship should be rather obvious.