Friday, November 6, 2020

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The corrupt Moslem-loving Communist party of America and its vote fraud machine

Dumb Joe Biden will simply accelerate the destruction of America

by Ferdinand III




The unDemocratic Party and its Communist-Muslim agenda, is one of the most corrupt and immoral forces at work in the world today.  This party led by what can only be described as a 77-year-old criminal-mafia dumb-wit, is now stealing an election for the Presidency.  The vote-fraud is so obvious and so transparent, the intentions so clear and the malice and criminality so astonishing, that even the Fake News and the usual array of sneering leftist half-wits must have trouble not believing their lying eyes.  One would expect such an election in Venezuela not the USA.  It is still highly likely that Biden and his Moslem-open borders-Communist enterprise will still lose.  Riots, BLM, anti-fa destruction, violence, murder and mayhem will surely follow as the unDemocratic party sends its brownshirts into the streets.


The Fake News, the Communist Coup and assorted ‘big brains’ want the little peasant to believe that:


1-Hillary Clinton 2016: Won 65 million total votes with 8 million as fraud - her actual vote total was 57 million (2018 recount, she lost to Trump 70 million to 57 million).


2-Hussein Obama the first Moslem President 2008: 66 million votes at least 5 million fraudulent (a recount was not commissioned by the Dear Leader’s royal court).


3-Dumb, criminal, child-predator Biden who did not run a campaign:  70 million??


We can assume that 15 million votes for Biden are fraudulent.


Joe Biden did not fill a living room with supporters, Trump rallies numbered in the 50.000’s.  Yet we are to believe that Biden received more votes than Clinton or Obama, crushing both?  In what fantasy world does this play out?  Does the Communist party of America (the unDemocrats) really believe that people are this stupid?  Does its Deep State proxy and its Fake News propaganda outlets?  Are people really this inert and insipid?


Biden’s Communist Party has committed itself to opening the doors to Muslims.  It is already saturated with Muslim activists, some even though they are criminals elected to Congress (Omar), many in positions of power at the state and local levels.  This imitates what is going in Canada which under its Empress Trudeau, has declared an intention (during the period of Covid fascism) to import 400.000 more Muslims and Africans each year into a country of 35 million, to erase what the elite derisively call ‘old Canadian stock’.  Biden’s criminal party has opined the same.  Currently about 5 million Muslims reside in the USA (millions more illegally).  This will double under Biden to about 10 million (after 4 years of immigration and family reunifications).  This number will in turn double 5 years after that to about 20 million or double the current number of Muslims living in the UK.  In 40 years, Muslims will be 20% of the US population and will rip apart the fabric of the US as they do in every country they squat in. 


If Biden and the Communist Party win the Presidency, the decline of the USA, the acceleration of its Muslimification, and maybe its break-up is assured.