Tuesday, February 6, 2007

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The poverty of Arab culture informs Islam

Greater Arabia has always been a failure - then and now.

by Ferdinand III

Islam is the perfect embodiment of the poverty of Arab culture. No more perfect ideological garment could be fitted to the twisted body of Arab vanity than pre-modern Islam. Pagan, pre-modern, mystical, swaggering, deceitful, violent, ego-centric – Arab culture fits Islam as the Roman coliseum fitted Rome. The reverse is also true. Islam is the perfect manifestation of a poor, hypocritical and uncivilized Arab pagan culture.

Born in the pagan backwaters of Arabia, Islam was the political creation built on a moon cult. Mohammed’s innovation was to take Jewish and Christian monotheistic practices and append them to his tribe’s moon worship. Both the Jews and Christians were serious competitors in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century. If you can’t beat the monotheists you might as well join them. Mohammed’s advantage was that his ‘religion’ was a thin veil of civilization covering a paganism rich in violence, hatred, and primitive beliefs.

The Koran is a jumble mash of gibberish with no time-lines, no rational discourse, and no evident purpose except to justify the actions of Mohammed and his followers. Rape, brigandage, murder, warring, stealing, and more are justified in the Koran through ‘revelations’. Koranic verse, supported by Hadiths [interpretations of what the Koran in its madness is attempting to reveal], is one long justification of Arab cultural pre-eminence and the destruction and subjugation of non-Arabs and non-Muslims.

The Jews were targeted as competitors of the Mohammedans. Naïvely Jewish tribes were early supporters of Mohammed’s madness but quickly found themselves hunted and killed as soon as Mohammed had consolidated his power. The Nazi’s did not invent the grisly act of forcing Jews to dig trench graves which they would fill. Mohammed and his men spent 3 days killing 700 Jewish men who had dug their graves, cutting off their heads and kicking their bodies into the freshly dug pits. This was but a small expression of Arab-Islamic hate and violence which has lasted 1400 years through unrelenting jihad.

Mohammed’s last words to his followers commanded them to take the sword of Islam and spread it across the globe.

Today we are living with the poverty of Arab culture which suffuses Islamic doctrine. Islam is of course little more than a pagan Arabian cult. The moon cult of ali-ilah or ‘Allah’ based in Mecca had a 3000 year history which pre-dated the madness of Mohammed. Mecca, the birth place of Mohammed, worshipped the moon deity, and Mohammed’s own family was a keeper of the moon shrine or Kabala in Mecca.

Appending monotheistic practices stolen from the ‘Saturday and Sunday’ peoples, to the Arab pagan cult was a politically intelligent move to consolidate power. ‘Believe in me’, Mohammed must have said to his small band of followers, ‘I have the power of Ali-ilah, your deity Allah, to govern and express his beliefs. With his support we will conquer and rule.’ Power, money, women, plunder were always important attractions in an illiterate, pagan, and primitive society.

So it was with Arabia and the political ideology of Islam or ‘submission’. Submit to me, Mohammed must have said, and you will share in power and riches and eternal bliss in the afterlife. For a marauding, ignorant tribe of people, it must have sounded like a pretty good message.

What does any rational person make of a doctrine which demands: an expensive pilgrimage to an Arabian backwater; the chanting of verses in Arabic whether or not you understand the language; not allowing the ‘holy’ book to be touched by ‘non-believers’; the throwing of rocks at little ‘devils’; the kissing of a black asteroid rock; that people run between 2 hills in imitation of an old biblical story; the erection of a crescent moon to crown buildings; that men treat women as worse than dogs; and has a tax system which is taken right out of the 6th century?

Perhaps pagan might the word? Or the descriptor ‘dangerous’ might apply?

The poverty of Arab culture is reflected in Islam. Taqiya in Islam means doing anything including lying, stealing, cheating, breaking agreements and killing to further Islamic power. Taqiya is taken directly from Arab pagan culture. The many practices of Islam are directly connected to Arab pagan practices. I mentioned a few above. Many more can be listed. The Koran is a ideological document, not dissimilar from Mein Kampf, which plays to ignorant Arabian pagan interests.

The same Arabic cultural poverty which created Islam 1400 year ago still exists today. The Jews resident of Israel 1500 years before the Arab invasions are deemed to be ‘oppressors’ and illegal occupiers of land. Israel produces a wealth of technology, export product and makes the deserts bloom with innovation. It is surrounded by a poor, desperate violent and bloodthirsty and retrogressive set of Arab regimes.

In the modern world the Arabs have produced nothing for export except homicide bombers, death squads and chanting idiots crying for Jew and American blood. The Arabs have produced no patents, no innovations and nothing that adds value to the world’s development. Using royalties from Western developed and extracted oil supplies, the Arabs invest some $10 billion annually world-wide to destabilize Western civilization and eradicate culture.

Arabs don’t help people in need. Arabs don’t airlift 40.000 Ethiopian Jews like the Israeli’s did in the early 1990s and resettle them in their country. Arabs don’t help Iraq attain a stable and peaceful democracy. Arabs engage in slave trading. Arabs fly to India to have sex with 10 year olds on the weekend. Arabs mutilate female genitals. Arabs send billions to madrassas to brain wash the young. Arabs erect statues and museums to tyrants like Hussein and Arafat. Arabs glorify death and hate life. In short Arab culture is the premise of Islamic hate.

Take a trip through Israel. Witness its culture. Cross over into Lebanon, go on into Syria. Travel south through Jordan, and go on into Arabia. Note the differences. Note carefully the Westernized liberal culture of Israel. Take out a pad of paper and write down on the left the basic tenets of civilization. Record in 2 columns what Israel has and what the Arabs have. Under the Arab column you will have written down nothing.

Since the 7th century the Arab culture has given the world nothing but a death cult and a death wish. Perhaps recognising history and reality for what they are the Iraq war for some people takes on a different meaning……..