Sunday, February 11, 2007

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Book review of 'Because they hate' by Brigitte Gabriel

A Christian survivor warns America about Islamic fascism.

by Ferdinand III

This is an important book by a woman who survived the vicious Arab and Muslim eradication of Christians in Lebanon during the 1975-1995 Lebanese civil-war. She lived through the fundamentalist jihad that took a Christian nation state with a plurality of beliefs and religions, and reduced it to a terror sponsoring Iranian-Syrian controlled launching pad for jihad against Israel. No one in Lebanon in 1970 thought that a Muslim occupation and destruction of what was the Middle East’s most advanced and progressive country could occur. But it did. Her warning should be heard. If it can happen there, it can happen here. Islam is on the march fuelled by oil money, technology and a fascist ideology.

The 1975-1995 Lebanese civil war was brought on by Arafat, Palestinian refugees from Jordan and Muslim intolerance of Christians and Jews. Arafat was expelled from Palestine and the Egyptian convert to the Palestinian cause made Lebanon his cell base for jihad against the Jews. Aided by an intolerant Arab culture, and hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees who were expelled from Jordan, Arafat and the PLA launched their war of extermination. Lebanon was once a majority Christian nation. One hundred thousand Maronite Christians died between 1975 and 1995. Now of course Lebanon is a terror state.

Gabriel was born in 1965 and was only 10 years old when the civil war broke out. The destruction and carnage she describes is fantastic. Even more fantastically the Western main stream media ignored the Arab-Muslim assault on Christians and Jews. When Israel was forced to invade in 1982 to protect its border towns, the Western press immediately denounced it as an unprovoked invasion. As Gabriel describes, without Jewish supplies, hospital care, and eventually Israeli army protection, all of Lebanon’s Christians and non-Muslims would have been exterminated.

Gabriel chillingly tells of marauding Muslims checking identity cards. Each card carried your religious identity. Jews and Christians would be hauled out of cars at check points and shot out of hand. Similar tactics were used in house to house searches. Eventually Gabriel’s family like thousand’s of other Christians near the Israeli border, was forced to hide in basement bunkers to survive. Without Jewish supplies their resistance would have been speedily ended.

But it is not only Gabriel’s personal story of survival that enthralls. After fleeing to Israel she worked in the news media reporting world events. She was shocked by the lies and propaganda which emanated from the Arab-Muslim world. Conspiracy theories, Jew-hating, American-bashing, anti-Western programs dialogues and rants choked up the Arab-Muslim news media. She contrasted the life-cult, the innovation, the economic progress, the liberties and democracy of an Israel with 1 million Arabs inside its borders, to the blood, hate, humiliation, anti-civilisational and anti-life culture of the Arabs and Muslims she had known in Lebanon.

She understand then and knows even better now that Islam and Arab society are diametrically opposed to Western civilisation.

That is the main value of the book. Gabriel makes two claims both of which are validated by experience and the historical record. First Arab culture has nothing in common with Israeli or Western culture. Arab culture is base on loyalty to family, to tribe, and is imbued with attitudes of pride, deceit, violence and hypocrisy. These are the values that Arabs hold dear. Gabriel’s personal experience would corroborate this. As she says in her book, “As I saw the world in a broader context with out this manipulative Arab media filter, I began to see the deceptive nature of Arabic culture for what it really was…I began to realize that the Arab Muslim world, because of its religion and culture, is a natural threat to civilized people of the world…” [page 105]

Arab culture which spawned Islam in the 7th century under the aegis of an illiterate pagan robber-baron [Mohammed], is part of the problem with fascist Islam. The 3000 year old moon cult of the Arabian peninsula and the mores and world-view of such a backwards pagan society which created the totalitarian lie that is Islam, is at the root and core of our troubles in the world today. At least Gabriel has the common sense to point that out.

Second, she makes the connection between Islam and Nazism. Both are indeed very similar. Both are cults, both are based on lies and deception, both are anti-Semitic, both are intolerant, both are warring ideologies, both are political programs at universal control, both loathe western civilization and both believe in their pre-destined obligation to rule the world. Gabriel however, points out that the problem does not lie only in the Middle East but inside our western states:

“Anti-Western Arab factions use the media as a propaganda tool on Westerners and their own population just as the Nazis and Communist Party….As Islam moves to subjugate minds to the Koran, it will use the media to further its Islamo-fascist goals by creating anti-Israel and anti-US sentiment, first in the Arab world, then in the West.”

This has already happened. As Gabriel outlines, the idea of a moderate Muslim group does not exist. Or if it does they have not bothered to organize to oppose their fundamentalist co-believers. That makes them complicit in terrorist-jihad – not innocent. Arab-Muslim organizations, university programs and truly stupid professors, mosques and violent cells preach daily to Westerners various forms of propaganda and lies concerning Islam. Islam is portrayed as a religion [it is not], as peaceful [it is a warrior cult], as advanced [it has always been backwards], as oppressed [Islam murdered 60 million Christians not the other way around], and so on.

We are being undermined at home by the Arab and Muslim immigrants we let in, and by our ignorant tolerance of any and all items related to free speech – as long as the speech does not criticize Muslims or gays of course. Remember Patterson N.J Muslims dancing in the streets after 9-11? Remember the Council on Arab-Islamic relations suing news media outlets post 9-11 for unfair treatment of Arabs and Muslims? Remember thousands of Arabs in Detroit marching in the streets in 1991 and 2003 violently opposing the Gulf Wars? Do you remember Muslims getting exercised about the killing of innocent Jews, the slaughter of women and children by Muslims in Baghdad or the various terrorist attacks world-wide perpetrated by Muslims on innocents?

Of course not. No such protests ever occurred. Muslims and most Arabs are openly sympathetic to the Jihadic cause. Recent surveys in the US and Britain reveal that less than a 1/3 of Muslims feel either British or American. This should be front page news but it is not.

Gabriel makes it clear that in the US and Europe most mosques are not contemplating the divine but rather the subjugation of the host state to Koranic law. We have a vibrant and anti-Western 5th column in our midst thanks to mindless politically-correct double talk, insecure borders [Mexican gangs are expert at smuggling Arabs in as Gabriel explains], and an explosion in Muslim immigration. It is hard to imagine the collective stupidity of a society not alert enough to bother to defend itself properly. But it is happening. Thanks to the virulent anti-Western orientation of our media, our schools and from many of our political representatives, our will to fight, and our very existence is at risk.

Gabriel’s book is an important read to understand the personal nature of Islamic fascism and how that translates into the broader struggle for our civilization. She is the founder and President of – a group dedicated to spreading the truth about an age old problem that has beset civilization for millennia – that of utopian fascism. Visit her site, support her group, and have others read her book. The more educated we become, the stronger we shall be.