Saturday, January 2, 2021

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Muhammad's cult and Hate speech. Somehow the pious Western 'tolerant' misses the obvious.

Mein Koran is an injunction to war.

by Ferdinand III




1400 years of Jihad.  1400 years of proof of Muslim supremacism and racism (Black, Brown and White Slave trading, Sex Jihad in the UK elsewhere against White girls). 1400 years of Koranic hate-speech proffered by Muslim religious zealots and warlords.  1400 years of war against the Infidel. 


Yet, for self-proclaimed geniuses, Western multi-cultists, the religious cult of ‘tolerance and diversity’, there is a fascistic intolerance to any who criticise the cult of Muhammad or who reveal the factual history of Muslim Jihad and the current Muslim warring against the Infidel in all its various guises.  For these lights of delusion, such Muhammadan-critics are phobic, bigoted and should be put on a ‘racist register’ and monitored by the Police (one assumes Muslim or non-White policemen would do the surveillance), or perhaps just shot and dumped into a mass grave.


Does anyone still read?  If you read Mein Koran, the ‘root cause’ of Muslim fascism and war becomes rather obvious.  Take the first part of this execrable book.  Suras 2 to 10 comprise 134 pages of the Koran, or fully 32% of the book. This first third of the Koran contains 1466 verses. No less than 348 of these verses, or 24% of the total preach violence against the Infidel.  The rest of the book is no better.  To be specific about ‘violence’ we can define violence in using the following dictionary terms:


1 a: exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse (as in warfare effecting illegal entry into a house) b :an instance of violent treatment or procedure

2: injury by or as if by distortion, infringement, or profanation: outrage

3a: intense, turbulent, or furious and often destructive action or force <the violence of the storm b:vehement feeling or expression :fervor; also:an instance of such action or feeling c :a clashing or jarring quality : discordance

4: undue alteration (as of wording or sense in editing a text)


Mein Koran satisfies the above definition of violence.  It is a book which promotes a raging violence and hate of the Infidel or non-Muslim.  Almost every single page broadcasts inter-alia: use of physical force against Infidels; injury; profanation against non-Muslims; furious destructive action against the ‘enemies’ of Muhammad; violent, vehement feelings against Jews and Christians; a philosophical world-view of the discordant nature of non-Muslim society which must be either subjugated or destroyed.  Violence is the core, underlying characteristic of the Muhammadan books, the Koran, Hadiths and Sira (biography of Muhammad).


Table:  Violent verses in the first 10 Sura’s


Total Verses

Number of Verses of violence against the Infidel

% of violent verses of the total










































The first 10 books of Mein Koran are the most important.  They are the ‘longer Suras’ which detail the organisation, ethos, and imperialistic organisation of Muhammad’s cult.  They are lurid with hate, violence and adjudications to war against the Infidel.  There is no compromise here.  The world is split between the adherents of Muhammad and the rest.  Those who are outside the cult of Muhammad have few choices.  They must surrender to Muslims, be conquered and used as tax slaves for Muslims and ruled by Muslims within the ‘House of Islam’, or killed and erased.  That is it.


Moslems cannot make the argument that the other 75% of Mein Koran is centred upon an ethical program of free-will, tolerance and inter-faith harmony. None of these attributes can be found anywhere in the Koran including the only 2 passages that the multi-cult can quote namely Sura 109 and 2:256, which do not advocate peace or tolerance but quite the opposite if one bothers to read the verses before and after the out-of-context-lines oft-quoted as evidence of Muslim-inter faith love and dialogue (See here, here and here for refutations of the claims that either Sura is about the Golden Rule or tolerance).


Beyond Sura 10, most of the text which is not dealing with 'punishing' the 'wrong doers and criminals', is busy with demands of submission and cult obedience to both Muhammad and Allah [are they the same, a good question rarely asked?].


It is clear that if 25% of the first 1466 verses preach violence, hate and jihad against the Infidel that we have a document of power and aggression, not one concerned with humanism, free-will, piety, and faith through reason and understanding including the use of a Golden Rule. None of these characteristics can be found anywhere in the Koran.  Jihad or the call to war has many names in the Koran, it is simply untrue that the Koran does not advocate Jihad [see here for an example], or the destruction of Infidels.  The whole objective of the Koran is to promote violence, hate and anger against non-Muslims.  Maybe the pious members of the Multi-Kult might wish to actually read the foundational documents of Muhammad’s cult.