Wednesday, November 10, 2021

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The Message from Muhammad's cult to Christians, 'We will eliminate you'

Hate and intolerance.

by Ferdinand III


Raymond Ibrahim compiles the Muslim Jihad against the Christians during September 2021.  You could pick any month of any year, for the past 1400 years, and compile similar tragedies and intolerance.  Source


Anas Khalifa (the name says it all), who for 20 years was a renowned Salafist preacher, now renounces Salafism, calling it a cancer with a deranged world-view which is spreading rapidly among young Muslims worldwide.


As the Taliban consolidates its power, a genocide, or at least a general persecution of the few Christians who remain in Afghanistan is likely.


The Taliban are compiling lists of Christians and their communities, even going door to door to search for Bibles. 


In Afghanistan ISIS Muslims murdered 4 Christians – for simply being Christian.


Christians in Nigeria who welcomed Fulani-Muslim tribes to farm and be a part of their communities, are now being killed and persecuted by the same.


50 Christians were slaughtered in Nigeria in one week, in one state, by Muslim Fulani.  On September 24th a Sunday, another 44, in another state were murdered by the same.


Christians are on trial in Egypt for writing about their lives as Coptics in Muslim-Sharia Law Egypt.


In Israel a Muslim man murdered his mother for converting to Christianity.


In Uganda, Muslims attack 5 young converts from Muhammadanism to Christianity, killing one boy.


Churches, prayer halls and directories, attacked and demolished (during September) in Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Pakistan.


As Raymond Ibrahim states, the basic message from those who take the Koran and Muhammad seriously to Christians is one of hate and intolerance.