Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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Western Europe: Christianity under attack as the Muslim invasion 'surges'

By 2050 40% or more of Western Europe will be Muslim

by Ferdinand III

 The 9 states of Western Europe have a purported population of 197 million with the 27 states of the German-EU empire comprising 450 million. An estimated 25 million Muslims live legally in Western Europe (not including the UK), with a further 10-15 million estimated to live there illegally.  The 35-40 million Muslims currently in Western Europe are thus about 20 % of the total population, sited mainly in urban areas with Paris, Marseille, Berlin, Munich and other large urban areas now 10% or more Moslemified.  Within the entire German-EU empire there are more than 45 million Muslims out of the total population of 450 million, or 10%.


In 1980 the population of Muslims in Western Europe was less than 1 million and within the future German-EU empire under 5 million.  In just 40 years there has been 30-40 times or 4000 % increase in the number of Muslims in Western Europe.  By 2050, most estimates put the Muslim population to be roughly 40% of the entire population of Western Europe or in total numbers, some 80 million, more than double what it is today.  Never in history has a foreign occupation be so readily expanded and implanted. Never in history has so much apathy been shown in what is a demographic and religio-totalitarian takeover of a civilisation.


Due to demographics and the endless migration or hijra of Muslims from Africa and the Middle East, Christianity is under siege in Western Europe.  Every day 2-3 churches are attacked just in France.  Christianity is being incrementally outlawed by secular powers, which accelerated under the Corona totalitarianism (which will be resurrected in another form).  Yet no one in the clever-set, the ‘scientism’ cult, or those who only ‘follow evidence’ namely the rationalists, positivists, humanists and objectivists can figure out why there is rampant Christophobia and Judeaophobia across Western Europe.  The combined forces of secular atheism and Muhammadanism are allied in a full-frontal attack on Western Europe’s Christian heritage.


The destruction of Christian churches is simply a manifestation and a confirmation, that great swathes of Europe are falling to the cult of Muhammad.  In 2022 according to a recent study Christian churches in Europe have been “targets of repetitive vandalism, desecration and even arson” at higher rates than even the previous years of heavy destruction. The burning of Notre Dame was no accident.


According to a recent report it is getting worse, though no one will mention Islam or the Atheist-secular hatred for Christianity.


Corona mandates closed Churches, ended worship for millions and made the Church an irrelevancy, an institution to be bought off with state-money as long as the Church supported the prevailing Rona fascist doctrines.  The Churches willingly complied further eroding their moral, social and civilisational status.  Not defending the laity against a plandemic of coercion, fraud and violence, is the same policy the Church has taken with Muhammadanism – submission, appeasement, avoiding the obvious and doing as little as possible.


Actions, or inactions, have consequences. The Western Churches (both Protestant and Catholic) are reaping what they have sown, supine and obeisant to their state masters who promote unfettered Muslim immigration and invasion, a policy heartily supported by the state-funded (at least in part) Churches.  The eradication of Churches, church buildings and culture, accelerates.