Thursday, November 15, 2007

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Fascist Islam and the 60.000 dead since 9-11

The Religion of Pieces lives up to its name.

by Ferdinand III

It won't make the media, but the body count keeps climbing. Since 9-11, the Muslims, outside of Iraq [80.000 odd dead], and Darfur [400.000 odd dead]; have butchered in a litany of usually smaller attacks, some 60.000 innocents and wounded another 90.000. If we add in Iraq and the Sudan we have over 600.000 people either dead or maimed thanks to Islamic fascist intolerance. Yawn.

Don't worry - of course Islam means peace. The cult says so. The political leadership says so. Chanting Muslims scream so. Ritual prayers, ridiculous body postures, chattering submissions in a language few understand, intolerance, hatred, designs at world domination – these are of course the natural expositions of cultured and honest people, fighting for their rights and their fantastic civilisation! Add in 600.000 body bags and limping victims over 6 years and voila! you have a great religion.

The media won't report the carnage inflicted on the 'kaffirs' by those peaceful, fun loving, tolerant Muslims. Neither will the moderate Muslim groups [clearing throat ahem], bother to demonstrate with say the same ferocity that they displayed over Danish cartoons, against the murder of innocents – many of them Muslims of course. Very few Imams or cult leaders bother to express outrage or condemn fascist Islam's attack on darker skinned Arabs in the Sudan, Iraqi women and children or Christians and Jews inside and outside the bloody borders of the Islamic world.

Nope but they will wail and moan about Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and the hated Bush's Iraq crusade. Muslim fascism, carrying on its 1400 year tradition of intolerance and insanity is alive and well.

The 6 year body count was compiled by – a site everyone should visit and support. It will only be a matter of time before it is shut down by the politically-correct fascist police [aka human rights groups etc.]. Glen Reinsford, is the editor of the site and he began compiling Islamic acts of violence and terrorism around the world. If you review the list of attacks on his site, most are small, and thus never make the media. Five dead here. Four over there. Three burnt alive there. Two tortured and beheaded over here. And so on. But it all adds up.

But isn't it distorted? Aren't the numbers inflated?

No. Reinsford can only get his sources from the media. So he and his colleagues have the difficult job of going through media reports from around the world, and trying to verify with government source documents, the actual story and body count. This is a time consuming and tedious task. It probably also means that the total body count is under-reported. Many Islamic attacks and associated dead, do not make it into any reliable media source which can be verified.

Interestingly if you read Reinsford work you will find that most of the victims of Islamic terror are Muslim and Arab. For instance in a recent book, 'Will Israel Survive', the author sources material to show that in the last Lebanese-Hizbollah war with Israel over 50% of the victims of Arab rocket and terrorist attacks were Israeli Arabs. In Iraq, in 2006, about 16.000 Iraqi's were murdered by other Muslims. Yet there is very little outrage from Islamic organsations about the destruction of their brethren.

Rather odd indeed isn't it?

It should tell us that these organisations – much like Nazi and Communist front groups – are active in the support of terror. The Nazis after all had organisations which dispensed baby bottles, carriages and free health care – sure to bring tears to the eyes of the modern multi-cult liberal [if only they had polar bear dolls too!]. Islamic groups support Islamic fascism not only directly by aiding terrorist elements with money and weaponry, but by their studied [and ignorant] silence perpetrated by Muslims against other Muslims. In other words, they support the idea and goal of terrorist Islam.

Preaching Jihad is endemic throughout the Muslim world. Jihadic ideas are now transmitted on Islamic satellite networks, websites and even school systems. Arab cartoons for children portray suicide bombers as martrys. A huge minority in most Arabic-Muslim countries tacitly support extremist elements of Islam ranging from Hamas and Hizbollah, to Bin Laden and the ideas of Qutb and Maududi.

Islamic fascism is real – but don't worry, it is the fault of the Jews and Americans.