Saturday, March 28, 2009

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The Koran – a historical document, not 'God' created.

No divine power would create such a mash of gibberish.

by Ferdinand III

It strikes at the heart of all that is Islamic. It is probably the main reason why Islam and the Islamophiles within Western culture are so vicious and ruthless in their intolerance and in their desire to crush anyone who critically investigates and criticises the ideology named Islam. The salient fact of Islam, and one which destroys its impetus, power and imaginative hold on the naive, unsuspecting, ignorant and mis-informed is this: the Koran is a historical document and not the word of 'God' born true and unaltered as Muslims believe. It is a flawed human creation and this reality voids the 1.400 years of Islamic jihad, expansion and subversion against the rest of mankind.

At the core of Islam is the following unshakable belief: the Koran, Mohammed's 'words'; and everything contained in Islamic liturgy is from 'God'. Therefore Islam and Muslims are right and the 'rest' - the unbelievers - wrong. If you void this central facet of Muslim belief, you in effect have abrogated 1.400 years of submission and reverence to the Islamic cult - all in the name of a higher divinity, premised on the divine revelations in a God created document called the Koran.

Why should anyone believe this ?

Why should anyone be forced to believe, either by Muslims or by state censors and moronic Human Rights Commissions, that angels spoke to an illiterate Meccan political-military adventurer named Mohammed, when he was 40, declared him the messenger of 'God'; parlayed with him in Arabic; and then verbally told him the 77.701 words which comprise the Koran; which Mohammed dutifully and perfectly remembered and was able to restate to his supposedly literate companions word for word; who then correctly and without any error wrote down exactly what Mohammed had said, which was of course the flawless remembrance of exactly what an angel had apparently told him ?

It smacks of insanity.

Some obvious objections to the Mohammed-Koran story. Since when do angels talk to illiterate Arab politicians in Mecca ? Why would they pick Mohammed ? Why would the word of a 'God' be transferred through an illiterate Arab, why wouldn't 'God' pick one who was educated and could read and write ? Why is Arabic the only language of the Koran and of 'God' ? In the 7th century wouldn't God have picked a more important tongue such as Latin, Aramaic, Persian, Greek, or perhaps Chinese, Hindi, or Russian to spread his good news and rules for living ?

For reasons associated with cultural and psycho-somatic illness Muslims believe that non-Muslims cannot touch the Koran, and that the Koran cannot be analysed, changed or criticised. There are some obvious difficulties with this attitude and position. Why would a 'God' mandate that his words, and his so-called 'book' never be touched, opened, questioned or analysed ? A divine power would want as many people as possible to read his messaging – hence the use of Arabic again appears to be extraordinarily bizarre.

Not allowing the Koran to be touched, or deciphered is cultishly intolerant and is obviously done to hold the book above human inquiry. Would a divine power working through Mohammed reveal such a human inclination to intolerance, non-transparency, and even fear of exposure ? Hardly. The Muslim inclinations around the Koran, like the book itself, is entirely human in emotion, immaturity and non-transparency. The more that Muslims protest that this human created work, is somehow divine, the more obvious it is, that something in the general Muslim and Islamic culture and mind, does not function properly – at least not in the context of a modern, rational world.

Much scholarship and inquiry into the Koran is stopped by Arab and Muslim states and 'scholars'. There are various projects in train which are trying to put the Koran into a historical context. Yet Muslim authorities, and those who have ancient manuscript copies of works which pre-date and are contemporary with Koranic development are not cooperative in such efforts.

They are terrified that the truth will be revealed, that the Koran, like the Bible, was a literary creation which took centuries and is full of arbitrary human inventions, hypocrisies, apocrypha, and illogic. How could it not be otherwise ? The Bible is also full of nonsense – the risen; Christ performing miracles; a virgin birth; statements of fantasy; wrong predictions; and end of the world scenarios. But it also contains civilisation's ethical and moral parameters, the golden rule, and the summation within the Book of Matthew of high ethical purpose.

The entire belief system and impetus to Muslim expansionism implodes once this simple truth is accepted: the Koran is nothing more than a man-made document with all the problems, foibles, lies, distortions, and contradictions which any written human endeavor lasting hundreds of years, would create. Indeed even today the Koran found in Pakistan or North Africa will differ from the one found in Arabia, Yemen or Oman. There is no single Koran. There is only 'a' Koran depending on where you live.

Most likely the Koran was started even before Mohammed was born and it certainly was changed many times from the 7th to 11th centuries. Koranic statements found in Sanaa in Yemen pre-dating Mohammed have been discovered. Given that Islam comes from a 5.000 year old moon cult with its male deity centered in Mecca, this would make sense. Islam was built on a far older tradition of Meccan-Arab beliefs and there would no logical reason why the Koran as a foundational text of Mohammed's earthly power, would not contain his own cult's writings, sayings and laws. What rational person would argue that this is impossible?

We know that different Arabic scripts, dialects and prose structures are found throughout the Koran. Mis-interpretations abound in the Koran. For example the use of Syriac Arabic is found all over the Koran and the use of such a dialect would logically have followed the Arab invasion and destruction of Christian Syria and the establishment of Damascus as the center of Muslim empire in the 9th century. The Syriac script and dialect is quite different than Meccan Arabic – or the earlier words written in the Koran. Thus the debate within Islam on jihadis and Mohammedan warriors who fight for the faith, going to heaven to receive their 72 doe eyed virgins and nubile young boy servants. If Syriac words are used in this sura, and it would make more sense if they were used given the actual context of what is being written, the true Muslim believer will only receive good wine and drink in heaven – not the hot babes and the young pre-teen boys. Alas poor jihadis.

In any event the Koran is like the Bible, a heterogeneous mixture of writers, languages, dialects, actors and points of view. It is a document not only of laws, ideas and perhaps Arab ethics, but a propaganda instrument. It purports to solve all of life's problems for the reader by laying out an indestructible plan for living. Follow the Koran and you will be saved. Don't follow it and you might be killed, exiled, or have your private property taken away.

The Koran has always been at the heart of Arab imperialism. It is in essence probably the greatest imperialist document and tool ever devised. Written in impenetrable Arabic, organised in an incomprehensible way from largest verse to the smallest; and protected from inquiry, the Koran is a powerful weapon in the hands of the imperialist and power mongering leader. Not until Hitlerism and Russian fascism were better documents made and disseminated to sway the mass and enforce obedience to the ruling ideology – in this case a Meccan moon cult. It is brilliance – in a perverse and evil way.

This is why Islamophiles, Islamo-apologists and ardent Muslims are in part so intolerant of any criticism of this text. Revealing the Koran for what it is, would destroy 1.400 years of Arab-Muslim expansion, jihad and purpose. This intolerance towards Koranic inquiry only highlights the intolerance of Islam towards reform and towards rationality. It is not a surprise that Muslims are not interested in accessing and investigating their core document. It accords perfectly with the cult and its attitudes which it has diplayed in a ferocious and ruthless 1.400 year existence.