Thursday, October 23, 2014

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The Politically Correct buyer's guide to Islam. Useful Idiots united.

Never blame the Meccan moon cult.

by Ferdinand III

A buyer's guide to the stupidity of moral relativity and Islam:

  1. Islam means submission to Allah and Muhammad and the denial of free-will, freedom, and actions not sanctioned by the Koran. Ergo slavery to Muhammad-Allah means freedom.

  2. Islam denigrates the female, dresses them up in bed-sheets, allows polygamy, stoning of women, dis-honour murders and rape of Infidel females and sex-slavery. Ergo Islam liberates the female.

  3. Islam is a racist, Jew-hating precursor of Nazism. If you identify Islam as racist, then you are the racist. Ergo the Moslem cult is tolerant.

  4. Mein Kampf is an Arab-Moslem best-seller and the Koran openly states that Jews must be killed. Ergo Moslems have no interest in Nazi theology and fascism.

  5. Islam demands the eradication of Christians and Christianity, and the forcible conversion of Christians to Muhammad's cult. Ergo, Islam tolerates the 'people of the book'.

  6. There have been 25.000 Moslem attacks just since 9-11. Ergo Islam is peace.

  7. The Moslem Jihad from 632 AD until the Crusades in 1096 AD, wiped out Christianity from Arabia to Southern France, culled millions of sex and labour slaves from Europe; forcibly converted millions more, pulled down 30.000 churches; and slaughtered well over a million Christians in battle and through death-via-slavery. Ergo the Crusades are to blame for the Moslem jihad.

  8. When Moslems cause 'terror' in Western cities, the main concern is not the Moslem Jihad, or its victims, but Islamophobia [or Naziophobia] since Moslem mayhem is only one part of 'society's overall violence issue'. Ergo Moslems are not the problem, but non-Moslems are the real issue.

Eventually Moslems will blow up the centre [again] of a major Western city. The response from the elite, politicians, the quackademics, the media and other useless parasites will be:

-Islam is not to blame

-All Moslems are moderate

-The West is to blame

-Moslems are the victims

-What about blacks killing blacks in Chicago anyways ?

A world of lower education leads to this.