Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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Western Multiculturalism - imitating the failed tolerance of the Meccan elite towards Islam.

Importing Moslems, tolerating a fascism, and lying about its 'peaceful' intent is plainly stupid.

by Ferdinand III

One of the greatest mistakes in modern history is not learning from the Meccans and their 'tolerance' of mad Muhammad's gibberish, now pronounced a 'religion'. Today some 50-65 million Moslems squat in Western lands, with at least 50% of those immigrants believing in Sharia Barbarism [it is not a Law], and fully aware [unlike most Westerners] that Islam is incompatible with Western ideals. The number of Moslems in Western states will reach 100 million in the next generation. Jihad, Sharia Barbarism, sex-slaving of young girls, necks smitten in city streets and another 9-11 are assured.

Witness the failure of the Meccans to kill Muhammad and do the world a favor.

Mimicking our own collective stupidity, one of the great mistakes in all of history, was the rather incomprehensible charity shown by the Meccans to the ruling tribe's mad poet, Muhammad. Sowing dissension, garbling Judaic-Christian scripture, insulting the Meccan pantheon, disrupting society, fomenting social discord should have earned the mad poet a parting of his head from his sloped shoulders. Instead, the Meccans threw the small cult of Muhammadans out of their city, and on to Medina, and eventual mastery of Arabia they went.

As the historian Gilchrist notes, the Hijra, or flight from Mecca to Medina, was part a preparation for Jihad. This was well understood during the time of Muhammad, and in the early centuries following his murder by fellow-Moslems. The Meccans would eventually see their city conquered by the mad poet at the head of 10.000 men, who smashed their idols, enshrined Arab paganism as divine, and ordered the Meccans to only follow Baal, the family deity of Muhammad, and the Lord or ilah of Mecca.

In the old Arab law, the Hijra did not merely signify rupture with his native town, but was equivalent to a sort of declaration of war against it. (Lammens, Islam: Beliefs and Institutions, p. 27)

We have already seen how closely related the Hijrah was to the active policy of jihad which immediately followed it and it comes as no surprise to find the inevitable conquest being pursued two years after the truce [between Muhammad and Mecca]. A small provocation by the Banu Bakr, a tribe allied to the Quraysh, on the Banu Khaza'ah, allied to Muhammad, was all he needed to declare the treaty broken. Abu Sufyan, aware that the balances were now tilted well in Muhammad's favour, went to Medina to restore the treaty but Muhammad refused to accommodate him and he returned to Mecca empty-handed.”

Muhammad out of self-interest of course, spared the population and the city from Jihadic destruction. As Mehmed II would say of his annihilation of Constantinople, he needed a capital, not a corpse. Interestingly, mad Muhammad butchered the Koranic verse scribe writer, who was charged with recording the frequent and quite convenient revelations from Baal to Muhammad. Apparently the scribe knew a fraud when he saw one, and being so close to the mad poet, understood perfectly well the nonsense that was Muhammad's 'prophecy':

[After Mecca was conquered] A dozen leading opponents were proscribed though only a few were eventually executed. Two were apostates from Islam, one was a poetess who had particularly irked Muhammad with her satires, and the last was one of two Meccans who had assaulted Muhammad's daughter Zaynab as she fled Mecca for Medina. The others escaped either by hiding themselves or by seeking pardon. One case is of particular interest.

One of these men was Abdullah ibn Abu al Sarh who once converted to Islam and wrote down the revelation for Muhammad, but who then apostatized, returned to Quraysh, and there spread tales about his falsification of the revelation. (Haykal, The Life of Muhammad, p. 410).”

If Muhammad was truly a 'messenger' why would his scribe apostasy and declaim against him?

In any event the madness of Western multi-culturalism, imitates that of the Mecan charity towards the nascent Islamic cult. Apparently that policy did not work out too well for the Meccans.