Monday, May 25, 2020

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UK: Farage video of the French navy handing off illegal Moslems to the UK Boarder Patrol

Thousands of Moslems illegally entering the UK during the Fauxdemic, helped by British Patrol Boats

by Ferdinand III


 The French Navy are paid to stop the boats from entering the United Kingdom. The truth is they rescue a few and take the rest into our waters. This is what is really going on.



So while the average 'racist', 'phobic', Brexit supporting 'non-scientist', is locked up at home, wearing a mask and sucking on a blue blanket, the UK Government under Liberal Boris Johnson allows unfettered illegal access to the over-crowded, high cost Island, of mostly Moslem and Eastern European 'migrants'.  MIgrant is a euphemism for an illegal invader, squatter, welfare teat consumer.  Of course if you oppose the illegal occupation by Moslems and other worthies, you are a fascist-alt right wing-extremist-KKK member.  Obviously.  So chant the low IQs.





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