Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Why is Islam a religion ?

It is a moon-cult paganism pure and simple.

by Ferdinand III

The only thing saving Islam from being branded what it is – a pagan Fascism of unfettered violence – is its status as a religion. But why it that status accorded to an Arabian moon cult based around the Meccan moon deity Ali-ilah and denied for instance in many countries to Scientology, and those who believe that humans came from an alien race ? Islam is no more credible in its theology than the followers of the grinning Bishop Cruise. The only difference is that Muslims have conflated moon worship with Jewish monotheism. An outlandish lie and distortion to be sure, but one fully consumed by useful idiots around the world.

Read the Koran and Arab-Islamic history for yourself. Ignore the media and academics and sundry 'experts' who piously proclaim that the family deity of Mohammed constitutes a religion in the Christian-Judeo sense of that word. It doesn't. Islam was once regarded as Mohammedanism or the cult of Mohammed. This is a far more intelligent analysis of what we really face, than the usual mindless one-world, multi-cultural bromides that an Arabian moon cult is just as 'relatively good and religious' as anything the 'criminal' history of Western civilization could possibly produce.

Imagine if you are still a thinking, mentally balanced and unipolar personality who has not been brain washed by the media and educational system.. You are a blank slate, able to rationalize and in control of your functions. You are sitting by yourself when suddenly an excitable Arab comes up to you and says the following:

-You must obey Ali-ilah, the Meccan male moon god, which was protected by the family of someone called Mohammed, who 1400 years ago created this thing called Islam around the worship of this moon deity.

-He tells you with wide eyes that this moon god knows all, determines all and will either kill you or elevate you to heaven – depending on his mood and whether he believes [or it believes] that you have been sufficiently Muslim.

-He declaims with a gaping mouth that you must read and memorize the book around this cult called the Koran and prostrate yourself 5 times daily towards Mohammed's family home and beg the moon deity for forgiveness. You must chatter these ritualised lines of prostration in Arabic – a language you don't understand.

-You are informed by this animated Arab that in order to humiliate yourself you must raise your buttocks into the air and force your forehead onto the ground.  You need to recognize that the moon deity controls all and that you are worthless - or so this man says.

-He pulls out the cult's book and shows you some of its content.  From what you can read the pages seem  full of hate, violence, racism, supremacism and claims to universal rule and will to power. The thoroughly energized Arab man wags his finger in your face and solemnly intones that the book is holy, created by the moon god, and not to be touched by non-believers.

-He sits beside you and puts his hand on your knee soothing your concerns by imparting that this Arab cult - supported worldwide by 1.6 billion people - also demands that you travel at least once to Mecca, pay a lot of money to the cult's institutions, kiss their main black rock, throw stones at imaginary little devils and run around their shrine.  All part of the community spirit he smilingly assures you.

-And he gives you the best part as he leans towards you barely able to contain himself.  Not only can you have a lot of women and at least 4 wives; but your women will have to obey you; wear bed sheets in public; enjoy being beaten [lightly] by you for any offense; and if you so desire having sex with 9 year olds is okay as well since this Mohammed the Prophet did it.  Also he slyly adds - young females being sold into sex slavery or killed for dissing their parents is also acceptable.

You probably would think the Arab man insane.  This is a religion ?  Of what exactly ?  You would be even more perplexed if a state paid employee was accompanying the twitching Arab proselytizer and informed you that not only is the Meccan moon cult a 'religion' but it is a vibrant part of the 'multicultural mosaic' of your country, and indispensable as part of society's diversity objective. He warns you sternly never to criticize the Meccan moon cult and if you do, you might end up in prison.

Being intelligent you might stutter out some questions such as; 'why is this cult a religion?'; 'who granted it such referential status ?''; 'is it religious in practice or violent, insane and irrational?'; 'shouldn't reality and what happens in the real world, determine whether or not we declare an ideology to be religious?'; 'since when is racism, supremacism and misogyny enlightened and spiritual ?'....

All good questions of course but in the end they mean nothing. In the era when Mohammedanism was viewed as a program which was the opposite of Christ's teachings, such informed observation was common place. In today's world where people get their information from Oprah, the BC news networks, and self-loathing educational and media sources, a program of Jihadist Fascism, in train for 1400 years, is declared a religion.

Islam has none of the properties of a religion which is why of course it is declared to be one, and which is why the state is so violent in protecting it.