Monday, February 22, 2010

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Book Review: 'Defeating Political Islam' by Moorthy Muthuswamy

The Muslim jihad against India.

by Ferdinand III

The really smart people [politicians, social science academics, media experts, self-haters], know little and mention less about the 1200 year Muslim jihad in the Asian subcontinent. It is the most obvious example of Islamic jihad and intolerance open to inquiry and dissemination. Muthuswamy does not mention this fact but most likely – it is almost impossible to say exactly – some 150 million Hindus and Buddhists have been killed at the hands of Muslims since the mid to late 8th century AD. This bloodletting is the largest holocaust in history.

Muthuswamy is an Indian academic, scientist and writer born in India but now, like many of those who flee the multi-cultural paradise of the third world, and the benefices of Muslim aggression, lives in the USA. The value of this book is the focus on two aspects of Islamic orthodoxy and intolerance. The first is the description of Islam as a political, not a spiritual project. The second, is the data he provides which describes and proves the on-going and perpetual struggle to eradicate the Hindus and Buddhists in the subcontinent.

The Muslim jihad against India has been ongoing since the first incursions by the Islamic faithful into the lands of the Hindus and Buddhists in the 8th century. It has never stopped. The original Arab attack created an Arab state in what is now Pakistan. In the usual Islamic-Arab fashion millions were killed, cities emptied, temples destroyed and slavery widespread. We know this from various chronicles and texts dated from the 8th to 12th centuries.

Probably in the initial Arab onslaught upwards of some 75 millions would have been killed during this jihad which lasted some four centuries. No one knows for certain, but accounts and contemporary sources make it clear that the numbers were certainly huge constituting perhaps 20-25 million dead and enslaved [who would usually be worked to death or forced into sex slavery], each century, or some 250.000 each year. Given the Arab record in North Africa and Spain, this is entirely plausible. Since some 300 millions lived in the subcontinent during this period, the rest – over 200 million – were tax farmed to support the Muslim rulers and elite.

But that was not the end of it. The Afghani and Turkish converts to Islam extended and deepened the jihad. It was holy war, inspired by the fabulous wealth of Hindustan. Timur, a Turk-Muslim general who invaded India in the 14th centuries said it best:

“My principle object in coming to Hindustan....was to war with the infidels...that the army of Islam might gain something by plundering the wealth and valuables of the infidels: plunder in war is as lawful as their mother's milk to Musalmans [sic] who war for faith.”

Tens of millions more Hindus and Buddhists were killed, castrated [used as eunuchs], or forced in sex slavery. At one time most of India was under the control of the Turkish Muslim Mughals. The Taj Mahal constructed during the mid 16th century as a Muslim shrine and symbol of omnipotence and dedicated to the deceased wife of a Shah, was built with Hindu taxes, theft of valuables and blood. A series of catastrophic wars was used by the Mughal ruler to conquer territory to extract the monies needed for the temple. Not many tourists gawking at the structure would have any idea about the colossal carnage in bodies and money paid by civilian Hindus and Buddhists which enabled its completion.

As the book outlines, this perpetual jihad to exterminate the non-Muslims has only accelerated with the 1947 partition of British India into a Muslim dominated state and a Hindu majority state:

“[after the partition]...Within the next three years, spearheaded by mosques, most non Muslims...were driven out of West Pakistan....and hundreds of thousands were possibly killed. Now the non-Muslim population there stands at less than 2 percent....Prior to 1947, East Pakistan – now called Bangladesh – had at least a 29 per cent Hindu and Buddhist population. This has now been reduced to less than 10 per cent.”

Non Muslims are being squeezed out of Muslim areas. An ongoing internal and civil jihad which culminated in part, in the 2 to 3 million Hindu civilian massacre of 1971. in that year the Pakistan military systematically cleansed East Pakistan of non-Muslims. A crime which is barely even remembered today.

In short Muslims and the Pakistanis have never stopped trying to first – cleanse their areas of non-Muslims – and second to subvert and destroy India. The Pakistani mission to first undermine and then convert and control India is a political and military objective, supported and given impulse by the Koranic injunction to wage endless jihad against the infidel. As Muthuswamy states:

“Indeed, about 25 per cent of what was known as British India has now become almost exclusively Muslim, or is on the way to becoming so. Non-Muslims are now squeezed into densely populated present-day India. As a result of this non-Muslim ethnic cleansing in all Muslim-majority areas of South Asia, India had to accommodate an excess number of people in the land it inherited after the partitioning.”

Pakistan, aided in part with Saudi money, supports upwards of 1000 Muslim terrorist organisations in India, and sundry politicians who support Islamic claims. Thus the jihad against India is not only one premised on terror, such as the July 2008 Mumbai bombings which killed and wounded hundreds, but also a political jihad to force India to accede to internal Muslim demands over money, land, status and even in the case of Kashmir, jihadic financing:

“Muslim insurgency has spread to other parts of Kashmir. Predictably, indiscriminate killings of Hindu civilians are now under way....India does not appear to have a long-term plan to deal with political Islam's successful efforts to cleanse the region of non-Muslims...”

Kashmir used to be a majority Hindu area. It is now a Muslim statelet funded by the Indian central government.

As Muthuswamy proves, non-Muslim India is the victim of more daily and weekly attacks than any other jurisdiction in the world. The entire state of India is constantly under Islamic pressure:

“According to the Indian government, there are more than eight hundred terrorist cells operating with 'external support' within the nation. These cells are spread all over India, in locations with a sizable Muslim population.”

In other words a Muslim line of siege, using cells of terror, has been built.

This relentless siege costs the Indian treasury tens of billions annually. A cost that the state cannot afford. Kashmir is what could be India's future. The Muslims in Kashmir for instance are supported by Pakistan's intelligence services [ISI] and Saudi money. They have liquidated the non-Muslim even whilst asking more money from the Indian government – which it gets with few conditions attached. As Muthuswamy says, the Kashmiri unemployment rate is less than 4%, whist in India it is over 20%. What is going on in Kashmir has occurred throughout South-East Asia. It is a liquidation of non-Muslims and the enforcement of Sharia and Arab cultural practices and Islamic rule:

“The push toward further Islamizing Kashmir continued when the Muslim-dominated Kashmir assembly passed a bill in 2007 bringing India's only Muslim majority state under the ambit of sharia.”

Isn't Kashmir merely the template, that Islam wants to impose on all of India ? After all under the Muslim Mughals, India was at one time a Muslim dominated sub-continent. According to political Islamists, all former Muslim territory has to be returned to Muslim control. So why not India ?

The value of this book is clear. A lot of data, sources, historical facts, and common sense inform Muthuswamy's view of Islam and especially the never-ending Muslim jihad to eradicate non-Islamic culture and society from the sub-continent. Islam is intolerant. Islam is violent. Islam is racist. No area on earth, outside of Israel, makes this more obvious than in India. This book is a necessary brief on what is history's largest unrecorded and untold genocide- the Muslim eradication of Hindus and Buddhists in India and the on-going attempts by the Islamic jihad to turn the world's largest democracy, into another slave state of the Arab moon cult.