Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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The myth of the Moderate Muslim

Rewrite the Koran, reform Islamic theology, separate church from state.....

by Ferdinand III



Keeping up with Muslim New-speak is very difficult. Muslims are masters at propaganda – with the Saudi's the master black magicians of the art of deception.  Iranian propaganda money also saturates Western institutions.  Every event or conflict involving the followers of the male Meccan moon deity and Mohammedanism is recast by the Muslims as a struggle between 'faith' and bigotry, [Islam and Western civilization]; 'enlightenment' and ignorance; or cultural freedom and oppression [Muslims vs. The Rest]. In Western society the ability of Muslims to use New-speak is astounding. What is insane is the acceptance of such nonsense by academia, politicians and the fake news media.


Muslim newspeak in North America and Europe is controlled by various Muslim groups who purport to speak for millions of Muslims resident in the West.  Examples are CAIR, ISNA or the MSA.  These groups are largely funded by the Saudis, Iranians or terror organisations. FBI and other investigations reveal that the linkages between 'moderate' Muslim groups and Islamo-fascist and radical organisations are legion and deep.


Western domiciled Muslims constantly whine about being 'targets' of 'white' 'racism.  The Muhammadan cult is of course, not a ‘race’ so racism cannot be the issue when discussing the cult itself, composed as it is of Arabs, Indians, Blacks, Whites and Asians. Islam as a movement, is a clearly a political-ideology of power and control. Any cursory reading of Islamic history and the Koran would dispel the notion that Islam is a faith.


Typical Moslem justifications for any act of Islamic terror would include the following Newspeak dupes:


-Not all Muslims are terrorists

-Islam is 'reacting' against Western aggression

-Muslims are largely peaceful and charitable

-Most Muslims are 'moderate'

-This was due to mental illness or misunderstanding Mein Koran

-Drugs and alcohol were involved

-‘Racism’ prompted this violent action

-This is an 'isolated' case

-'They' are not real Muslims

-The welfare state is insufficiently generous and solicitous of Muslims and this creates aggravation and resentment


The same list could have been used to justify Hitlerism; Stalinism; and Chinese Maoist fascism, and dozens of other fascisms so coveted and caressed by leftists and multi-culturalists. Not all Shinto Japanese in 1941 were anti-Western or as extremist as the military junta. Nazis were comprised of peaceful teachers, scientists, soccer players, actors and businessmen who were not as 'extreme' as Goering or Hitler. Russian grandmothers in 1970 had little inclination to world domination or the overthrow of American democracy. Chinese entrepreneurs today, are probably uninterested in invading Taiwan, overturning US elections, or working with the US deep state to embed socialist-communism in the USA.  Ergo I would expect that most Muslims living in the West are not 'the same' as the 'radicals', evident and so active over 1400 years of Islamic imperialism and Jihad.


So what. It is the theology of the cult which matters. Not the individual. This is especially true if the individual does nothing to reform the cult, its documents, its rituals, and its expectations. Thus the singular 'moderate' Muslim who tells you what you want to hear, and appears pious, plays the piano, dresses well and appears civilized, is hardly important in the grand scheme of his cult. If he is not determined to rewrite the Koran, reform the Hadiths, open up Islam to inquiry and even ridicule, then he too is part of the problem.


Since 9-11 there have been 40.000 Muslim attacks across the world. Slavery still goes on, even within the West, in the sex trading for marriage of young girls. I know because I have met some of these victims.  Moslems, Arabs and Blacks own, today, right now, some 5-10 million Black slaves in Africa.  Hindu girls in their thousands in East India have disappeared, taken as prisoners by Muslim Bangladeshis, raped, and forced to join Islam [to produce male Ghazi or Muslim warriors]. Attacks and racism against Jews and Christians are weekly events across the world. Yet not one single Muslim demonstration by these vaunted moderates has taken place anywhere in the Western world since 9-11. Not a single one.


Yet we are assured, 'all' Muslims are 'moderates'. Muslims are establishing radicalized schools all across the Western world teaching pure Islamic doctrine, which is by itself anti-Western, racist and supremacist. The media and politicians describe these schools as 'moderate'. In Europe every large city has more than a dozen of them, many funded by both Saudi-Wahabbi money, and state money. Many have deep connections to various Islamic-fascist groups overseas. In fact, the number of Muslim organisations and schools with connections to 'radical' Islam within the West are now are almost too many to count. Thirty years ago, there was only a handful. Yes, there is a Moslem tide, an invasion, a takeover of Western urban areas.  London UK currently has 500 mosques, implying a total Muslim population of 2.5 million, in a city of 10 million.  30 years ago, the Muslim presence in London was minimal. 


There is no proof that 'moderate' Muslim groups exist and if they do, they are poor, under-funded, under-manned, and largely silenced. Blasphemy rules apply in Islam.  You cannot criticise Muhammad, Mein Koran or Islamic theology.  The penalty is death. 


Moderate Islam might be what the 'mass' of Muslims desire, but there is precious little proof that this 'mainstream' Islam wants anything else other than more power, more state funding; more mosques; more adherents and widespread Koranic practice embedded in Sharia Law. Nothing is more obviously a threat to Western civilisation than the imposition of a totalitarian creed premised on pre-7th century codes which are not even laws in the modern sense; designed to meld together, church and state. Nothing is moderate about such a construction.


The only moderate Muslim is one who will agree to rewrite the Koran, the Hadiths and open up Islam to inquiry, ridicule and reformation and separate the church from the state. That is the only definition of a moderate Muslim. Period.