Tuesday, September 15, 2020

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The Satanic Verses - proof of Islam's fraud.

Muhammad making up the Koran as he goes along.

by Ferdinand III



Islam as embodied in the Allah idol, is simply the Meccan moon god and family idol of Muhammad or Hub'Al, married to some poorly understood fragments of Judeo-Christian theology and monotheism, and suffused with existing Arab paganism. Given the incoherence of this program, much of the Koran and indeed of Muhammad's life is insensible, incomprehensible, contradictory and glaringly insipid.



One such case is that of the Satanic Verses. The import of these erased-from-the-Koran 'revelations' is this: it proves that Muhammad was insane, and that this Allah thing was really Hub'Al with a consort venerated as Allat begetting at least 2 daughters who were worshipped by pagan Arabs in their Kab'aa shrine at Mecca as deities or at the very least, as important pagan spirits who would help the Meccans in some way [fertility, rain, with famine etc.]. The Koran is very clear that the Allah thing does not beget sons or daughters. Yet in a few places in the Koran Uzza and Manat are still mentioned and the Satanic verses, 'revealed' by Muhammad to win favour for his poor little band of cult followers in Mecca, clearly identify them as co-idols to be worshipped alongside that of the Hub-Al or Allah idol.



The Satanic Verses prove beyond any doubt, the pagan antecedents of the Islamic cult. This is why Moslems [some, many, all?] will kill or at the very least intimidate into silence [Human Rights, Free speech, Free-will?], anyone who publishes or discusses any topic about them. These words of Shaitun or Satan are deeply embarrassing to the cult of Muhammad. Why ? There are 3 truths about these statements, 'revealed' to Muhammad by Satan. The first is that it proves the existence of al-Manat and al-Uzza the daughter goddesses of Hub'Al. Second, it confirms Muhammad's insanity. Third, it proves that the Koran was made up and not revealed by a 'God'. The entire cult of Islam simply falls, when one reads, understands and then maps back to Muhammad's mental and theological state, these verses.



Of course Moslems [many, most, all, some ?] deny the importance of the verses. These are the same big brains who will deny the real history of Muhammad and of Islamic supremacist-racialist-Jihadic imperialism. Only pious Western Marxists believe Moslem propaganda goose-stepping along in unison to the beat of PC and multicultural fascism.



Muhammad had few to almost no followers during his early 'prophethood' at Mecca. He was a laughingstock. The Meccans called him insane and the mad poet. He garbled well known and later-plagiarized into the Koran; verses and poems from the Kabaa shrine. He stood and screamed and preached that the Meccan pantheon of 360 idols was an offence to Hub'Al or the Lord or ilah of Mecca who should be venerated alone. He demanded that Jews recognize him as the successor to Moses, Samuel, Daniel and Christ. His program was incoherent with fragments usually wrong or distorted, of Judaism sprinkled with some poorly understood New Testament gospel concepts, married to Arab paganism. It was a mess and the Meccans mocked Muhammad.



It was during this period, when it appeared that the cult of Submission would fail that Muhammad received the Satanic revelations, to mollify, appease and persuade the Meccans that he was a prophet.



Have you then considered the al-Lat and al-Uzza and Manat, the third, the last ... these are the exalted Gharaniq (a high flying bird) whose intercession is approved. (Q: 53.19-20)



Al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat were local idols worshipped in Mecca. Allat was the Sun consort [some scholars believe she might have been the moon deity and Allah the sun deity though personally it appears likely that the opposite is true]; and she had 2 daughters – Uzza and Manat. In his early ministry Muhammad had declaimed against these idols as affronts to the Lord or ilah, now he had recounted and renounced his previous position. These existing idols along with Hub'Al would again be worshipped.



This of course negates the entire purpose of Islam. Embarrassing indeed. There was no difference between Muhammad's program and that of the Meccans in essence. This 'Allah' thing was no more important than Allat, Uzza or Manat. What to do ? Muhammad made up another revelation which usurped his previous recognition of the Meccan moon and sun idols, blaming Satan for such an inspiration.



He pleases; and whoever associates anything with Allah, he indeed strays off into a remote error.” (Q: 4.116)



Only Allah can be worshipped according to 4:116. What became Sura 53 19-22 was also rewritten.



Have ye thought upon Al-Lat and Al-'Uzza. (Q: 53.19) And another, the third (goddess), Manat? (Q: 53.20) What! for you the male sex, and for Him, the female? (Q: 53.21) Behold, such would be indeed a division most unfair! (Q: 53.22)”



The Meccan pagan idols are still in the Koran, but denounced. The female goddesses are dismissed since only Allah – unknowable, androgynous, never explained – is the only 'thing' combining all sexes that you can worship.



So Muhammad did an about face. First he said that you can worship your moon and celestial deities along with the ilah or Hub'Al. Then he said, no that was not right, he had made a mistake. Needless to say many people would have left his ministry over this. Was the Koran simply what Muhammad himself made up ? Was it really divinely inspired, or just the expressions of someone vying for political power ?



After this embarassment, Muhammad was forced to flee Mecca for some time. He and his later-most successful-general and 2nd Caliph Abu Bakr, who would later donate his 6 year old daughter to Muhammad as a sex-token and family alliance ransom, had to flee one night and escape to a cave (Winn, 2004, p. 587). Moslem historians Tabari and Ishaq wrote,



When the Messenger decided upon departure, he went to Bakr and the two of them left by a window in the back of Abu's house and went to a cave in Thawr, a mountain below Mecca. (Ishaq: 223)”



The Satanic verses are not a literary composition by Rushdie. They were recorded by Moslem historians including: al-Wikidi, al-Baydawi, al-Zamakshari, Tabari, Ibn Ishaq, Ibn Hisham, Ibn Sa’d and Bukhari. It is impossible to argue that they did not exist. How then to explain Muhammad's flight and the fact that these verses – initiated supposedly by Satan – were kept and remembered ?



There are 3 main conclusions that we can make from the 'revelation' and retraction of the Satanic verses.


  1. The Koran is a man made book in which verses can appear, disappear and be modified. It is not 'god created' or 'uncreated'.

  2. Muhammad was not a prophet of some god, but a confused and hallucinatory man trying to earn power and favour and using 'revelations' when convenient.

  3. Since the Koran says that only Allah 'made' the Koran, the Satanic verses prove that the Koran is not only contradictory but a giant lie. Satan in other words has proven Muhammad to be false.


There are no other conclusions to be drawn from the Satanic verses. Islam implodes on many factors, but certainly this is as obvious and clear an episode of fraud as one can get. That Muhammad conveniently received 'revelations' is well-known and acknowledged by Moslem historians and investigators of his cult. What is truly sad is that most Moslems know as little about the Satanic verses, as they do about the madness of their cult's founder.