Monday, March 25, 2013

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Islam is a cult – an Ex-Moslem says the obvious.

Only news to the uninformed.

by Ferdinand III

Full article here. Excerpted below and edited. An Iraqi-born former Moslem and Arabic-speaker who goes by the name "I. Q. Rassooli", has lived in Europe most of his adult life; and has spent some 30 years studying the Qur'an, Hadiths, Shariah, Arab and Islamic history. He has determined that Islam is a cult, not a religion. Al-Rassooli's website, now contains over 780 chapters on the Islamic Trilogy. His YouTube stations and clips have amassed almost 2 million views. His views are based on facts.

My conclusions based on over 30 years of studies are:

  1. Islam is NOT a Religion but most definitely a CULT belief system as well as a legal, military, political, and social system of totalitarian control.

  2. Allah is most assuredly NOT the same as the God of Jesus, Moses and Abraham because Allah is only the NAME of the supreme moon god of Pagan Arabia centuries before Muhammad and his Quran and represented to this day in the Kaba'a by an ancient meteorite called the Black Stone.

  3. Jihad is most definitely NOT a spiritual struggle to commune with God but eternal WAR against all Unbelievers until all humanity is subject to Sharia.

  4. No god called Allah nor any angel called Gabriel ever revealed a single verse to Muhammad because every letter, word, verse and Chapter in the Quran is the product of Muhammad's imaginings, the secretions of his depraved mind, his Alter Ego, his Autobiography, but very cleverly projected into the unsuspecting mouths of Allah and Gabriel to give them the aura of sanctity and divinity.

  5. It is by Divine Will (Qidra Ilahyyah) and divine Justice (Haq Ilahi) that the very Hadiths that explain to the followers of Muhammad his Quran and Sunna, are the very same that utterly DISCREDIT Muhammad as a prophet and the ALLEGED divine origin of his Quran.

  6. Although my statements may sound outrageous and hyperbolic to those hearing and seeing them for the first time, I can and do (as in this interview) corroborate every single assertion that I make with citations from the Islamic scriptures themselves.”

The above is all true of course. Islam is a cult, whose genesis is the Bronze Age. Moon worship, a 'legal' code of an 'eye for an eye' taken from the Babylonians, a culture of violence, hate, plunder...all 'sanctified' by Muhammad's family idol the 'Lord' or ilah. Al-Lah has nothing whatsoever to do with JC ideals of 'god'. Any fool who has read the Koran knows this.