Monday, April 15, 2013

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Christianophobia – Islam's hatred of Christians, Sura 31

Christians are Satanic.

by Ferdinand III

Number of verses in Sura 31: 34

Number of verses of Christianophobia in Sura 31: 12

% of Christianophobic verses in Sura 31 of the total: 35 %

Over 1/3 of the Koran is anti-Semitic and anti-Christian. For big brains in the cult of the Marxist multi-cult these are titillating and compelling themes. In their view Islam is peace, because it denies and indeed hates Judaism and Christianity.

Sura 31 or 'The Wise' reiterates the Koranic intolerance towards Christians. Out of 34 verses only 12 are Christianophobic hate speech including; 6,7, 11-15, 21-24, 30. These phrases restate what the Koran mentions literally hundreds of times:

  1. There are no intercessors, or other gods [such as Christ], which can be 'joined' to the Allah thing.

  2. Joining 'partners' with the Allah idol is the 'highest crime' imaginable.

  3. Rejecting any part of the Allah-thing's message will result in damnation and destruction.

How religious.

Christ and other 'idols' cannot be worshipped along with the iLah of Mecca:

31:11 This is the creation of Allah. So show Me that which those (whom you worship), besides Him have created. Nay, the Zalimun (polytheists, wrongdoers and those who do not believe in the Oneness of Allah) are in plain error.

31:13 And (remember) when Luqman said to his son when he was advising him: "O my son! Join not in worship others with Allah. Verily! Joining others in worship with Allah is a great Zulm (wrong) indeed.

Worshipping Christ because your parents do or did, is like worshipping Satan:

31:15 But if they (both parents) strive with you to make you join in worship with Me others that of which you have no knowledge [eg. Christ], then obey them not, but behave with them in the world kindly, and follow the path of him who turns to Me in repentance and in obedience. Then to Me will be your return, and I shall tell you what you used to do.

31:21 And when it is said to them: "Follow that which Allah has sent down", they say: "Nay, we shall follow that which we found our fathers (following)." (Would they do so) even if Shaitan (Satan) invites them to the torment of the Fire.

31:30 That is because Allah, He is the Truth, and that which they invoke besides Him is Al-Batil (falsehood, Satan and all other false deities), and that Allah, He is the Most High, the Most Great.

There is only Allah who is uber alles:

31:22 And whosoever submits his face (himself) to Allah [i.e.(follows Allah's Religion of Islamic Monotheism), worships Allah (Alone) with sincere Faith in the (1) Oneness of His Lordship,(2) Oneness of His worship, and (3) Oneness of His Names and Qualities], while he is a Muhsin (gooddoer i.e. performs good deeds totally for Allah's sake without any show-off or to gain praise or fame etc. and does them in accordance with the Sunnah of Allah's Messenger Muhammad SAW), then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold [La ilaha ill-Allah (none has the right to be worshipped but Allah)]. And to Allah return all matters for decision.

If you reject Allah or mislead men by singing Psalms, Hymns, or devotions, doom is your fate

31:6 And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks (i.e. music, singing, etc.) to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah without knowledge, and takes it (the Path of Allah, the Verses of the Qur'an) by way of mockery. For such there will be a humiliating torment (in the Hell-fire).

31:7 And when Our Verses (of the Qur'an) are recited to such a one, he turns away in pride as if he heard them not, as if there were deafness in his ear. So announce to him a painful torment.

Islam demands unthinking, uninterrupted devotion and submission.

The above verses make it clear that according to Moslem belief, Christ is linked with Satan, Christianity is a criminal fraud, and that if Christians do not renounce their heretical belief in the Trinity they will suffer humiliating torments in this life and in the next. How is such a screed religious ?