Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Christianophobia – Islam's hatred of Christians, Sura 63

Christians are hypocrites and the 'enemy'.

by Ferdinand III

Number of verses in Sura 63: 11

Number of verses of Christianophobia in Sura 63: 6

% of Christianophobic verses in Sura 63 of the total: 55%

Sura 63 is named the 'The Hypocrites', who are pace the Koran; the criminals, polytheists, and Satanically linked Jews, Christians and Pagans. How charming. This demarcation of hate between the followers of the moon cult of Hub'Al and Muhammad, with the Unbeliever ape and pig; is called interfaith harmony and sophisticated cultural collaboration by big-brains and really clever multi-cult lovers.

Out of 11 verses only 6 are anti-Christian hate-speech. Jews and Christians are evil in the sight of the Allah-thing because they reject true-Sharia premised 'faith' and hinder men from accepting the totalitarian fascism called Islam.

63: 2, 3 They have made their oaths a screen (for their hypocrisy). Thus they hinder (men) from the Path of Allah. Verily, evil is what they used to do. That is because they believed, then disbelieved, therefore their hearts are sealed, so they understand not.

Kufars are the enemy and Allah has cursed them:

63:4 And when you look at them, their bodies please you; and when they speak, you listen to their words. They are as blocks of wood propped up. They think that every cry is against them. They are the enemies, so beware of them. May Allah curse them! How are they denying (or deviating from) the Right Path.

They are also arrogant and prideful, in their blind disbelief:

63:5 And when it is said to them: "Come, so that the Messenger of Allah may ask forgiveness from Allah for you", they turn aside their heads, and you would see them turning away their faces in pride.

The criminal intent of Christians and those who disbelieve in Islamic monotheism, and the primacy of Muhammad, are doomed by Allah to destruction.

63:6 It is equal to them whether you (Muhammad SAW) ask forgiveness or ask not forgiveness for them. Verily, Allah guides not the people who are the Fasiqin (rebellious, disobedient to Allah) .

63:11 And Allah grants respite to none when his appointed time (death) comes. And Allah is All-Aware of what you do.

Allah will punish the hypocrites. Only non-Moslems are hypocrites. It is assumed that if you submit to the Allah-idol and Muhammadan fascism, you are rapturous in the view of Allah, no matter how sinful, lustful, mendacious and immoral you might be. Simply accept the cult of Muhammad in its totality and you shall be received in heaven. Reject the moon cult of Mecca, and are you cursed as an evil, lying, hypocrite, doomed to hell-fire.