Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Cultural confusion in the Catholic Church about Islam - just like there was with Nazism

The dynamics are different, but the mistaken ignorance the same

by Ferdinand III

In reading J.S. Conway's excellent compendium of the Nazi persecution of the Christian Church, [buy it on Amazon] it is revealing and disquieting to realize just how spasmodic, divided, and confused the German Church and its leadership, not to mention the laity, was in the face of the Nazi cult. The German Church in convulsions of cowardice and confusion, neutered its own theology, denied its own truth, corrupted its own faith, to accommodate Nazi theology, power, and political repression. Some brave bishops, priests and laity died opposing the Nazi cult of course but in general the Church though saving about 1 million Jews, and countless Catholics, was used and then brutalized by the Nazis.

It reminds me today of Islam. How many 'liberal', 'evolutionary-believing' Catholics, sunk and drowning in post-modern popular culture, believe that Islam is 'just the same' as the Church ? Islam, like Nazism, is the great destroyer of Christianity.

The Nazi's anti-Christian theology was obvious to any who bothered to live in reality. Bare-naked Darwinian evolutionary irrationality, the bloody racialism, the hatred of Jewish-Christian metaphysics, was apparent to anyone who had read the insanity of Mein Kampf, or who was paying attention to what the Nazis were saying by 1933. Hitler and the Nazis lied to the Church, pulled millions of Catholics into their nationalist-evolutionist-fascist cult of paganism, and then proceeded to eradicate the church and 5 million Catholics, replacing Christianity with the Reich Church. The bible was of course outlawed in 1942, but before then hundreds of thousands of dead Catholics and the repression of liturgy, statues, homilies, and any printed product had already been in train for almost 10 years.

Yet millions of German Catholics openly supported the Nazis [national renewal, hope etc.]; as related by Stackleburg in his book 'Hitler's Germany':

The Catholic leadership was terrified that the Nazis would marginalize the Church much as Bismarck attempted to do. The laity, infused with secularism, embraced Nazi racialism in their millions, trusting in Hitler and his goons to restore Germany's 'rightful position' in the club of nations; and to resurrect the glory of Bismarckian political adventurism.

Today the same sick spectacle is on display. Millions of Catholics openly parade around supporting another fascism – Islam – meming that the cult of Submission which has killed Christians every week for 1400 years in an unrelenting Jihad, is somehow 'misunderstood'. Read the Koran, only 1562 verses of anti-Christian hate-speech permeate Muhammad's manifesto to his own power. Muhammad the god, allied with the moon deity Hub'Al who is the Lord or Allah of the Meccans. The Koran negates Christ, Christian belief, female rights, free-will and free-expression. Islam is the polar opposite – like Nazism – of Christian belief.

The Vatican is openly to blame for this, along with sundry Bishops and Priests. The cant is always the same with Pope Francis or the local clergy. Moslems are 'brothers', fighting against 'unbelief', in an age of sickness embedded in the non-science of evolution, the immorality of atheism, or the cult of the state. Yeah I got it. But Islam is not your friend. It is supremacist, racist and intolerant. Pretending otherwise is not being a good Catholic, it is just being an ignorant person, much like those millions of Catholics and the clergy who hugged and kissed the Nazis.