Monday, June 16, 2014

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ISIS wiping out Christians in Iraq

First Syria, now Chaldea, Mesopotamia

by Ferdinand III

I suppose Pope Francis and the Vatican will be organizing more inter-faith confabs with their Moslem 'brothers'.  Christians in their thousands flee terror in Iraq

Since 2003, 500.000 Christians have left Iraq or been killed. So much for Bush's 'crusade'.

As more Christians are ostracized, tortured and killed on a daily basis in Iraq and Syria this obviously confirms that Islam is peace and love. In reality ISIS and Islam in general, are continuing the Jihad and Moslem's 1400-year slaughter of Christians.

...the monastery of Mar Behnam - dating back to the fourth century, one of the most important historical sites of Assyrian Christianity – is in the hands of militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant since yesterday, after taking control of Iraq's second city.”

...Thousands of gunmen of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have attacked Mosul in the past two days. They murdered adults and children. Hundreds of bodies have been left in the streets and in the homes, without any mercy.  Even the Army and the regular forces have abandoned the city, along with the governor.  From the mosques you hear the cry: “Allah Akhbar, long live the Islamic state”. Source

Western Marxists and the liberal Catholic laity must revel in knowing that:

Archbishop says Mosul has been emptied of Christians: “We received threats…all the faithful have fled the city”

Imagine if 35,000 Muslims had received threats and fled a city. The media coverage would be intense. The UN would issue resolutions. Obama and David Cameron would offer aid and contemplate military action. But when 35,000 Christians flee Mosul because of threats from Islamic jihadists, no one particularly cares. As long as no one committed any “Islamophobia,” all is well.”

Indeed. Christians persecuted, exiled, murdered, decapitated, slaughtered in their churches, with babies heads separated from their bodies. From the Western MSM and general populace a big Yawn. What is far more vital is appeasing Moslems and watching the diving competition at the World Cup. Surely if a Moslem state does well in said competition, that will only prove Islam's superiority. Who cares about stacks of dead Christians ? Light them up.