Monday, January 5, 2015

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No problems with the cult of Islam except.....

A few dozen somewhat important ideals.

by Ferdinand III

So let's see. We have an organization which has produced hand-books which contain the following:

-Supremacist ideals in which members of the organization are divinely chosen and superior to any other human within any other grouping.

-Strong advocacy to kill, humiliate, torture, or at the very least, dominate those who are outside the organization. According to the group's hand-books there will only be peace when this organization rules all humans.

-A deep dislike of females, allowing beating, the murder of women who disobey men, teenage daughter slaughters, forced wearing of garments to hide the female form, polygamy, sex-trafficking, concubinage and sex as well as marriage with under-age females.

-Institutionalized slavery in which females serve men; and non-members should be supine to members leading to the enslavement through various means of non-members.

-The group's books openly declare that Jews and Catholics are apes, pigs, sub-humans, allied with Satan, greedy, morally defective and repugnant. The group's members cannot marry their women or be friends with Jews or Catholics.

-No higher artistic or musical production is to be tolerated. Literature is reduced to interpretations of the group's canonical texts. Precious little in science, architecture, or morality is produced.

Nazism, Communism, Chinghis Khan's Mongol Sky-god or cult of Tengril ? No. It is Islam, declared by the great and good, the smart and 'moderate', the 'tolerant' and the 'diversity loving' as a religion of peace and love. 1400 years of Jihad, supremacism, totalitarian fascism, misogyny, racism and the eradication of civilization and life. Other than all of this, there is nothing to object to when the cult of Islam is mentioned....