Sunday, July 26, 2015

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Muhammadism - the culture of 7th Arabia deified.

Muhammadism offends every aspect of modernity and true spiritual enlightenment.

by Ferdinand III

Culture is King. Culture trumps all. Change your culture and everything in society will be affected and re-arranged. All aspects of living, from mores and entertainment, to buildings and beliefs are built upon the foundation of culture. What most Westerners do not comprehend about the cult named Submission, is that it is a totalitarian-all encompassing-complete system of cultural control and regulation. Muhammadism's culture is anti-Western.

In Western Medieval history, it was always the secular state trying to suborn, buy, bribe, or militarily annex or support religion for its own purposes. Over time a clear division appeared between the matters of faith; and those of the material world. This division does not exist within Muhammadism which is a complete system of totalitarian control. Sharia or Muhammadan law is the secular as well as the religious law within Islam. The intermingling of religion with politics is one of the signal features of all Moslem societies throughout history. There is no division between the religious and the material. All is premised on Mein Koran.

7th century Arabia:

Muhammadism is the deification of 7th century Arabian life. This is what Islam truly offers the world. Muhammad, the warrior, rapist, murderer, pedophile, Jihadist, racist and supremacist is mankind's perfect example. 7th century Arabian costumes, habits, beliefs, rituals, myths, uncivilized society, and penury is the general operating principle and paradigm for all of mankind, forever.

Arab culture uber alles:

Mein Koran is a product of millennia of Arab beliefs, poetry, legends, mistranslations from other cultures and Near Eastern beliefs. It is however, rendered in Arabic, for an Arab audience, with Arab attitudes and prejudices. Mein Koran is intended to be a handbook of Arab imperialism and control. Mecca after all, becomes the center of the earth, a place you must pilgrimage to, and a place where all trade and money had to pass through.

Arberry an Englishman, produced what is arguably the best translation of the Koran; and he wrote in 'Religion in the Middle East' that: 'Islam is a peculiarly Arabian religion'. He terms Muhammadism as a fundamentalism,, an uncompromising and violent belief system. One cannot understand Mein Islam, or Mein Koran, if you don't understand Arabian 7th century and indeed pre-7th century Arabian culture, since so much of Muhammadism is simply the enshrining and deification of what had gone on in Arabia for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

7th century Arab laws:

Mein Koran is littered with arcane, ridiculous and laughable 7th century Arabian laws. The political and contractual laws which existed in Muhammad's time are now deified and elevated as commandments from the moon deity; that must be obeyed. One obvious example is that in 7th century Arabia the local sheik was dictator. His 'laws' ruled. So it is with Mein Koran. The sheik is Muhammad; his handbook the only set of legal stricture one can follow. Concepts around pluralism, representation, free speech, free – will, independent thinking, individual initiative, and even rationality, do not exist in Mein Koran or Mein Submission.

Civil Rights:

In 7th century impecunious and illiterate Arabia, civil rights as an abstraction and set of laws or precedents did not of course exist. There is thus no freedom of assembly, no freedom of speech, no freedom of association, nor any freedom of the press. Muhammad famously murdered poets who mocked him. No protest is allowed within Mein Muhammadism. You simply take Sharia Law and Muhammad's diktat, and you obey it. Or else.

Female Rights:

Women have no rights within Islam. The bedsheets are a clear indication of their chattel status – slaves of men, property of men, owned by men. In 7th century Bedouin Arabia women had no rights. Polygamy, beatings, violence, misogyny dominated that culture, and still dominates the culture of Islam today. Some 10.000 girls are daughtered-slaughtered by Moslems, each year around the world, for disobeying some aspect of patriarchal rule and Mein Koran.


Mein Koran is clear that Arab Moslems are the ubermench, the Nazified elite of the world. They rule, the rest must submit. Muhammad ranked his earliest supporters, his family and their bloodlines as the best in the Moslem world. Mein Koran makes it quite clear that Moslems have a duty to kill, dominate, oppress, and eradicate the untermensch of the world who reject Allah [or Muhammad]. Blacks are ridiculed in Mein Koran as unworthy of salvation, destined for hell. Moslems slave-traded some 10-15 million Whites, killed 50-150 million Brown Indians, and enslaved over 20 million Blacks. The Jihad is timeless. No golden rule here.

Culture is the key to understanding the Meccan moon cult of the Lord or Baal, the chief deity or ilah of Mecca, and one whose shrine was protected by Muhammad's family. Those who do not understand that Muhammadism is a cultural imperialism, are doomed to nescience, faineance and worse, about the real aims of Submission.