Sunday, August 2, 2015

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Sura 17: more supremacist ravings against the Jews.


by Ferdinand III

Sura 17 'The Israelites', makes dim reading, attempting to degrade and debase Jews. Mein Koran does this throughout its fetid text both directly and indirectly. It constantly states that the Jews rejected the true teachings of Baal, who is the Al Lah of Mecca. This is critically illiterate given that Yahweh has nothing to do with Mecca, and the cult of Baal was in actual fact opposed to the God of Israel. Baal is linked in the Old Testament with child sacrifice, deviant sex, violence, blood and poverty.

This Sura starts off with the usual Muslim claim that all Jewish prophets were actually envoys of the great moon deity Allah, “We gave Moses the Book, and made it a Guide to the Children of Israel, (commanding): “Do not take other than Me as the Disposer of (your) affairs.” 

We read this on page 176, a repetitive claim issued innumerable times from the start of Muhammad's Mein Koran. The assaulted reader is told that all Jewish prophets and leaders are in fact Muslims, and that 'We' or 'Muslims' gave Moses et al their words, books, powers and insights. The point of the Sura as given in the second verse is clear and quite repetitive – the Jews left the true 'path' of Allah's enlightenment and therefore must be destroyed. 

Verse 4 sums up the Muslim antipathy and the Arab-Muslim penchant for dialectical history; “And We gave (clear) warning to the Children of Israel in the Book, that twice would they do mischief on the earth and be elated with mighty arrogance (and twice would they be punished)!” 

Mein Muhammad claimed – after the Jews rejected him as a prophet – that the ancient Israelites had corrupted the pure message of the Meccan Baal. This claim was unlikely to impress any sentient Jew then, or now. It does provide however, the key excuse to kill, dominate, attack, rape and denude the Jews of their persons and assets. Somehow, the Jewish rejection of Baal, makes it okay to kill them.

The usage of this Muslim 'We' – whatever it is – is rather cunning . Who is the 'We'? Muhammad and Allah of course. The one and the same. Muhammad becomes a God, co-equal with Baal. Because Muhammad is the key 'Sheik' or idol to be worshiped, he can dispense with an ethical program. All you need to do is obey the 'We'.

This Sura like every Sura has nothing or very little which could be considered an ethical program, the Golden Rule, or higher metaphysics designed to elevate life, human worth and dignity. Like every other Sura there is a morbid focus on death, conversion, racism and universal will to rule. It is an Arabic Wagenerian epic – one designed to impress the reader with the culpability of all Jews, and the divinely sanctioned approval of all Muslims.  Most importantly is the sanctification of Muhammad and everything he said and did.

There are three verses out of 111 which deal with some form of ethics. Verse 31 says, “Do not kill your children....”, the Arabs in the 7th century A.D. were still practitioners of child sacrifice – a practice the Jews had stopped around 2000 B.C. Verse 32 says, “Nor come near to adultery....” - a good rule and one that does the Koran credit especially since ethics is so rarely pronounced. Verse 33 adjures, “Nor take life – which Allah has made sacred – except for just cause.” This is also a good idea, except it references of course only Muslim life. Non-believers are to be killed or converted as each Sura and innumerable verses make clear. 

But in general, this being the Koran, there is a long, long list of violence. Fully 29% of the text preaches violent hate against non Moslems.


It is he whom God guides, that is on true Guidance; but he whom He leaves astray - for such wilt thou find no protector besides Him. On the Day of Judgment We shall gather, them together, prone on their faces, blind, dumb, and deaf: their abode will be Hell: every time it shows abatement, We shall increase from them the fierceness of the Fire.

God is the Al Lah, or the 'We' of Muhammad and Al Lah. Muhammad is the universal Sheik sent by Allah to proclaim submission to the Muhammad-Allah nexus:


It is your Lord that knoweth you best: If He please, He granteth you mercy, or if He please, punishment: We have not sent thee to be a disposer of their affairs for them.

Muhammad and Al Lah will grant you grace, mercy and heaven if they see fit. Or maybe not. They might approve or disapprove of you. Only they know. The only hope for you is benign, total, submission to the diktats of Muhammadism.