Saturday, September 19, 2015

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The Greatest Queen in European history - Queen Isabella.

Ignored, beaten, slandered. Such is that state of modern academics.

by Ferdinand III

Queen Isabella, the Catholic monarch responsible for the final expulsion of the Meccan moon cult from Spain in history's longest war [782 years]; the empress who financed the voyages of civilization in the guise of Columbus and others who followed; the Queen who was pious, faithful, intelligent, lovely, urbane, and beloved by her subjects, is quite sensibly the most important Queen in Western history.

There is none who can truly compare when the material, the bodily, the spiritual and the intellectual are sought out. Her grandeur from Columbus to Granada and beyond, and the fact that she is white, Catholic and inspired by high ideals, is precisely why she is ignored. Imagine if such a Queen were not Catholic, white, or pious. Hollywood would never rest.

Compare the glories of Isabella with the depravities of her contemporaries, the Borgia Pope Alexander VI, his depraved son Caesar, or his son's acolyte and adoring dog, Machiavelli, he of the 'Renaissance' claimed by Luther's followers and Atheists, as a 'high point in reason'. The Prince for Machiavelli is Caesar Borgia, with Machiavelli himself being of course, a most depraved and immoral son of Satan, mentally distorted, emotionally a dwarf, a man who is about as scientific, or as prescient, as any other devoted cult member of a Dear Leader inspired Fascism. But of course, most academics simply adore the man and by extension his subject, the immorally debauched, and blood stained Borgia.

Isabella, beautiful, intelligent, studied was a female Crusader. She was the opposite of a Borgia, or Machiavelli. Thankfully she and her husband Ferdinand completed what Don Pelayo at Covadonga, with a mere 300 men, started in 722 from caves in Asturias Spain – the retaking of Iberia from the moon cult of Mecca. The Moslems, limited to Granada, paying a ransom to Christian kingdoms, broke their treaties, their pledges, their payments and engaged in the usual Moslem practice of piracy, sex – slaving and destruction. By 1492, quite thankfully, the last Meccan cult stronghold at Granada was reduced and restored to Christianity. For that effort alone – and it was enormous in men, material and money – modern academics and politicians disdain the name Isabella – that is, if they even know who she was.

When the Moslems were evicted from Christian soil, Columbus was given money for his voyages. Not one person in Christendom since the time of Christ believed that the earth was flat; that is simply an idiotic lie by those who believe they evolved from pond scum, or alien pixie dust. Columbus did, purposefully however, use estimations that favored his cause, in particular calculations from Cardinal D'Ailly. In fact, the D'Ailly-Columbus estimations put Japan in Mexcio....

Columbus was a businessman, as well as the most intrepid of discoverers. The darker side of Columbus, a man who seemingly sanctioned slavery, should not blind us to his merits and genius. Isabella knew men, and she knew that Columbus was the rare breed, smart, determined, resourceful, pious and in spite of his internal contradictions, a man of his word. Her financing of this explorer changed the world for the better, and made the most lasting impression on human affairs; that any decision, by any human, at any time, has ever made.

Isabella was the first monarch in history to forbid slavery. Her missives to Columbus and the various potentates who followed in the age of discovery, make it very clear, that she wanted the Indians to be Christianized, treated properly, and that their land to be bought, not taken. She prohibited slavery. Isabella is thus the first man or woman of power in history, who in written form, forbade the enslavement of humans. Certainly Islam and Mein Koran, state the opposite.

But the huge brains will moan, what about the Inquisition? Indeed what about it? Spain was full of internal enemies, both inside and outside the Church. Jews had aided the Moslems in the reduction of Christian Spain. Plenty of Jews had 'converted' to Christianity, but were actively aiding Moslems in opposing Christian Spain. Moslems had cleverly used Jews in their usurpation of Christian power in Spain. The Jews had benefited from Moslem rule. During the 1490s and beyond, many Jews relished the opportunity to regain that privilege.

When given the choice to convert to Christianity or leave, many Jews chose to leave and a plurality sought refuge with the Moslems of North Africa, with whom they had once been on excellent terms during the Moslem occupation of Granada. Unfortunately, those who set sail on the Mediterranean were set upon by these same Moslems who viewed them as rich Infidel meat - robbed, murdered, enslaved, raped. But the Jewish mind never learns it appears. Today most famous American Jews still view Moslems as their friends. This could be equated with Jewish leaders embracing Nazism. In America and elsewhere the Jew seems inclined to vote for any party that is anti-Jewish.

Isabella is the great Queen of Western history. She restored Spain to Christendom; financed the navigation of the New World; opposed the lunacy and immorality of the Borgia papacy; cleaned out the Spanish Church of its dirt and corrupted debris; set an example of piety and beauty which will last the ages; and rebuilt the political economy of Spain around good governance, trade, institutional worth, defensible laws, and traditions. She was forthright in condemning slavery in any form, anywhere, including in her New World possessions.

There is no Queen to compare to the great Isabella.