Friday, March 4, 2016

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Multi-culti hellhole named Sweden. Soon Swedes will be a minority in their own land.

From Vikings and the creators of the Rus' empire, to slaves and knaves of the moon cult.

by Ferdinand III

Swedes are destined to be a minority in their own country by 2045. Sweden will be a majority Moslem state within 30 years or one generation. Thanks to the lunacy of Cultural Marxism, the goose-stepping theology of the modern welfare state; and the acquiescence of leaders within the beknighted Lutheran Church [read the original history of how Lutheranism stomped out Catholicism in Sweden, with blood and iron]; the elite, the quackademics and sundry professional classes.

Sweden will not exist within 1 generation.

Over half of all rapes and crime in Sweden are committed by Moslems. The MSM and the cable TV crockumentaries studiously ignore the Moslem violence, ghettoes, lack of assimilation, welfare dependency and high unemployment [over 50%]. With knuckles bouncing off the pine needle forest cover, Leftists blame Christian intolerance, racism, and a lack of understanding of the glorious civilization being brought to Swedenistan by the Moslems.

Video below describes the destruction of Sweden.