Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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Morris Bishop and Medieval Europe; remove Islam and society begins to flourish

The moon cult never has added much to the sum of human achievement.

by Ferdinand III

There was no ‘Dark Age’, a slander directed by the oddly named ‘Enlightenment’ [abiogenesis, Europe-wide civil wars, witch burnings, treasure and art destroyed, books burnt, decrees of allegiance to Protesting churches and the state to be signed…]; and various revisionist ‘historians’, pushing their world-view, one which sought in the main to elevate their own age above the past, an exercise of remarkable ignorance and narcissism.  Very little is created de novo, most ‘innovation’ and the corrupted word ‘science’, emanated mainly if not only, from past achievements.  There never was a magical day of ‘Enlightenment’, and the ‘rational’ age of the 17th and 18th centuries contains plenty that is laughably irrational and dissolute. 


Morris Bishop in his entertaining and informative book, ‘The Middle Ages’, alerts the reader to dig a little deeper into the Catholic culture and history of Europe; which did shape the entire foundation of the modern world, including its ‘science’ [there is no science but enterprises of philosophy], mathematics, innovation, engineering and even medicine [homeopathy is a 1000 year old ‘invention’ deemed by many moderns to be quite ‘scientific’ and new…]


From 700 AD until 1000 AD Catholic Europe somehow survived the assaults of Islam, the Northmen, and the Avars and Magyars [Central Asian Huns].  Once Islam was repelled civilization began to rapidly develop.  As it always does when the moon cult is absent:


“..eleventh century came an economic recovery, a slackening of tension in Christian Europe. The Scandinavian invaders were absorbed, the Islamic thrust checked. New orders in the church, especially the Cluniacs, provided islands of peace and security. The struggle for existence continued, but men could now hope for something more than mere existence. Here and there they could find leisure for contemplation, for the arousing of curiosities about the human past as well as about their personal destinies in another world.


Medical techniques, technology and Hospitals [a Christian invention], long pre-date the moon cult.  The Romans possessed intricately advanced tools for surgery, as did the medieval Christian.  When the yoke of Arab rule was thrown back, medicine again advanced.


“….Although medicine suffered from its slavish obedience to classical and Arabic authority, the achievements of surgery were remarkable. Trepanning was common because of the prevalence of head wounds and fractured skulls sustained in battles and tourneys. Operating for hernia, cancer, and gallstones was frequent. Surgeons performed Caesarean sections, treated hemorrhages with styptics and ligatures, broke and reset badly joined bones, put fractured limbs into plaster casts. Although it is often said that medieval doctors had no idea of antisepsis, they cauterized wounds and dressed them with old wine, strong in alcohol, and with sterile whites of newly broken eggs, and soothed them with balmy dressings. They practiced an at least partial anesthesia, putting patients to sleep by holding to their noses sponges soaked in opiates, mandragora, and the drowsy syrups of the East. Plastic surgery was performed in the fifteenth century; noses, lips, and ears were built up by skin grafts. Trusses were common, and esophagus tubes were used for artificial feeding.”


Once the moon cult was ejected from Spain, civilization was restored.  Contrary to myth the Moslems did nothing to enhance Spanish civilization.  Raids, sex slaving, and the dhimmi status of Jews and Christians ensured penury.  There was no golden age in Spain.  This belief rests entirely on Arab Moslem propaganda which claims for example that the Moslem capital of Cordoba contained 500.000 people.  Archaeology reveals that Cordoba never exceeded more than 50.000 and that the Moslems built very little there.  Elsewhere in Europe great inventions such as massive windmills, dykes and drainage of water proceeded apace from 1000 onwards.  Such progress could only have been achieved once the moon cult had been ejected and the Northmen defeated or integrated [the Norse of course linked up with the Moslems in the white-slave trade, in a pincer movement, so quite directly Islam abetted the savagery and plundering of the Northmen]. 


“Spain restored its ancient Roman irrigation systems. In the Low Countries, the sea had stolen a large share of the best land in the years between 1000 and 1200 to create the Zuider Zee. In one of the most momentous engineering feats of history, princes, monks, burghers, and peasants joined to build the Golden Wall, extending from Flanders to Frisia, its great stones shipped to the Lowlands from Scandinavia and Germany. Dikes were built, and the polders behind them were purified with the aid of hand pumps and drainage canals. The work lasted for centuries; by the time it was over, land comprising half of the modern Netherlands and some share of Belgium had risen from the sea.


Innovations ranging from blast furnaces, to chimneys, to optics and eye-glasses issued forth during the 11th and 12th centuries – once Islam had been decisively checked.


“Stained-glass windows began appearing in churches early in the twelfth century; a century later, alchemists used glass vessels, and in the fourteenth century, the use of glass windows in houses became common.


Even medical instrumentation including tools for dentistry benefitted:


“a wide variety of tools - scrapers, forceps, elevators, saws, files, and cauteries. They removed decay, filled cavities, strengthened loose teeth with metal ligatures, made artificial teeth of ox bone and other materials. Gold fillings are mentioned in the fifteenth century. All medieval writers believed that decay was caused by tiny worms in the teeth. The belief is not absurd if one renames the worms bacteria.


The pattern is clear.  When the Muhammadan cult attacked the Mediterranean basin and irrupted into Europe, civilization, trade, prosperity and innovation were reduced and in some areas arrested.  Fighting for survival against a Fascism does not lend itself to abstract ideas, or base inventions.  Once Islam is removed from a society, or subsumed into a Christian state, only then does civilization proceed and flourish.