Sunday, October 30, 2016

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Moderate Moslem controlled central Nigeria. Past 3 years 1600 Christians killed & wounded.

21000 displaced, 1200 churches pulled down. Proving Islam is peace.

by Ferdinand III

During the past 3 yeas, in 'moderate', 'civilized' central Nigeria, an increasingly Moslem-political stronghold; over 1600 Christians have been killed or wounded; 21.000 displaced, 1200 churches destroyed; and entire farming areas laid waste. and smashed and not a single lamebrain MSM mention was uttered. If there were press coverings on this barbarism, they would replace Moslem with 'rebels', or 'extremists' and Christians with 'tribes', or 'sectarian groups'.

'In the period January 2013–May 2016, 826 Christians were killed and 878 injured. There were 102 churches destroyed or damaged. Beside these, 787 houses were destroyed, as well as nine shops, and 32 motorised vehicles. Many families were completely deprived of their livelihoods. Around 21,000 Christians were reported as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in different camps inside and outside Nasarawa. Due to the difficult security situation, the authors of the in-depth fact-finding report are convinced that they were only able to report part of what really happened.'

This is of course Moslem cleansing of Christians. It is abetted and funded by the Nigerian governments in the region. Moslems hold political power in a tenuous balance between Moslem and Christian parties and interests. The government is actively marginalizing and killing off Christians, beholden to Moslem poly-cratic theology. This is not new. When Moslems buy the political system the eradication of non Moslems swiftly follows.

'The targeting of Christians appears to be carried out by the Hausa-Fulani herdsmen and by deliberate government policies to marginalise Christians and Christian communities. This is evident in political power-sharing and domination through traditional rulership. Islamic identity tends to give Muslims undue advantage over the affairs of the state.'

According to Western pea-brains, Islamophobia is the big concern. Moslems erasing Christians and Christianity are simply reactions to Christian intolerance, Christian hate and Christian ignorance. So believeth the brain dead.