Friday, July 17, 2009

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The 10 defining elements of fascism from Hitlerism to Islam

Hint: fascism is not linked in any way to conservative ideas or orthodox liberalism.

by Ferdinand III

In the modern period fascism was essentially an attempt to combine the material fruits of liberal economics while abolishing liberal and democratic culture. Fascism was an irrational response to the massive dislocations that grew from World War One and beyond in nominally liberal states. Fascism combined the vulgarity of nationalism, spiritual emptiness and the destruction of war, with a desire to create a classless, non-capitalistic society that was based on great deeds, historical determinism and future world wide domination. Fascism takes power in many ways by appealing to class interests, elite narcissism, legally taking over the ‘normal’ state, or by applying revolutionary force. Due to its mutable philosophy fascism can take power in highly developed countries; or in undeveloped nations like post World War One Romania and Hungary; or in poor oriental nation states like those that populate the Middle East or North Africa. One point is beyond dispute - fascism has nothing in common and is in fact the opposite of conservative and orthodox liberal ideas and doctrine.

Though terror and propaganda are of course central to any fascist program, they are not enough. As evidenced in the following list of key elements, fascism regardless of time and space, has immutable commonality. From Sargon the Great, to the Persian satraps, to Oriental empires and through to European militarism, and Islamic theocracy, some common principles are apparent.

1. Party and Leader
At the core of fascism is the ‘leader’ and the leadership cult. The leadership cult is premised usually on some utopian idea in which reality will be swept away and a new world order instituted. The leader’s fantasy philosophy is usually stated in some intellectual form justified by a supposed scientific, divine, or unstoppable process. The leader is the new prophet who will guide the fractious and illiterate mass to safety as a shepherd guides a flock. To achieve this he will create a party or ruling elite that will control the total functioning of the society. All aspects of society from social activities to economics and politics will be tightly regulated by the ruling elite and the leader.

The ruling party elite is thus the guarantor of the new world order with much of the ideology underlying the ‘revolution’ premised on racism, nationalism, and emotionalism – all succored by propaganda. During the height of the cult’s appeal, emotional intensity and attraction suffuses entire populations. Lenin and Stalin enjoyed god-status in the Soviet empire with their various Marxist interpretations taken as gospel. Hitler was an untouchable icon of Nazi virility and his word was law and his book ‘Mein Kampf’ required reading. Mohammad was for the Arabs the epitome of divinely inspired greatness and the Koran the literal word of God, not even to be touched by a non-Muslim.

The strength of the leadership cult and its attendant party apparatus is hard to destroy. Even today some Russians view Stalin as their greatest leader. In a survey of young Germans in 1945 48 % believed that a new Fuhrer was the key to a German revival and as late as 1967 33 % thought Hitler amongst greatest of German leaders if not for the destruction of the war. Islam is slavishly devoted to the scribbling and musings of Mohammad a man who married Arab paganism with monotheism. No Muslim is allowed to refute, contradict or question the Koran.

It is evident that without these leaders, their words, visions and party organizations, their movements never would have existed and their ideologies would never have acceded to power. It is clear that in fascist – oriental societies the leader forms the essential elements of the party and the religion and embodies the historic destiny of the movement to overcome current crises. It is no accident that many have observed that to kill a fascist movement means to kill its leader.

2. Ideology as reality and Propaganda
Because fascist states and fascist religions profess to know the one eternal truth – the real world of the 5 senses is summarily rejected and ridiculed. A new reality is built to support the lies of the fascism in question and its gang rule. Obvious truths are denied and all of history is rewritten to support the dialectical unfolding of the fascist ideology and to ensure that all actions support the cult. All lies are held to be truths, and reality is deemed unnecessary. Fascist–orientalist governance is obsessed with instituting a dream world for the real world.

Typically an ideology where an ‘ism’ is fused with the Greek logoi [or scientific logic], is used by fascists to justify all actions. Since all of history and human development past, present and future is explained through the dialectical of choice, [Marxist historical dialecticism; Hitler’s race based view of history; Communist class theory; Islamic divine submission etc.], the individual is entirely unimportant and serves only to support the onward march of the ideology of choice and its mission – which is of course world domination. The human loses his identify and is incorporated into the cult.

In this regard the ‘historical inevitability’ of fascism shares some common features across all such forms of fascist – oriental rule. Hannah Arendt in her great works on the history and meaning of fascism correctly identifies that fascism always stakes a claim to providing a total explanation for the construct and reality of the world, as it should be: ‘the claim to total explanation promises to explain all historical happenings, the total explanation of the past, the present and a reliable prediction of the future.’

The ideological rationale of fascism is to reject all thinking that flows from sensory experiences. Fascism’s thinking thus becomes rigidified and rejects any ideas that are outside the parameters of the ideology. It insists on a reality beyond our five senses and in essence it defies nature. Such ideological thinking proceeds in a particular manner. As Arendt states, ‘Ideological thinking orders facts into an absolutely logical procedure which starts from an axiomatically accepted premise, deducing everything else from it; that is, it proceeds with a consistency that exists nowhere in the realm of reality.’ The force of inevitability is vital for fascist believers – they are the winners in the historical struggle for predominance in the world political-economy and their ideology will recreate the world.

Fascist ideology defies our reality. Lee Harris author of ‘Civilization and its Enemies’, calls fascism the ‘fantasy ideology’. Harris believes that fascists demolish the real world and whatever it contains and try to erect, usually through massive loss of life, a utopian world. Such a world of course can never exist, and the utopian fascist vision fails to accomplish anything lasting, intelligent or edifying. Yet the fascists will persist in their zeal to destroy modernity and establish a cult based fantasy land where the natural laws of civilization, morality, decency and progress are ignored.

However, a common ideological demeanor is not what makes fascism so dangerous and historically so active. Harris, Arendt and others have identified that beyond ideology there exists some other key aspects to the fascist phenomenon – aspects that remain constant throughout historical time and place and one of the most lurid is propaganda. Fascism will employ many techniques to build up the ideology, to maintain its support and to create unswerving loyalty to the cult. Propaganda married to terror produces a servile population.

Propaganda techniques might vary in degree or emphasis but they are all employed across fascist regimes. Islam today is as adept and skilful at playing the New York Times, CNN, the BBC, and installing appalling media and internet outlets to spread hate and recruit disaffected youth, spread lies, or sell racist tracts like the ‘Protocols of Zion’, as the Nazi’s and Communist’s were in controlling TV, book printing and entertainment and spreading their own lies through various channels. Propaganda and controlling the dissemination of thought and debate is central to fascist success.

The psychology of propaganda used by fascists and other ‘reality distorters’ is based on an appreciation of mass movements. The psychology underlying the use of mind distorting propaganda in 20th and 21rst century fascism was created in part by the largely discredited but extremely influential work in the late 19th century by a French psychologist Le Bon entitled, ‘The Crowd’. Le Bon argued that in groups, individuals become hypnotized and lose responsibility for their actions. Most analysts now believe that Le Bon was a dishonest self-promoter who successfully exaggerated his own originality, and that his claims about crowd behavior are mostly wrong. However his ideas had great influence, especially amongst the politically devious and sly and the so-called intellectual class who saw in Le Bon’s work explanations for nationalism, tribal pride and mass emotionalism.

Extending Le Bon’s analysis, and endeavoring to keep the mass motivated, fascist propaganda always carries ideological ‘scientifically’ and its technique of making statements in the form of predictions, into vague promises of future success. These fascist prognostications have an absurdity of content, since only the future will reveal their merits. Thus we have a circular fallacy based on future infallibility. The unremitting scientific nature of the propaganda is achieved through repetition and the boldness of the lies with the real purpose being to brainwash and not to persuade. Islam for example always predicts a world wide caliphate – but the details, construction, methods, rationality for and date of, are all unknown. Hitler and Stalin always predicted the eventual triumph of their creed over national enemies but like modern day Islamacists they were always vague about exact details. Though dates or details are always missing the fascist intent is clear, namely to create a feeling of inevitability and a clear objective that must be reached.

3. The Cult as a Religion
Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other propaganda centered on a divine leader and his core elite. Imagery evoking spiritual destiny including pictures, flags and portraits of the Dear Leader as God are seen everywhere. Only the Dear Leader has the intelligence and divine approval veracity to interpret the march of history and the place of the fascist ideology in question, in historical terms. As such the invocations of the Dear Leader assume first a form of law, then a form of religious orthodoxy. Likewise governments in fascist states tend to use the existing local paganism or religion in their ideology to enlist spiritual support and peace. Religious rhetoric and terminology is common from fascist leaders, even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the government's policies or actions.

Thus a main point – usually ignored by the main stream media – is that all fascisms are pagan though they might parade themselves as religions. In this regard fascism is mutable in adopting the customs, history and also the mores and values of its victim society. In order to exterminate people and create monsters of other races, a fascist state is quite malleable in its approach to religion and spirituality. In fact the fascist mission is portrayed of course as a crusade of morality and divinely inspired progress. Godlike references are never far from fascist ideology or points of reference.

All fascist movements in the West have borrowed from Christian references replacing the power of the church and its martyrs, hymns, confessions, and myths with fascist symbols and liturgy. Both Lenin and Hitler used Christian vocabulary to give fascism a familiarity with the masses, and simply stripped away Christian detail, and instituted a tribal-civic religion instead. In Russia the revolution was a religion and a philosophy not merely a conflict concerned with economics and politics. In Hitler’s Germany the Nazi’s told the West that they were the vanguard of Christian civilization against Bolshevism. Today with Islam we hear daily tirades against the decadent immoral West and the need to install a moral and sensible world wide Caliphate where religion is welded onto politics to create a fascist theocracy.

Fascisms desperately desire some semblance of spirituality, morality and divine inspiration to be evident in all their actions. This is mandatory to inspire the mass. The typical fascist moral ideal, upheld by writers from Sorel to Gentile, is something like an inversion of the caricature of a Benthamite liberal. The fascist ideal man is not cautious but brave, not calculating but resolute, not sentimental but ruthless, not preoccupied with personal advantage but fighting for ideals, not seeking comfort but experiencing life intensely. Fascism is a mystical, spiritual, anti-rational existence – in essence a pre-modern cult disguising itself as a divinely inspired religion and spiritual philosophy.

4. Police control and Terror
Fascism can only succeed in attaining power through terror and war. Ultimately a fascist state is of course a terror state. A terror state is one based on a non-existing judiciary or legal branch; a discriminatory and ad-hoc legal process; and indiscriminate or illegal force [by our Western definition]. Torture and fear is used by the fascists to control the masses. Human and property rights are destroyed since the needs of fascism supercede any quaint ideas about ownership or fairness. Over time the people come to support such anti-Liberal values and learn to even support the use of terror to create a community of extreme equality and racial pride. Thus, Hitler had the Gestapo and the SS, the Communists employed the KGB or the FSB today in Russia, China has many branches of police control to quell disturbances and Islamic Mullahs can order the stoning or death of apostates, unbelievers, or women who appear in public showing some skin.

The great challenge that fascists face is not only ordering, but commanding society. Fascists must organize the political and social structure of society to force the mobilization of the masses and ensure their motivation to support the supreme fascist law. This indeed is a huge concern for fascist parties, prophets and groups. It is akin to herding cats and in fascism the stick of punishment, is greater than the yarn ball of reward. The use of terror guarantees mass acceptance of the fascist doctrine and then blind or terrified support of the party’s program. Command and control is realized through immoderate barbarism.

Since terror and torture are employed to forcibly change society to meet the fascist doctrine, many different types of civilizations can be hijacked or consumed by fascist ideology. Terror is explained away as a necessary anodyne to rid the society of ‘inferiors’, Jews, undesirables and the incompetent and to make sure that the revolutionary spirit and doctrine of the one ‘true faith’ is not compromised or challenged by ‘dissidents’. Terror is thus an important part to ensure the natural historical progression, laws, and the ultimate world wide triumph of a particular fascist ideology. Though fascists can come to power in many different societies with different historical circumstances a key to their power is the indiscriminate use of terror and force and the beating of their victim populations into blind submission on the pain of death.

5. Racism/Supremacism/Nationalism
An abetting tenet in fascist terror is of course the creation of some variety of racism and hatred of ‘others’. In lieu of outright racism, fascism is at the very least a supremacist ideology. The party and ideology are of course superior to all competing forms of socio-economic development and organization. Whether racist or supremacist the party and the state establish a common threat or foe along, class, racial, ethnic, religious, political and economic lines. These various ‘enemies’ are targeted for destruction, murder or corralled into worker or ‘re-education’ camps. These enemies of the fascist ideal are those outside of the mainstream of the ideology in power and who dare to defy, ignore or disbelieve in the historical march of the ‘ism’ in question.

Proudhon who can be considered a founding father of modern socialist thinking and who was the intellectual mentor of Marx captures the intolerance of fascists and socialists quite well. Proudhon remarks, ‘The Jew is the enemy of the human race. One must send this race back to Asia or exterminate it...By fire or fusion or by expulsion, the Jew must disappear... What the people of the Middle Ages hated by instinct I hate upon reflection, and irrevocably. ...The hatred of the Jew, as that of the English, must be an article of our political faith.’ For the tribalist and fascist there is always an external enemy that must be reduced and extinguished. The Jews have been especial targets of course but many other groups can be inserted into Proudhon’s diatribe in place of ‘Jew’ or ‘The English’.

Tribal, national and ethnic chauvinism is a key component of fascist control and aids fascism in supporting its terror. Those outside the chosen tribe are simply targeted for devastation. In fascism the liturgy of tribal chauvinism is at the forefront and people are transformed from spectators to participants in a holy struggle. Hitler could for example, make the Jews a prime enemy which built upon deeply ingrained European anti-semiticism. Stalin targeted Capitalists, Jews, and especially Trotskyites [subversive Jews] as enemies of classless socialism. Fascist Islam negates the rights of infidels and kaffirs [non-Muslims] and targets non Islamic and moderate Islamic populations for extermination or domination. Without an external enemy and internal dissidents to kill-off fascism loses momentum and a key unifying part of its ideology.

6. Cross Class Appeal
When we study and analyze fascist movements we find out pretty quickly that a fascist ideology while ruled by a particular gang is in essence, the ‘refuse’ of all classes. In such a motley collection of selfish pirates a prime unifying component becomes of course racism and ‘exceptionalism’. Gobineau and other 19h century intellectuals gave the modern fascist some highly fallacious but emotionally charged assertions that race and culture determines the fate of tribes, nations and empires. Nothing unites the so-called classes like good old fashioned racism and lurid tales of exceptional intellectual and physical vigor – exemplified of course only by the fascist ideology in question.

In order to realize the exceptional potential of the fascist philosophy in question, the cult must appeal to a wide cross section of so-called ‘class’ interests. The crude underlying rampant racism and unity of fascism mandates that a fascist leader and his party turn the ‘classes’ into the masses. The last thing a controlling ideology needs is dissent, non-party group organization, or non-elite controlled power bases. It is very hard to torture, brutalize, and ensure racist doctrines are followed if the victim society has enclaves of power that are outside the reach of the leader and his cultish gang.

Generally fascist gangs eliminate the classes in a logical manner usually first starting with any groups that have power over mass labor. Because the organizing power of labor is a real threat to a fascist government, labor groups of any variety are either eliminated entirely, or are severely suppressed. As well middle class groups which are the basis of Liberal democracy and of wealth creation and hence political opposition are targeted and their wealth and private property appropriated for fascist usage. The fascist gang will seek to destroy all class denominations to create an equal brotherhood supporting the party elite. They sell this to the terrified mass by appealing to emotional ideas of greatness, community and spiritual purity, juxtaposing the ‘certain’ world of the fascist program with the divisive, mundane or tawdry reality of pre-fascist life.

Importantly, fascism is good at destroying the credibility of any political movements based upon freedom. Hitler’s cult for example invoked historical pessimism from Burckhardt and Spengler, to promote the idea that democracy and liberal values always degenerate into mob rule and the mixing of races leads ineluctably to mediocrity. Stalin and Lenin used Marxist ‘logic’ to make the claim that capitalist bourgeois society would collapse from ‘iron laws’ ensuring its own demise. Islam claims that only the Koran and Allah can show the true path to moral and spiritual enlightenment and that all else must be rejected. From time immemorial fascists have loudly proclaim the need for a strong leader and pure doctrinal submission to avoid destruction or worse – historical irrelevance. Such historical pessimism has great cross class appeal and some semblance of intellectual justification.

Over time the fascist ideology replaces any attachment individuals might have had to other national or spiritual causes. As with the theories of Hegel and Marx, in fascist dogma, individual and actual humans and their political parties do not exist. Supremist ideals can only be concretized in the mob. Each mob member could become lofty and important. We see such attachments in Islam, Hitlerite Germany or Stalin’s Russia. Hitler’s statement, ‘All that you are, you are through me; all that I am, I am through you alone’ , could well have been uttered by Mohammad, Stalin, or Mao. In the end however even this statement is a lie. In all cases the fascist party or religious elite hates the individual, national or tribal identity of the nation in question. Thus Darwinism and Gobineau’s idea of cultural superiority mutate to support the ideology of the fascist leadership in question. In this regard the Nazi’s were therefore better than Germans, Communists superior to mere Russians, and fundamentalist Islamic followers are more holy than apostates and less fervent Muslims.

But even though the cross class appeal of fascism is insincere, it is important to realize that fascist governance must have cross class appeal and relevancy. It is simply untrue to state that fascism supports only one or two chosen classes. Obviously fascist appeal must transcend all classes for the gang in question to accede to power and most importantly, for them to keep it.

7. Economic Autarchy
Since fascism destroys classes and groups it logically follows that it has little time for economic liberalism or unregulated commerce. Fascism is not interested in outside influences – either intellectual or economic. Economic autarchy is always a prime goal of the fascist ideology. Free trade, economic exchange and foreign investment do not much concern a fascist leadership. What the fascist cult wants is tribal and national power and this is accomplished through the complete control of the economy. Unlike in Marxism where economics trumps politics providing the basis for class warfare, fascism firmly believes that economics supports only the political goals of the ruling party elite. Hence a classless society with an autarchic economy is the objective.

It is not hard to see fascist economic autarchy at work. The Nazi state took over the resources of Germany to finance the party and its pan-Germanic, global ambitions. The rule of law and private property were suspended and arbitrary courts, seizures and murders instituted. The Bolsheviks and Stalin liquidated all competing classes starting with property owners, then the middle class, and then the peasants and workers, to create a giant mass of equal labor in which all economic activity – productive and consumptive – was state controlled. Today we can see that Islam has little regard for capital accumulation, private property or the bourgeois values of individualism since Allah determines all and individuals in the aggregate serve Allah. Islam preaches economic communalism, and the Koran forbids the accumulation of capital, profit and interest bearing loans.

As with Hitler’s Reich and Stalin’s Soviet empire, Islam lies almost completely outside of the global trading system and as a result remains impoverished, spiritual, intellectually and economically. Economic autarchy of course leads to societal instability, poverty, and a sense of hopelessness that can fester and erupt into violence. Fascist leadership tends to use such unrest and simmering violence against targeted groups internal and external to the fascist society by blaming a race, creed or group for the economic problems that have in fact been caused by its own ideology.

8. Illiberal traditions and hatred of the West
All fascist theories are premised on the same hatred of Western civilization. Though each will mandate different implementations their objectives are the same. This is the key element – not whether Hitlerism was exactly akin to Stalinism, or if Mohammad was a direct copy of Hitler. Of course as we have already stated, national and cultural prerogatives force the fascist ideology to conform to local tastes in order to acquire power. The name might change but that is all. As one expert on fascism predicted; “Practically speaking, it will make little difference whether totalitarian movements adopt the pattern of Nazism or Bolshevism, organize the masses in the name of race or class, pretend to follow the laws of life and nature or of dialectics and economics.’ Such an observation can be extended to Islam. All of these movements hate modernity.

The fascisms evidenced in Orientalism, Islam, Russian Tsarism, or German Nazism, all share a deep hatred and antipathy towards Western society and those virtues which are ‘Liberal’ – in the orthodox, enlightenment sense of that word. Fascist ideologies mock and sneer at the modern world, with its technology, ‘liberal’ values, middle class, stringent laws, and political debate. They always cry the same refrain – ‘the west is decadent, corrupt, soft, and anti-heroic.’ Illiberal ideas have of course a very long historical pedigree and galvanize populations into mass acts of madness whether it is volk support for Hitler’s campaign to enslave Europe and exterminate the Jews; the Russians mindless enthusiasm for Soviet world wide domination; or Muslims demanding Sharia Law in Western nations. Fascism’s appeal seems timeless and mutable.

Unfortunately even in the West, a hatred of Western ideals persists. In the recent past left wing small l liberal Western intellectuals have greatly aided in establishing anti-Western concepts. Marx of course was paramount in predicting the collapse of Western economic capitalism and by extension its entire society. The 19th century writer Gobineau, without using Darwinism or evolution, introduced history into the family of natural sciences, by detecting natural law in all courses of events. He reduced all cultural or spiritual feelings to something that we can touch and taste much as Rousseau had done legitimizing for many the idea of collectivism and the rejection of modern life. Gobineau and others by looking at the fall of civilizations and culture thought they saw patterns, trends and similarities, with many predicting the end of man. The German philosopher Spengler predicted the fall of Western civilization 30 years before Nietzsche declared that religion was unnecessary and the West riven and rotted with Romanic styled decadence – thanks to liberal democracy.

George Sorel built on the preceding ideas and offered a radical innovation – that myths and unreal ideas were important for their transformative effects, not their realism or truth. In this vein Mussolini became convinced he was a Roman Caesar, Hitler that he was the new Barbarossa, Stalin the modern Ivan the Terrible, and Bin Laden the new Suleiman the Magnificent or Saladin. Edward Said and other Islamic fundamentalists apologizing for Islam did much the same in invoking the lost glory of pure Arabic culture and Koranic submission, as superior to anything produced in the West. In the fantasy world of the fascists you are not a Russian more than a Communist, not a German more than a Nazi and you are a radical Muslim more than a Pakistani. You are simply one of the chosen tribe that must follow the chosen word.

Modernity thus frightens fascists. Fascists are always convinced that they must destroy the ‘bourgeois liberal order’, the modern world, and the civilizational arrangement that defends the rational enlightenment. Of course what fascists end up creating is nothing more than the antithesis of what they had first hoped to achieve. Fascism results in economic scarcity, intellectual stagnation, poverty, corruption, hopelessness and a population of decidedly anti-heroic mediocrities, sly conformists scared of their own shadows, and gang rule. Fascist societies are really only death cults with terrorized cowardly populations. Though the fascists might hate Western civilization, in the modern era fascist ideologies have not forwarded any compelling alternatives to replace Western ideals. It seems that fascism is more motivated by a hatred of modernity than by any logical plan to replace it.

9. Jihad, War and World Domination
Fascism by its very nature is always in a state of war and an ideologically based war at that. Whether it is fascist Islam or the one party madness of Stalin, fascist states need to eradicate races, be they Jews, Americans, Western capitalists, Anglo-Saxons, Slavs, untermensch or imperialists. Some concept, race or creed is the obstacle to the realization of a fascist world utopia. A fascist state needs all the energies of its population supporting its divine or civic religion to promote revolution and regeneration and take those things that are familiar to the fascist society and make them globally dominant. Fascist regimes and ideologies are not tolerant of others, nor do they much care about modern liberal ideas of multi-culturalism, peaceful co-existence or cross-cultural respect.

Given their inability to coexist with any other ideology fascist tribes and states have world domination as their goal. Fascists are convinced that individual liberty, modernity, liberal society, or the chaos of civilization is unsustainable and irrelevant. Control, regulation, mass acceptance, and the destruction of liberty are necessary and if any nation exists that is not fascist, then it poses a danger to the fascist state. Due to this all non-fascist states must be eradicated. There can be no compromise between the fascist ideology and other constructs.

The irresolute and indomitable character of fascism renders it immune to compromise. Fascism in any form does not feel compelled to negotiate with any competing set of ideas. This is as true for Islam today as it was for Hitlerism. Fascism is always guided by some 'true' principle - the dialectical march of history, social Darwinism, the Law of Nature, Allah’s Will, the Chinese Middle Kingdom’s greatness and so on. This march to world domination means that fascism must be premised on strict laws and regulations. It is not a system of anarchy. To dominate the world requires exacting laws, obedience, and blind loyalty to the great ideal. Fascist utopias are based on an immutable and singular source of authority. There is only one law under fascism, one leader or prophet and one way to organize society. In order to survive the fascist ideology in question must convert the non-believers and wage war to expand its power.

War provides the fascist leadership with a myriad of political and social opportunities to implement their plans. Hitler, Stalin, and current Islamic fascists have all used the guise of war, or the threat of annihilation at the hands of ‘unbelievers’, as pretexts to institute their terror and death cults. Goebbels in his diaries states clearly that Hitler started World War II to further consolidate power and impose terror, and on the day that war broke out Hitler decreed that all incurably sick were to be murdered. Goebbels writes, “the war had made possible for us the solution of a whole series of problems that could never have been solved in normal times….the Jews will certainly be the losers [p.341].’ Of course not only the Jews would be annihilated. Under the cover of war the Nazis had plans to liquidate 170 million Russians, the Dutch, the people of Alsace and Lorraine, the Poles, Ukrainians, and in Germany all those who were considered aliens.

Stalinism, Islam, Chinese exceptionalism and repression all share the similar ideal that Hitlerism cherished – use war to provide a cover to achieve the objectives of the cult. The Soviets during their civil war in the 1930s and during the Second World War and the Cold War, had similar plans of eradication for various ethnic groups, killing 30 millions. Today Islam embarks on the same madness with millions murdered in the past decade in Africa, Asia, and beyond, and with terrorism a preferred and generally supported Islamic tool of war which kills mostly innocents. In fact most Muslims across the world support the use of suicide and homicide bombings according to polls. Whether it is the 7th century AD dogma of pagan Arabism or the neo-Romanic empire of Mussolini’s military state, fascism exists to spread terror, war and engage in erasing lesser creeds from its path.

10. Inevitable Collapse
Fascist movements eventually fail due to two overriding factors – their economies fail to produce wealth and these ideologies remove all civilizing and humanizing influences from the individual. Economic failure which is plain to see in any study of a fascist state mandates three basic responses from the fascist gang ruling the state or group. One reaction is war to attain control of resources currently outside of fascist control. Hitler attempted this by invading Russia in 1941, and Stalin achieved this by annexing rich territory in Eastern Europe after the war. A second reaction is selective economic liberalization to generate growth, capital, jobs and industry, while still maintaining complete fascist political control. This is the preferred method of modern China and Russia. A last option is to completely ignore market based economics in the hope that somehow the West will collapse first or indeed aid the failing regimes in question. North Korea and Islam have selected this option.

Even more important than economic failure which ensures that the fascist state or group cannot hope to project power, or even fund its apparatus of terror, is the fact that fascism kills the economic, juridical and moral personality. How else can you explain why people are led to death without protesting or allow themselves to be tortured to give false confessions? Yet by killing the key components that make up a free and healthy individual, fascism sows the seeds of its own demise, especially if it is confronted by the formidable power of a society built with free-men, who respect human rights and individuality.

Fascist regime collapse is inevitable if strong and usually free democratic states accept the fascist challenge and are willing to engage the fascism in a struggle for supremacy. There are so many inconsistencies and abnormalities inside a fascist state that it can’t possibly survive if it is confronted by force. Fascism fails in all areas of life – moral, spiritual, economic, political, and social – and regardless of propaganda the lack of respect towards human life and individuality ensures that the fascist regime will collapse. But it will only collapse when opposed and the regime and its leadership annihilated. This is an important point to remember in current modern era as the West is confronted by a resolute and arrogant Islam.