Friday, February 19, 2021

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The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise, by Dario Fernandez-Morera

Ignorance and mendacity is not factual nor real.

by Ferdinand III



The modern world describes itself as ‘scientific’ and ‘progressive’.  It is neither.  Science does not make an entrance into various philosophies including Darwin and Freud, Plant-food causes climate, or 160 genders which displace x and y chromosomes and DNA mitochondria.  History is certainly not a ‘science’, though one can use extant sources, common sense and archaeology to arrive at theories and concepts which may support a particular, empirically premised viewpoint.  But as Orwell noted, History is easily debauched, disfigured and concocted to fit with a narrative, even if that narrative is wholly at odds with reality, facts and common sense.


The odes to Muslims, to the cult of Mecca, to a totalitarian construct, suffused with the ideals of what moderns would call ‘fascism’ is an example.


Throughout Orwellian agencies of ‘news’, ‘education’ and ‘expertise’, the Muslim Jihad is now presented as the apotheosis of civilisation, barely outstripped by the slave-based and in many ways primitive and totalitarian constructs of the Greeks and Romans named ‘classical civilisation’, in which 90% of the population was poor and illiterate and in which technology was eschewed for slave-labour and outside of public building and engineering, little can be offered to support the idea that the Western world crested in success with the Rome of Augustus or Nero, or Theodosius for that matter.  If you read and agree with Spengler, civilisations have ‘life cycles’ and it appears that Western civilisation is in old dotage, passionately committed to euthanasia better known as assisted suicide.  Part of killing oneself is to deny oneself, deny reality, deny the good in the world and in your own being, feel offended at being ‘powerless’, convince oneself it is all ‘hopeless’, or convulse to the floor riddled with guilt, shame and self-loathing for acts either done or not done, said or unsaid, real or imagined.  Ending the misery appears the only way to ‘progress’ to something better.


So, it goes with the myth of the Muslim ‘Andalusia’, itself an academic name.  Muslims conquered Spain from 710 AD to about 720 AD, with a small Christian enclave in Navarra led by the redoubtable Don Pelayo, defeating the Muslim armies.  It took almost 800 years for the Christians to recover Spain, in history’s longest ever war.  It was a war to recapture and rebuild Civilisation.  This was ever the viewpoint, now displaced by a self-hating culture and elite, determined to completely annihilate Western man and woman.


The myth of Andalusia is an example of this extreme Western self-loathing.  No one in Spain during the medieval ages called southern Spain ‘Andalusia’ (Morera, p. 15).  It was named ‘Hispania’ or ‘Espana’.  Renaming Espana was an ‘Enlightenment’ invention designed as usual, to denigrate the medieval Catholic world.  In the ‘Enlightenment’ fantasy history, the Spanish Muslims, or Moors, meaning converts from Christianity to Muhammandanism, constructed the medieval world’s most elegant, intelligent, wealthy, sophisticated and educated region or ‘empire’, in opposition to the ‘Dark Age’ of the Christianised parts of Spain, mired as they were in ‘superstitious religion’ and poverty.  In this fiction, the Muslims were the conduits of ‘learning’ including the ‘classical texts’ of ancient Greece and Rome, and all the ‘deep knowledge’ contained by those apogees of achievement.  Why they even imported vegetables and fruits from conquered Christian territories in North Africa.  Surely a Golden Age of elevated wisdom and prosperity?  This theory, now so ardently defended by most of the totalitarians in education and ‘research’, is of course a load of rubbish. 


As Morera writes:  ‘This ideological mission would then be the ultimate reason for the tilting of the narrative against Catholic Spain prevalent since the Enlightenment and the writings of Voltaire and Edward Gibbon….this ideological mission has morphed into ‘presentism’, an academically sponsored effort to narrate the past in terms of the present…multicultural, diversity, and peace studies, which necessitate rejecting as retrograde, chauvinistic, or, worse, ‘conservative’, any view of the past that many conflict with the progressive agenda.’


Precisely correct.  The Western world is revisioning its own death.  When you destroy your culture, legacy, and history, you emasculate your existence and over time, inevitably, self-immolate.  Any person who dares to offend the current self-hating zeitgeist is condemned, charged, hung, quartered and offered as a warning to others who dare to tread on the path of reality and fact.


As Morera writes, the Muslims invaded the rich Visigothic ‘empire’ of Spain.  Visigothic Spain was at least as wealthy under the converted Catholic Goths, as it was under the Roman empire.  It was, however, a state with deep divisions.  The Visigoths were the ruling elite, a minority, ruling over Hispano-Romans: ‘Islamic armies took advantage of dynastic conflicts, military unpreparedness, plagues and treason by Visigoth nobles, before, after, and probably during combat to defeat the Visigoth king of Spain, Rodrigo, at the battle….Guadalete, probably on July 26 711….Hispano-Romans and Visigoths become dhimmis – that is Christians living in subaltern status in Islamic lands – or converted to the hegemonic religion, or fled for their lives.’


The Muslim Jihad into Spain carried a ‘hegemonic’, or totalitarian ‘religion’, or cult as its political-social organising principle.  Within a decade of subduing most of Spain, the Jihad turned to the north in the pursuit of slaves, women, gold and land.  The Jihad swept north into France; ‘..This force sacked Bordeaux, burned all the churches on its way, and reached the outskirts of Poitiers in central France, where it burned the Basilica.  This time the Islamic invaders were beaten…Battle of Tours (or Battle of Poitiers, October 10 732), Frankish army led by the Franks’ Christian leader… Charles Martel…’ 


The Muslim Jihad into Spain and France did not bring ‘civilisation’.  It brought death, dhimmitude or slave-status to non-Muslims, rape, the destruction of thousands of churches and Christian buildings including libraries and schools, massive slave raiding and trading of White Christians, a fact long forgotten by modern day racialists and race-baiters, and it created a system of punishing taxes and free labour, bled from non-Muslims, given that under Dhimmitude regimes Muslim males paid no taxes.  Muhammadan Spain lived off the blood, money and sex trade of the Infidel. 


In fact as Morera recounts (p. 60), Muslim sources are effusive in the absolute astonishment of the illiterate Muhammandans as they entered Spain and beheld their great cities, the splendour of Toleda, Merida, Sevilla and Cordoba, with their public works, aquaducts, libraries, cathedrals, schools, roads and high engineering, simply astonished the Muhammadans.  As one Muslim historian commented, ‘the former palace in Cordoba as full of wonderful remains of the Greeks, Romans and Goths….apartments were so magnificently decorated as to dazzle with the beauty of their ornaments the eyes of the beholders.’  They had never viewed anything comparable.  They certainly did not improve on these creations, but simply squatted on rich Visigothic-Hispano territory.  As one Muslim historian noted, ‘…a Visigothic bridge over the Tagus River was so well built that there was nothing like it in the whole of Spain – and a Muslim leader ordered it destroyed’ (p. 61).  In Muhammadan theology, the artitfacts and assets of the Infidel must be eradicated, including buildings, bridges, libraries, books and churches.  The Muslims literally, effaced much of civilisation in Spain. 


Muslim historians including the Tunisian Ibn Khaldun, underscore and highlight the illiterate uncivilised nature of the Arab and Muslims before coming into contact with the Christian Byzantine empire, or the Persian Sassanid.  It was no different when the Muslims entered Visigothic Spain.  Christian Spain was hundreds of years advanced from the Muhammandans in culture, technology, urban life, science, medicine, social organisation and in matters of religion, mores and the immaterial.  To assert the opposite is simply to demonstrate ignorance and mendacity.