Friday, March 27, 2020

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Islam's 'great' culture invented what exactly?

As ridiculous as the claims of the Nazis and the Soviets.

by Ferdinand III


Screaming Marxists and bomb-throwing Muslims cannot obfuscate the obvious – Islam was, is and always will be, a complete failure. Look around the modern world, what did the Muslims invent? [and no the zero was a Hindu invention]. What enlightened spiritually have they given the world? What advances in thought, science, society, architecture, or business has the Arabic-Islamic culture given the world? Answer; absolutely nothing. Or do you really believe that a ritualised cult, premised on 7th century pre-modern ideals is the great petri-dish of innovative vigor and excellence?

Islam has never invented anything. Muslim apologists point to all sorts of absurdity and jump and down, while crying, 'see the Muslims created that!'. Grow up. Imbibing Muslim propaganda and consuming fantastical claims while ignoring when, how and why the modern world was created does not a tolerant multi-cult lover make. It just means you are rather dim.

Like the Muslims, the Russians had the same trick with the mysterious but omnipotent 'Popov', the master creator of the universe, appearing everywhere. The Russians still celebrate Popov-day to honor the mythical man who apparently invented the radio and the cathode ray tube – no thanks to Marconi, Edison, Tesla et al. No one knows if Popov really existed [there was a minor scientist by the name, who lived in the mid-19th century, but he did not invent anything of note], but for the Communists that did not matter. Popov was the representation of Soviet reality – the classless man who defeated the immoral, bourgeois West, in scientific invention. That is to say, the fantasy of Popov was to express what should have been true, but which was only a piece of Soviet propaganda.

The Nazi's of course had their heroic legends as well. Absurdly the Nazi's were convinced that their descendants were of Aryan stock [in actual fact the Aryans are traced to Persian, and northern India], who were physically, mentally, and culturally superior to all other races. In Hitler's race based theory, this Aryan stock was responsible for European culture or at least the vast superiority of German culture versus that of the rest. Sub-humans must then bow down to the Aryan wunderkind. For the Nazi's all the great feats of modern living and culture were the direct result of Aryan-German effort and brilliance. From Beethoven, to Frederick, to Bismarck, to architecture, to military technology, the Germans had invented any and everything of modern interest. It was the Communist lie about Popov on a racial scale. That is at least what was fed to the German people during the 1930s.

The Muslims do the same. In Muslim legend those peaceful, honest, culturally sublime Arabs and friends were not busy with war, expanding the Islamic empire, slave trading, pursuing women and gold – of course not. They were in earnest and thoughtful conversation and study, extremely occupied with setting up hospitals, universities, scientific institutes, and inventing algebra, medicine, manned-flight, culinary masterpieces, architectural wonders, and all manners of devices to improve the life, liberty and potential of the average human.

Really they were. The Arabs of course as all the Muslim apologists know, not only saved the West from its 'Dark Age' barbarism, but actually invented the modern world! You can't be a denier! Without the profundity and remorseless energy and intelligence of the Arabs and their Muslim friends, Europe would still be nothing more than a forested land of infected and uneducated half-humans unable to spell Aristotle, let alone comprehend the writings of Galen, Socrates, Aeschylus, Thales, Euclid, Pythagoras and a variety of other ancient writers – who must of course have stolen their ideas from the pagan Arabs. As everyone knows Aristotle who tutored Alexander was really named Mohammad.

Not one single invention attributed by the Muslims to themselves were invented by the Arabs or their conquered Muslim slave-states. Arab imperialism has given the world nothing but a sick culture of paternalistic violence, bomb-throwing, racism and hatred of all things modern. All the usual suspects of supposed Arab and Islamic prowess; the astrolabe; algebra, architecture, the zero, and 'medicine', were all invented, built, extended, developed, and used by others – far more advanced than the Arab-Islamic slave states.

For the hard of reading, advanced mathematics was a Greek invention, as was medicine [Muslims can't perform biopsies or autopsies which severely limits medicial inquiry]; algebra was built by a 3nd century Christian [Diophantus] who based his work on ancient Greek texts; the zero comes from the Hindus [about 100 million of which were murdered by Arab armies]; advances in sea-faring including the astrolabe date from Byzantium and the Phoenician fleets; and the complex of scientific inquiry and rational methods had to wait until Bede, Francis Bacon the I, and the application of higher math to solve scientific laws. I don't recall Bede, Bacon, or the founders of rational thought being named Mohammed.

Even in architecture the Arabs took advanced engineering works and concepts from Byzantium, the Jews and Persia to create what some might call an Arab-style. They invented nothing knew but amalgamated existing ideas. In fact all the artisanal and architectural works of the Arab-Islamic states were performed by engineers who were not Muslim or had converted to Islam but in fact were Greek, Persian, Jewish or formerly Christian.

There is not one single record or fact which exists which can prove that the Arabs improved upon existing engineering techniques. In 500 B.C. the Carthaginians had running water [a semitic group originally from Lebanon]; in 1100 B.C. the ancient Greeks had invented advanced arch forms; in 540 B.C. the Persians had constructed vast and improbably great irrigation systems. What were the Arabs and 'pre-Muslims' doing during these epochs? Mired in hate, violence and illiteracy one imagines.

Even during the period of Islamic expansion the Muslims created nothing new or innovative. Hospitals were a Christian idea. Scientific institutes were formalised by the ancient Athenians. Rational inquiry took root in 500 B.C. in Ionia – among the Greeks. The creation of towns and social structures lies with the Jews – Jericho is the oldest city in the world. Running water, sewers, irrigation and crop rotation were perfected by the Romans and Persians. Monotheism was of course in the main a Jewish invention, though the 10th century B.C. Persians did have Zoroastrianism – a precursor to Jewish monotheism.

The Arab-Muslim invention of note is of course the Koran. A text of violence, supremacism, racism and vitriol. It is the imperial tool par excellence. Submit, be taxed, exile yourself, or die! Other than this pagan-fascist manuscript not much except spices, some textiles and camels, has come out of Arabia. But of course the Arabs must have invented trade, commerce, banking, and the division of labor! [between ruling Muslims and slaves, one imagines].

Consider this – fascisms don't invent, they destroy. Paganisms don't create they ritualise. The only creation of a fascism or a pagan cult, is either death, or mindless propaganda to support the supremacist ideal. Mohammad, the Koran, the political objectives of Dar-al Islam vs. Dar Al Harb [non-believers], makes Islamic ideology fascist and quite primitive. No private property, no respect for rights, no inquiry, no debate, no need for freedom, no need for equality or justice - just submit to a leader and its government. Ossified Islam is the anti-thesis of any societal construction which allows the blossoming of rationality, science and perforce – the creation of anything we might call modern.

Like the Nazis and Communists the Arabs and Muslims are good at using propaganda. Be very careful believing the myths around Islam. The reality of the 5 senses should tell you otherwise. Or do you really think that an ideology which commands complete submission and obedience, and which was spread by war and violence is somehow civilized?