Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Muslims attacking Mumbai and Indian democracy

Muslims have been invading and slaughtering Hindus and Buddhists since 700 A.D., killing at least 100 million Indians.

by Ferdinand III

No better target exists for the fanatical Muslim fascist than India. A 1 billion person democracy, built along British constitutional lines, allied with the US, economically progressive, and the only nation state in south east Asia which is not a totalitarian, kleptocracy. Indians of all variants of ideology from Hindus to Muslims, to Buddhists to young secular professionals, are too busy as Thomas Friedman wrote, being the back office for the world economy, to much worry about implementing 12th century Sharia law, slaughtering 'unbelievers', or annihilating Jews and Americans. No wonder Muslims detest India so much. It is a rational, democratic and multi-ethnic expression of everything that an Islamic state is not.

Muslims have been at war with the Hind, or India, and various parts of the subcontinent since the first Arab armies crossed into Pakistan and entered 'Baluchistan' province during the Abbasid caliphate in the late 7th century A.D. The Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan means 'Killing of Hindus' - a warning to non-Muslims what awaited them, and a beacon for Muslims to attract them to riches of the sub-continent for plunder and power. The initial Arab push into India was later augmented by the conversions of Persians and Turks to Islam, and it was the Central Asians who provided the technology and the enormous armies needed to subdue India and in fact by the mid 16th century through the Moghul empire, control over almost all of the subcontinent.

The Arab-Muslim invasion of India lasted some 800 years before European power and native Hindu rebellions finally annihilated Islamic dominance. Islam was not carried into India through pacific means, cultural diffusion or loving missionary work. Over 8 centuries the Moslems in various forms - Turk, Persian, Mongol, Afghani - came to dominate the sub-continent through war and destruction. An estimate of the number of people killed, based on the Muslim chronicles and demographic calculations, was done by K.S. Lal in his book Growth of Muslim Population in Medieval India, who claimed that between 1000 CE and 1500 CE, the population of Hindus decreased by 80 million.

The estimation of 80 million Hindus destroyed by Islamic violence is most likely too low. Over 8 centuries and through countless invasions it is not hard to suppose that each century would have claimed 20 million Hindu, Buddhist and later Sikh lives [Sikhism being a medieval fusion of mystical Islamic thought and Hinduism]. This would equate to 200.000 deaths a year which is an entirely defensible number if one considers that the major Muslim invasions which erupted almost every generation; would have claimed millions in the space of just months. These larger invasions would have been supplemented of course, by lesser acts of violence, terror, war and enslavement.

And so the Islamic onslaught against India continues today.

The current reign of murder by Muslims in largely non-Islamic India is nothing more than a continuation of a history of attacks by Islam against Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists. Hundreds of non-Muslims are murdered in India each month by Islamic fanatics yet the press, the educational systems, and most 'experts' yawn - bored by the repetitious nature of it all, and scrambling to decode Muslim racism and murder with cultural Marxist bywords of 'militants'; 'terrorism'; or groups with 'religious affiliations'. The mindlessness of ignoring 1200 years of violence against non-Muslim Indians is simply fantastically ignorant. You cannot appreciate the barbarity of Islamic fascists seeking out Jews, white Americans, white Britions, or dark skinned Hindus to murder and extinguish in Mumbai, if you don't know that such violence has been commonplace over 1200 years of Muslim imperialism in the sub-continent.

Of India's 1 billion people about 20% are Muslim. They outnumber Pakistan's population. Pakistan was guaranteed by the British to be the Muslim home of those in the subcontinent who wanted a 'homeland'. It was a vain and inept attempt to create enough separate space to satisfy the extremists from both the Muslim and Hindu sects. Each group would have their own country to rule as they saw fit. The Indians decided to take on British democracy, institutions, the rule of law, and engaged for 60 years in assinine Gandhi-Nehru socialism which almost destroyed their country. With the advent of new political blood, wedded to reality and the markets, India has raised 250 million people out of poverty in the past 15 years, one of the greatest humanitarian projects in history.

Pakistan chose Islamic militancy and theocracy - interspersed with military rule. It appears that the majority of Pakistanis do believe fervently in Islamic rule, supremacy, and power. The antipathy towards India inside Pakistan is intense fueled by border wars, clashes in Jammu Kashmir and other lands, regional rivalry, but most of all due to differences in ideology. Muslims and those in Pakistan in particular, cannot tolerate a democratic and Western allied India as a neighbour. Given that fact, there will never be peace between Pakistan and India. There has never been peace between an Islamic state and any neighbouring states in the history of Islam. Why would that basic fact now suddenly change? Many elements inside Pakistan and within the Islamic world, would like nothing better than to destroy Indian pluralistic democracy. That is clear.

Some 180 million Muslims live in Pakistan - outnumbered by the number of Muslims in India proper. For many extremist Muslims this is simply unacceptable. Muslim India must be joined to Pakistan, and the creation of a House of War, Dar al Harb, is mandatory to bring this about. There are also many Muslims in both India and Pakistan who desire that Islam dominate India either directly through a takeover of Indian society; or indirectly through terror and the threat of Islamic annihilation of non-Muslim Indians. This has been a fact since 1947 when millions of Hindus were slaughtered by Muslims as the British left India post haste, and crudely cut the subcontinent into 2 parts - one for the Muslims and one for Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. Muslim terrorist attacks are weekly occurrences in India. And Mumbai or Bombay, the international, financial and cultural heart of the Indian democracy makes for an inviting, and easy target. It is a wonder that Mumbai was not decimated by coordinated Muslim attack before now.

The current carnage in India's most important city is nothing new in its history. The Taj Mahal, built by the Islamic 'Moghul' [half Mongol, half Turk] ruler Shah Majan, was built on the appropriation of riches, wealth, and slaves from Hindus and Sikh lands. The Taj was not a Hindu project, but a glorious symbol of Islamic domination, designed not only as a mausoleum for Shah's wife; but more as a statement of Muslim superiority and supremacy. All Muslim imperial projects engage in such public expressions of power. The Taj is a symbol of Hindu submission.

Since the earliest days of Islam, India and the 'Hind' has been viewed as a rich and fertile land to be conquered and exploited. Fascist elements of Islam today still feel that the imperial project of Mohammed must proceed in the sub-continent. War, terrorism, slaving - all these and more must be employed to subdue the kaffir Indian. Probably the largest genocide in history with some 100 million non Muslims Indians killed and murdered over 1200 years still goes on. But rest assured the Western media will label the Islamic fascists who perpetrate the genocide, with good cultural Marxist descriptions such as militants, revolutionaries or religious zealots.

Muslims who are carrying on the 1200 year old war are none of these things. They are simply ideological fascists intent on destroying the only multi-ethnic democracy in south Asia. For the half-wits who believe that 1200 years of Islamic war and hate are the fault of G.W. Bush, they should read the history of Islamic warring in India. Perhaps then they might realise the imperial project that is Islam, and the intolerance of the ideology that was spawned by Mohammed which has killed at least 100 million non-Muslims over 1200 years. The largest genocide in history.