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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Friday, November 6, 2009

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Islam's child abuse. A crime unrecognized.

Where is the UN, and the Leftard Moral do-gooders ?

by Ferdinand III

Perfect Muslim child to mommy. “I want to read more nonsense and Fascism from the Koran mommy. Can you also beat me if I don't memorize it properly? Thanks. When I grow up I want to marry a 13 year old bride, like Daddy did. Can I also hit girls like Daddy does to you when he is angry ? Mommy, isn't it good that women are inferior and children can be enslaved, sold, beaten and abused by Daddy and other men ? I can't wait to grow up mommy and do all that by myself !”

No doubt the proud Muslim mother would be beaming with affection and love at her abused and distorted little boy. Good little Mohammed. There there. You have learnt your Islamic lessons well.

The poverty of Islam is everywhere obvious. But in child and female abuse it is without parallel in human history for its sadism and violence. It is literally the psychological and mental, not to mention the physical abuse of millions of humans unable to defend themselves. The Koran, Sharia Law, Muslim culture – all conspire to erase the dignity, the individuality and the innocence of children through indoctrination of hate; racism; illiteracy; and ignorance.

And so where are the Leftards, the Fembots, the Marxdroids and the One-Worlders in their outrage at this open and genocidal abuse and torture, of both the physical and mental properties of children within Islamic societies ? Too busy supporting Queer marriage and protesting against Gitmo one supposes. Where is the UN condemnations and resolutions demanding an end to brainwashing; a lack of real education; child bride marriages; enslavement; torture and open physical and psychological abuse of innocent Muslim children ? Too busy expanding itself into a One-World Mother Earth Eco-government one assumes.

There are many reasons why Muslims abused children. The most obvious is that Islam demands that the child of Muslim parent's become adequately Islamic. To achieve this the child must be schooled and forced to learn the Koran, Sharia Law and the belief that Allah will dominate the world, and that to submit to Allah and appease Allah through ritualization and prostration are the most important acts a Muslim can perform. In other words, nothing about rationality, logic, humanism, free will or the Golden Rule can be taught. Islam negates such non-Muslim beliefs.

As one ex-Muslim has written the Muslim abuse of children is an endemic and profoundly important part of Islamic culture:

“In most of the western world, children are considered to have reached their adulthood at the age of 18 years. In Islam, the separation line between childhood and adulthood is based on sexual maturity. In general, boys are considered to have reached adulthood when they grow pubic hair or show other signs of sexual maturity. In the case of girls, it is the experience of the first menstruation that is considered to signal they have reached their adulthood. When Mohammed committed his mass murder against the Jewish tribe of Bani Qurayza by killing all the male adults and taking the rest as slaves, he used the appearance of pubic hair on boys as a sign of adulthood.”

Child sex is common in the Islamic world. It comes from imitating the rape by Mohammed of Aysha – a mere 9 year old innocent. For Muslims, Mohammed is the ultimate symbol of male greatness. Ergo sex with children is not only permitted but practised. Mass marriages of 13 year old child-brides are common in Gaza, Lebanon and elsewhere. A 13 year old girl in Muslim culture is ready to produce Muslim male offspring – under the guidance of an older male Muslim of course.

“According to western standards, or any civilized standard, Mohammed’s marriage to Aysha and having sex with her at the age of nine years is a crime called paedophilia. However, Muslims call it an ordinary marriage and justify it on the supposition that girls in hot countries tend to reach sexual maturity faster than in cold countries. Muslims assume, without any evidence, that Aysha had a menstruation before her marriage and conclude that Mohammed had sex with an adult aged nine years! This justification by Muslims is an indication of how they understand maturity; simply it is sexual maturity and has nothing to do with the mind.”

Raping children is thus very common in Arab and Muslim societies. Sex slavery, where young girls are sold to older Muslim men is rampant and quite common in Western cities as well. Montreal for example is famous as a sex slave trading entrepot of young teenage Arab girls, sold to older men who usually sexually abuse the girls for a while before selling them on to another bidder.

The sexualisation and corporeal abuse of children is matched by psychological torment. Muslim children are taught that they have no power or even relevance – except to please their parents and Allah. Guilt, fear of hell; fear of Jews and Kufars; denial of simple toys and playing – all this leads to a fractured, paranoid and rigidified mind-set amongst innocent children. As Muman Salih an ex-Muslim victim of child abuse wrote:

Muslim children are indoctrinated to believe they are victims of world conspiracy that aims to eliminate them. They are regularly fed on the horrific and disturbing scenes of injuries, blood and death that even adults cannot watch. These children have learned Quranic verse 2:120 that tells them all about this secret world conspiracy: “.. the Jews and the Christians will never be happy about you unless you follow them...

“Having told the Muslims that everyone in the world hates them, the Quran now emphasises in a number of places that Muslims must never trust or befriend the others, like this verse 4:89 “ ....take them and kill them wherever you find them and choose no friends or helpers from them..”

The Quran repeats its orders in a dozen of places; the message is important and clear: never trust the unbelievers no matter how nice they may appear to you, even if they were close family members. Verse 9:23 leaves no doubt about the gravity of this message of hate “...O believers, do not take your fathers or brothers as allies and friends if they prefer to disbelieve ..”

Do not befriend your father or brothers! So much for the family values in Islam." []

The Koran and Sharia Law are in the very real sense of the word, Fascistic. They deny thinking, cognition, self-worth, pride, humanistic ideals and the protection of children. Islamic society is a predator state. The only way to propagate the insanity of the Meccan male moon cult is to willfully destroy any independence in the Muslim child and force him or her, into submission and obedience to the wills of brutal Muslim adults and the Allah cult. Muslim society which extols the 'honor' killing  of innocent young kills for 'misbehaving', is no better than any other cult which kills members for disobedience or purposefully destroys the followers ability to think, act independently and recognize their own human worth.

One historical fact is this: cults never disappear unless they are denied the blood of innocents including children. Typically only violence can erase a cult.  If Islam is denied the mental and physical sacrifice of its children, the cult will die. Anyone who can think; is rational; and can observe the world of the 5 senses will reject the blood and death cult of Arab fascism. They will opt for freedom, Western institutions and mores. It is as simple as that.

It is clear that Islam is a death cult. The abuse of children is a signal fact of this verity.   And like other death cults it will only be erased through force and violence. One key aspect to erase Islam from the world is to deny to the cult, the ability to destroy its children. That is a laudable and worthwhile goal that the UN; the One-Worlders; and those concerned for children and female rights should be obsessed about.  For the self-righteous, the saving of Muslim children should be a goal which is far more important than abstractions such as Gay Marriage, closing Gitmo; or whining about female pay equity. 



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