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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   


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Muhammad, the example of Christianity and the allure of Empire

His life as a merchant would have shaped his world-view.

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Was 7th century Muhammadan Arabia a ‘desert backwater’?  The Arab states by 620 A.D. had long been in contact with the Roman Empire (since the time of Constantine in the early to mid-4th century) and the Persian or Sassanid empire in the Mesopotamian basin.  The Arabs were significant long-distance merchants, and their camel convoys were an important logistical supply train within the Near East.  The ‘frontier’ tribes would have been well acquainted with both Rome and Persia and by default, these tribes would have been acculturated to the accoutrements of higher civilisations.  It is not entirely accurate to state therefore, that the Muslim Arabs erupting into the area of Syria and Mesopotamia in 636 A.D., were completely savage or ‘barbarian’.


Many Arab tribes were Christian as well as Jewish.  No one knows the demographic or religious breakdown in 7th century Arabia, but it is understood that the richest settlements were Christian and Jewish and populated the entire peninsula, including Yemen.  Given the long-distance trade routes and the active Christian and Jewish communities along these routes, it can again be surmised that not all of Arabia was a barbarian land.  It was the very presence of numerous and wealthy Christian and Jewish settlements which lead to the formation of Muhammadanism, itself a melange of pagan beliefs, misunderstood stories from the Old Testament and fragments from the New.  It was not a heretical Christian sect as wrongly perceived by the Byzantines (Chalcedonian-Orthodox) and Syriac Christians (Nestorians), when the Muslim armies swept into the Eastern Roman and Sassanid empires. 


Muhammad himself was a merchant, first working for, and then marrying a wealthy merchant widow Khadija, who was much older.  He would have been a long-distance carrier of goods and merchandise, heading across the Roman and Persian borders to entrepots and trading centres.  Undoubtedly, he encountered the richer Christian and Zoroastrian cultures, and would have seen the wealth of both empires.  Both states had a unifying culture centred on religion.  He would have seen the power of a centralising and unifying aegis of belief.


In Byzantium the heartland down to the coast of Judea and Egypt was Orthodox-Chalcedon, agreeing that Christ was both man and divinity, and that the man died on the cross and rose again to show he was divine.  For the orthodox the nature of Christ as both God and man and was indivisible and occurred in the womb through the immaculate conception.  In this view, Christ was of two natures but a singular God-man, God died with the man on the cross and both rose again on the 3rd day after the Crucifixion.  In Syria and spreading across Persia into Western China were the Nestorian Christians who viewed Christ born to Mary as a human, that the divine nature of Christ did not exist in the womb.  Mary was thus, not the mother of God.  Nestorians believed that the divinity of Christ was given outside the womb.  


There were many complications and divisions within Eastern Christianity and much fierce debating and theological theorising and design.  The Arab Christians would have been involved in such disputes which were at the core of Christianity.  Who was Christ?  How can a man be a God?  Why would God choose Mary to birth the Christ?  Is the Trinity indivisible?  Or is the God-Man who is the word, divisible?  What is the nature of the Trinity?  These are complex issues and not easily understood nor resolved.  Muhammad and the pagan Arabs were likely aware of them and of the great energy and passion that went into such debates within Christian communities.


Importantly, Muhammad would have seen first-hand, just how ruptured and horribly crippled both Persia and Eastern Rome were by their endless, vicious wars, which included widespread raiding, slave-trading, and wanton destruction of farmland and city.  By 630 both empires were exhausted, depleted, financially unstable and the entire Near East, desirous of peace.  This depletion of imperial power and deprecation of manpower and wealth, would have been obvious to the traveling, alert merchant.  This must have made an impression on Muhammad and is probably why before he died (632), he wrote arrogant, imperious letters to both the Roman and Sassanid courts demanding they submit to Arab-Muslim rule.  His appreciation of their weaknesses was not without great merit.


It is not an exaggeration to state that Muhammad’s experience as a merchant, his interaction with wealthy, urbanised and sophisticated Christian communities, his observation that a unifying religious belief could weld a single population into a potent force, shaped his ambition to change Arabia from a peripheral land, with disparate, disunited tribes, into an unified empire which would spread and dominate the Near East. 


Muhammad and Hitler. Pagan Fascism. The similarities of the programs are remarkable.

Muslim Fascism. Never discussed by the big brains.

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Hitler declared many times that Linz Austria must become the new Mecca. A place of cult pilgrimage where Nazi pagan monuments and rituals would overawe the true believer. It was not a mistake that Hitler chose Islam and Mecca as his model. For he and Mohammed and the cults they created, were quite similar.


If you read the history of Mohammed and the formation of his cult, two obvious observations come to mind. First Islam is based on a moon cult, suffused with some Judaic notions of monotheism. Second, the racism, supremacism, violence, calls to war, the innumerable campaigns, the pilfering and rape of caravans and towns, and the code of obedience, all foreshadow Nazism and the modern pagan cults embodied in the leaderships of Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin and Stalin.


Since no-one in the Lower educational or Fake media establishments bothers to read about Mohammed, these uncomfortable truths – the war, the hate, the bile, the carnage, the injunction to conquer the world – are quietly untold. But that is the real historical Mohammed. He was not a great man, as Time Magazine ejaculated when assigning status to the most important individuals in history. Mohammed was a monster, a man who created a cult, which as Churchill remarked, inculcated in its votaries a primitive, and ruthless passion – the scourge of civilisation


Only a modern liberal-Marxist would possibly assert that Mohammed was anything other than a pagan-fascist leader of the bloodiest order.


What is a fascist anyways?


The word gets thrown around a lot – usually by ignorant liberals and Marxists as they try to shut down inquiry, debate or rationality. Any opposition to the insipid liberal-Marxist view of the world including: the Covid cult, globaloney warming; anti-capitalism; anti-Semitism; pro-Arabism; pro-huge Government; and cheap anti-Americanism; is immediately met with howls of 'Hitler' and 'Fascist'. How stupid. Yet for a cult and its leader, who are and were fascistic there is a gaping, dumb silence.


There are variations in fascism of course. But essentially the main ideas of a fascism are the following. In the book ‘Fascism and Paganism’, modern fascism uses the guise of spirituality in the form of paganism, to unify its followers, around an ideal of controlling society and indeed the world. As the expert Paxton states in page 40 of his book 'Fascism'; 'Fascism seeks out in each national culture those themes that are best capable of mobilising a mass movement of regeneration, unification, and purity, directed against liberal individualism and constitutionalism...The themes that appeal to fascists in one cultural tradition may seem simply silly to another.'


Indeed. A fascist is then a person who follows the demands of pagan cult – unyieldingly. The oft-cited complaint, '...come on Hitler and Mohammed had nothing in common, and the programs each led, were different....' is only partially true. Certainly, to unify a backwards, 7th century illiterate mob of Bedouins, into a military-political force requires much different stratagems, than doing the same with reasonably well educated; cultured; and Europeanized 20th century Germans. The details of the programs and leadership styles do not have to match. Just the objectives and aspects of what the programs want to achieve. In that regard Hitler and Mohammed are remarkably similar.


Mohammed's life is hardly discussed today.


Every aspect of Christianity and Christ has been picked over, accepted, rejected, ridiculed, debated and calibrated within archaeological science and philosophy.


Not so with Mohammed and Islam. We are just supposed to bow our heads and accept the fact that Mohammed was a 'prophet'. Maybe he was – of death. If you read Robert Spencer's fine book, 'The Truth about Mohammed', or information about what he actually did in his, you will very quickly get a different view of the man.


In short Mohammed was a precursor of Hitler.


His career and his program carried through on the 10 main principles we can see when observing a pagan-fascism – be it Marxist-Communism; Hitlerism or Mohammedanism. Keep in mind the medieval Christians were a lot smarter than the moderns who exist in our post-modern utopia today. They called the cult of Mohammed, Mohammedanism, i.e. the cult of its leader. They did not ascribe the word submission or Islam to the cult. Rather interesting.


The key underlying elements of any pagan cult and associated intolerant fascism – as given by Paxton and many others – is the following:


1.Leader and elite control.

2.Ideology as propaganda not reality

3.Cult pretending to be divinely inspired.

4.Terror and control.


6.Cross-Class appeal.

7.Economic Autarchy.

8.Hatred of individualism and liberalism.

9.Jihadic War and domination.

10.Rigidity and inevitable collapse.


Fascisms are always doomed to failure. The crass ignorance and rejection of reality, its hatred of anything to do with modernity, and the stupefying ritualisation, propaganda, terrorist methods, and brute force, all kills the juridical and moral person in its followers. When that occurs the paganism, if confronted by military force, will evaporate. A lesson that most of the Marxist-liberal establishment and the plump, well-fed denizens of happy Europe, Canada and elsewhere, fail to understand.


So, what did Mohammed do in his eventful life, which so changed the world and has led us, with wailing Marxists and internationalists in tow, into a war with the fascistic elements of Mohammedanism? Like Hitler he created a political-military machine, unified by a pagan cult, supposedly divinely inspired.


Hitler, an Atheist who hated Christians and the Church (Christ and Paul were Jews, Christianity destroyed the maculine Teutonic culture etc), chattered that God had sent him to preserve Europe against the Jewish Bolshevist revolutionaries. Indeed, in his propaganda appeal to Britons, Hitler constantly used this theme to try to win a British alliance. Mohammed was less nuanced. He took Judaism, the ideals of monotheism and fastened them onto the reigning cult of the moon at Mecca – al-ilah or Allah – pronouncing it the successor to all previous religions. Since Jews and Christians were prevalent in Arabia at this time, it is obvious he was trying to unify the illiterate Bedouins to confront and then eject the Jewish-Christian competitors and steal their riches. Monotheism in the eyes of the political Mohammed seemed a very powerful tool indeed.


Seeing disarray and foreign control of trade and riches, Mohammed cleverly devised a competing program and a compelling commentary to unite the various Arab tribes under his leadership. Like Hitler's Nazis Mohammed would use force; the promise of economic bounty; and spirituality, to achieve his aims. Since all of Arabia worshipped some form of al-ilah or the Moon deity, and all Arabs prayed to rocks; the use of Allah would be an inspired and intelligent means to appeal across classes, tribes and regions to obtain spiritual support for his program.


Inspired by his divine dreams and religious spirit, Mohammad through peaceful means had converted about 70 people in Mecca by 622 AD to his concept of Islam [submission to Allah]. He was however driven out of Mecca by those who saw his new theology as a threat to the city’s current paganism. After fleeing to Medina Mohammad rejected peaceful methods and turned to violence. Al Dashti, an Iranian Muslim and scholar of Islam states, ‘After the move to Medina….he became a relentless warrior, intent on spreading his religion by the sword, and a scheming founder of a state.’


For Mohammad war was the means to build his own powerful state. Islam is not a religion but a state construct using paganism fused with monotheism as its unifying culture. Using the Medinians and their men, Mohammad made war upon Mecca finally defeating the Meccans in 624 AD at the battle of Badr. This battle was not an overwhelming victory of course.  Only 300 Muslims fought 800 Meccans, and less than 100 men were killed or injured.  The importance of the battle for Muslims was that they were not defeated, and that Mohammed's claim that Al-Allah intervened with forces of angels to disperse the Meccans, might be a plausible explanation as to why a force 2.5 times smaller than its foe, was able to stand its ground and fend off what should have been a defeat.  Badr confirmed Mohammed, his mission and his faith in the Meccan moon deity, Al-Allah, which was conveniently, his family's personal deity, and one that his relations took care of in the Kabaa shrine - the economic and spiritual center of pagan, celestial-worshipping, Arabia.


At this crucial battle in which Mohammad gained control of local Meccan and Medina area tribes he, ‘took a handful of gravel when the battle was extremely heated [and] threw it at the faces of the pagans saying 'May Your faces be disfigured.'  He also fought in the battle - he would have had to, all leaders in the pre-modern world, led their men from the front. If a leader did not show personal valour, strength, or courage, he would lose all credibility with his troops.  This battle and Mohammad’s violence during laid the foundation of the Islamic State and made the Muslims a terrifying force of gangsters and opportunists. Islam was built in the fires and blood of war – not in peace and charity. Its ethos is imbued with this martial spirit. After winning the battle of Badr Mohammad and his men spent 3 days killing the prisoners. Then with the Meccan and Medinian tribes under his control he ordered the spread of Islam and its empire by sword, as well as the eradication of his former Jewish allies in Medina and beyond.


Ironically some Jews originally supported Mohammed. But this did not prevent the virulent anti-semiticism which imbues Islamic thought from forming. Indeed, Mohammed and his followers beheaded 700 Jewish men of the Khuraysh tribe after conquering its stronghold as a reprisal for endeavouring to aid a Meccan army, which failed to conquer Medina.  The women were taken as sex slaves, and Jewish assets, money and property was divided between the followers of the moon cult - with Mohammed taking the fairest of the women, and the largest share of the booty.  Hating the Jew is of course one of the great unifying themes of the Koran, Islamic history and Muslim imperialism.  The mothers and daughters were taken as sex slaves or sold off.


From these early military victories, the Mohammedans, swept across Arabia and beyond, fuelled by their absolute paganism [one word, one Allah, one Mohammad, in imitation of Hitler`s one people, one state, one leader], which created an esprit de corps and ruthlessness that other tribes and cities could not withstand.


University of Chicago professor Fred Donner, in his book ‘The Early Islamic Conquests’, theorizes that there may be something intrinsic to Islam that spurs a conquering attitude: "[T]here is the possibility that the ideological message of Islam itself filled some or all of the ruling elite with the notion that they had an essentially religious duty to expand the political domain of the Islamic state as far as practically possible; that is, the elite may have organized the Islamic conquest movement because they saw it as their divinely ordained mission to do so."


Mohammed was a fascist in the true sense of the word. A fascistic mind is one which desires to destroy the individual and place the person, inside a communal cult, where his life is ritualized and managed, for the benefit of the cult and its leadership. Fascist personalities thus neuter the moral, juridical, spiritual, and rational mind of their followers.  They create fantasies to justify their deeds [like the Koran].  They isolate and demonize an 'enemy' [the Jew, the infidel, the Hindu etc.].


They establish strict and severe laws which must be followed or the person will be subjected to punishment or perhaps death.  Police systems are created to ensure compliance [Gestaop, NKVD, KGB, 'Religious' Police].  The fascistic mind and his cult engages in murder, deceit, theft and destruction of any centers of opposition - and justifies it with myths and 'divine' liturgy, approval, or some magical 'dialecticism', which can be seen only by the leaders of the cult, who have god-given inspirational powers of intellect and understanding.


The fascist mind manufactures a system which needs to expand to keep the various competing parties and sects unified. War is thus the natural expression of a fascism - unending war be it for lebensraum; a class-less 'world' society; or to spread the Umma to all parts of the globe. The fascistic mind and its created cult demands submission of everyone to its paganism, and its ruthless regime.  All of this aptly sums up Islam and Mohammed.


Mohammed was an anti-Semite who killed with his own hands. He raped a 9-year-old girl. He led 80 odd military expeditions. He raided, warred, and stole gold, land, women, slaves and property.  He was violent, lecherous, spiteful, adulterous, and conniving. He was also like Hitler, and to a lesser extent Stalin, probably quite mad. Much of the Koran is simply an embarrassment of jabbering stupidity.


Mohammad had revelations which can be read in the gibberish that makes up the Koran including: sanctioning highway robbery; raiding and killing during Ramadan the pagan Arab month in which all war was suspended in lieu of farming, trade and prayer; favoring war against unbelievers [until there was no religion other than Allah’s]; promising paradise and 72 nubile virgins in return for those killed in jihad; Allah’s approval of his taking 20 % of all booty captured in war, [100 % in peace]; Allah consenting to his having sex with a 9 year old girl; Allah’s support in practicing adultery and polygamy [even with married women]; Allah’s agreement in destroying Jewish and Christian villages and trade caravans; Allah’s permission to engage in slave trading. Many more malicious revelations could be listed but the above are some examples of ‘divine’ revelations that Allah [Arabic word meaning the moon], gave unto Mohammad.


Isn't the above directly derived from a mentality which is distorted, and which wants to pervert and invert the real world of the 5 senses?  Is this not the great exemplar of fascism?


As one would expect when dealing with a deranged politician, revelations would miraculously occur when Mohammad wanted something or needed to distance himself from crimes past or current. Any sane person listening to such nonsense would declare the speaker insane. Hitler and Lenin were obviously mad men. We can add Mohammed to that group.


Modern day apologists and mainstream-media and political ‘experts’ really do need to perform some primary research on Mohammad before pronouncing that Islam is holy and peaceful. For my part I put much more faith in minds such as that possessed by Alexis de Tocqueville, the 19th century American interpreter and political scientist par excellence, then in modern day liberal media personalities; “I studied the Koran a great deal…..few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad. As far as I can see, it is the principal cause of the decadence so visible today in the Muslim world, and though less absurd than the polytheism of old, its social and political tendencies are in my opinion infinitely more to be feared, and I therefore regard it as a form of decadence rather than a form of progress in relation to paganism itself.”


No doubt about it.


But don`t worry no one today will say it. For the multi-cult losers, Mohammed and his fascist moon cult are simply peace, brotherhood, fun-times and grinning 'moderation'.



The Satanic Verses - proof of Islam's fraud.

Muhammad making up the Koran as he goes along.

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Islam as embodied in the Allah idol, is simply the Meccan moon god and family idol of Muhammad or Hub'Al, married to some poorly understood fragments of Judeo-Christian theology and monotheism, and suffused with existing Arab paganism. Given the incoherence of this program, much of the Koran and indeed of Muhammad's life is insensible, incomprehensible, contradictory and glaringly insipid.



One such case is that of the Satanic Verses. The import of these erased-from-the-Koran 'revelations' is this: it proves that Muhammad was insane, and that this Allah thing was really Hub'Al with a consort venerated as Allat begetting at least 2 daughters who were worshipped by pagan Arabs in their Kab'aa shrine at Mecca as deities or at the very least, as important pagan spirits who would help the Meccans in some way [fertility, rain, with famine etc.]. The Koran is very clear that the Allah thing does not beget sons or daughters. Yet in a few places in the Koran Uzza and Manat are still mentioned and the Satanic verses, 'revealed' by Muhammad to win favour for his poor little band of cult followers in Mecca, clearly identify them as co-idols to be worshipped alongside that of the Hub-Al or Allah idol.



The Satanic Verses prove beyond any doubt, the pagan antecedents of the Islamic cult. This is why Moslems [some, many, all?] will kill or at the very least intimidate into silence [Human Rights, Free speech, Free-will?], anyone who publishes or discusses any topic about them. These words of Shaitun or Satan are deeply embarrassing to the cult of Muhammad. Why ? There are 3 truths about these statements, 'revealed' to Muhammad by Satan. The first is that it proves the existence of al-Manat and al-Uzza the daughter goddesses of Hub'Al. Second, it confirms Muhammad's insanity. Third, it proves that the Koran was made up and not revealed by a 'God'. The entire cult of Islam simply falls, when one reads, understands and then maps back to Muhammad's mental and theological state, these verses.



Of course Moslems [many, most, all, some ?] deny the importance of the verses. These are the same big brains who will deny the real history of Muhammad and of Islamic supremacist-racialist-Jihadic imperialism. Only pious Western Marxists believe Moslem propaganda goose-stepping along in unison to the beat of PC and multicultural fascism.



Muhammad had few to almost no followers during his early 'prophethood' at Mecca. He was a laughingstock. The Meccans called him insane and the mad poet. He garbled well known and later-plagiarized into the Koran; verses and poems from the Kabaa shrine. He stood and screamed and preached that the Meccan pantheon of 360 idols was an offence to Hub'Al or the Lord or ilah of Mecca who should be venerated alone. He demanded that Jews recognize him as the successor to Moses, Samuel, Daniel and Christ. His program was incoherent with fragments usually wrong or distorted, of Judaism sprinkled with some poorly understood New Testament gospel concepts, married to Arab paganism. It was a mess and the Meccans mocked Muhammad.



It was during this period, when it appeared that the cult of Submission would fail that Muhammad received the Satanic revelations, to mollify, appease and persuade the Meccans that he was a prophet.



Have you then considered the al-Lat and al-Uzza and Manat, the third, the last ... these are the exalted Gharaniq (a high flying bird) whose intercession is approved. (Q: 53.19-20)



Al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat were local idols worshipped in Mecca. Allat was the Sun consort [some scholars believe she might have been the moon deity and Allah the sun deity though personally it appears likely that the opposite is true]; and she had 2 daughters – Uzza and Manat. In his early ministry Muhammad had declaimed against these idols as affronts to the Lord or ilah, now he had recounted and renounced his previous position. These existing idols along with Hub'Al would again be worshipped.



This of course negates the entire purpose of Islam. Embarrassing indeed. There was no difference between Muhammad's program and that of the Meccans in essence. This 'Allah' thing was no more important than Allat, Uzza or Manat. What to do ? Muhammad made up another revelation which usurped his previous recognition of the Meccan moon and sun idols, blaming Satan for such an inspiration.



He pleases; and whoever associates anything with Allah, he indeed strays off into a remote error.” (Q: 4.116)



Only Allah can be worshipped according to 4:116. What became Sura 53 19-22 was also rewritten.



Have ye thought upon Al-Lat and Al-'Uzza. (Q: 53.19) And another, the third (goddess), Manat? (Q: 53.20) What! for you the male sex, and for Him, the female? (Q: 53.21) Behold, such would be indeed a division most unfair! (Q: 53.22)”



The Meccan pagan idols are still in the Koran, but denounced. The female goddesses are dismissed since only Allah – unknowable, androgynous, never explained – is the only 'thing' combining all sexes that you can worship.



So Muhammad did an about face. First he said that you can worship your moon and celestial deities along with the ilah or Hub'Al. Then he said, no that was not right, he had made a mistake. Needless to say many people would have left his ministry over this. Was the Koran simply what Muhammad himself made up ? Was it really divinely inspired, or just the expressions of someone vying for political power ?



After this embarassment, Muhammad was forced to flee Mecca for some time. He and his later-most successful-general and 2nd Caliph Abu Bakr, who would later donate his 6 year old daughter to Muhammad as a sex-token and family alliance ransom, had to flee one night and escape to a cave (Winn, 2004, p. 587). Moslem historians Tabari and Ishaq wrote,



When the Messenger decided upon departure, he went to Bakr and the two of them left by a window in the back of Abu's house and went to a cave in Thawr, a mountain below Mecca. (Ishaq: 223)”



The Satanic verses are not a literary composition by Rushdie. They were recorded by Moslem historians including: al-Wikidi, al-Baydawi, al-Zamakshari, Tabari, Ibn Ishaq, Ibn Hisham, Ibn Sa’d and Bukhari. It is impossible to argue that they did not exist. How then to explain Muhammad's flight and the fact that these verses – initiated supposedly by Satan – were kept and remembered ?



There are 3 main conclusions that we can make from the 'revelation' and retraction of the Satanic verses.


  1. The Koran is a man made book in which verses can appear, disappear and be modified. It is not 'god created' or 'uncreated'.

  2. Muhammad was not a prophet of some god, but a confused and hallucinatory man trying to earn power and favour and using 'revelations' when convenient.

  3. Since the Koran says that only Allah 'made' the Koran, the Satanic verses prove that the Koran is not only contradictory but a giant lie. Satan in other words has proven Muhammad to be false.


There are no other conclusions to be drawn from the Satanic verses. Islam implodes on many factors, but certainly this is as obvious and clear an episode of fraud as one can get. That Muhammad conveniently received 'revelations' is well-known and acknowledged by Moslem historians and investigators of his cult. What is truly sad is that most Moslems know as little about the Satanic verses, as they do about the madness of their cult's founder.