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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   


Child Abuse - Recent Articles

The mental illness of Islam - FGM - an expression of Bronze Age cult dogma

FGM is an overt attack on young females and highlights the psychotic nature of Submission

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A casus belli for Rome in its struggle with the Baal cult of Carthage was child sacrifice. The Carthaginians worshipped Baal, an exemplar of the Babylonian Sin, or moon deity. Baal cults dominated the Bronze and Iron ages in the Near East, as did mystical beliefs in Evolution and naturalism. The Carthaginians slaughtered their young boys and girls in homage to Baal, soaking their blood into the North African soil in a barbarous gesture of appeasement and supplication. Baal cults were known to thirst for blood, both in war and peace. Draining the blood from young girls and boys was a covenant with the celestial deity, an embrace of pagan puritanism and atavistic license. The Carthaginians were originally Phoenician or Greek-Semitic mix from what is now Lebanon. They took Baal with them to North Africa. The slaughter of innocent children was immense and ran into the hundreds of thousands.

Islam also follows the cult of Baal. Al Lah means The Lord, and The Lord of Mecca at the time of mad Muhammad Abdullah [slave of Al Lah], was Baal, who was Muhammad's family deity. The red carnate statue of Baal dominated the Meccan Kabaa or cube, a collection of 360 idols and gods worshipped by the Arabs and which was a centre of pilgrimage making Mecca wealthy.

As with the Carthaginians, Moslems and Islam in-toto, shed, drain, and pour blood in oblations to Baal. The Moslem daughter-slaughter consumes some 20.000 girls each year within Moslem states – about 4 x the number of children murdered as sacrifices annually by the Carthaginians. The very clever people call these murders 'honour killings'. 2000 Moslem 'terror' attacks irrupt each year with Moslems killing apostates [less than pious Moslems], or the hated Jew, Christian and Infidel. The very clever people call these terror atrocities outbreak of mental illness.

Rape and public attacks are rife now in the Eutopia, a super state devoured by socialist and morally-relativist theologies. Up is the new down in the Eutopia. Moslems could rape the entire 60.000 Eutopian super-state staff, cut off their heads, blow up their buildings and the peasants would be regaled with 'nothing to do with Islam' stories from the useless lame brain media. Terror was a foundation of Moslem cult belief, and Mein Koran is riddled with 1600 verses of hate speech and terror against non Moslems. The Eutopia now uses 'hate speech' to terrorise its own compliant morally-relativist citizen knaves into compliance with the Islam-is-peace cult. How ironic.

Like all Baal cults, the draining of blood and the invocation of pain is central in Islam. Witness FGM. The clitoris is carved off with an unsterilized knife, or piece of glass. Because the clitoris is located so close to the urinary opening, that area becomes infected. This mutilation is sewn up, oftentimes incompetently or too quickly, usually with a dirty needle. A crude hole, much smaller than the normal opening, is excavated so that urine and blood many pass out.

This carnage induces shock, and sometimes the young girl – maybe as young as 7 – might die from it. If they survive, the chances are good that she becomes septic, or contracts septicemia. Then she will die in agony after 3 or 4 days of intense pain. With septicemia, the body and specifically the internal organs, shut down one by one, until the entire corpus is rendered dead. If the young girl survives and does not contract septicemia, she will suffer her entire life from urinary tract infections. The small, barbaric hole, which allows the emission of urine, does not contain meatus, or the mucous membranes which protects the interior of the tract from infection. The bacillus will naturally rise from the opening all the way up to the kidneys which sit at the apex of the urinary tract. The pain is insufferable and prolonged. The kidneys might well shut down and fail. She could die.

If the girl does survive into adulthood, or within Islam, at least until the age of 9, sexual intercourse becomes a litany of agony. The vagina is created to allow a penis to enter, as well as a baby to exit. It is a marvellous design, an organ of brilliant innovation. However, the Moslem FGM procedure has completely destroyed the functioning of the vagina. The man-made hole is too small and the pain centres inflamed due to the mutilation. There is no mucous at the opening, and no lubrication beyond the opening to receive an erect penis. This is because the clitoris, which generates the salve to reduce the pain of entry is gone. Excruciating agony is stimulated when there is an entry. The women must feel as if someone took a knife and jabbed it upwards through the imprecise hole. Intense pain would sweep up and consume the women who would enjoy only torment. Instead of a joyful union of man with wife; you have the barbaric painful imposition of man's pleasure with a slave.

FGM is something one would expect from a bronze-age inspired cult of Baal. It dehumanizes the woman. It sacrifices her for the man. It reminds the woman that with each entry, the man is Lord, supreme and can do what he wants. It is sick, psychotic, bloody, and should be outlawed everywhere there is civilisation. When Moslems profess their 'faith', ask them about FGM and what their views on it are. Ask them if they agree that mutilation, which can lead to death through shock, is 'religious', or if indeed it is just another instantiation of the Carthanginian-Baal cult and its lust for blood and pain. FGM is a poignant symbol of Islam's Bronze Age inspired Barbarism.

Child slavery and child sexual abuse in Islam.

Widespread in the West as well.

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When Mohammed raped a 9 year old girl whom he married at the age of 6, he set a precedent for child abuse. Aisha was put into the mad-man's lap, by her mother of all people, after playing on her swing. It did not take long for Mohammed to consummate the union. The rape of this child was merely an act which was long accepted in Arab culture. Women were not humans, but mere breeding factories to produce boys and warriors. Girls were not children who deserved to have a childhood of fun, innocence, and education, but simply assets to be traded, bartered, and used after their first menstrual cycle. The same is true today in the Arab and Muslim world. The sickness of Arab culture, and its abuse of children, is reaching far into the West – thanks to elitist, political imbecility and the inability of Western governments to stop Muslim child marriages.


Islam's child abuse. A crime unrecognized.

Where is the UN, and the Leftard Moral do-gooders ?

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Perfect Muslim child to mommy. “I want to read more nonsense and Fascism from the Koran mommy. Can you also beat me if I don't memorize it properly? Thanks. When I grow up I want to marry a 13 year old bride, like Daddy did. Can I also hit girls like Daddy does to you when he is angry ? Mommy, isn't it good that women are inferior and children can be enslaved, sold, beaten and abused by Daddy and other men ? I can't wait to grow up mommy and do all that by myself !”